23 Top Fun Things To Do In Monterey (CA)


Monterey is a very beautiful city and it is one of the best attraction areas. It brings to your table different kinds of fun activities for you to make your choice.

They have good eateries and restaurants too and there are more beautiful places to explore. You cannot possibly count the number of fun places and things to enjoy in this place because there are others that have not been discovered.

We will be listing out some places that you won’t want to miss during your vacation in Monterey.

1. Gam Monterey’s Trade Insight At The Custom House

This place was built to take taxes from goods and products that are imported like rice, sugar, coffee, and other types of products. This place is always for the public just in case you wish to tour around it or learn about it for personal knowledge.

2. Learn About California’s History At The Colton Hall Museum


This hall is one of the most visited places in the state as it talks about the history of Californians so many people want to know about the history of this place both for educational purposes and also for self acquaintance.


People come here to tour and you are most likely to be guarded during your tour just in case there is a need for questions so you can get clarity.

3. Purchase Global Items At The Old Monterey Market Place

This market is a very lively one and they sell so many products including furniture, flowers, jewelry and a lot more. You are welcome to buy anything you wish to get. The farmers of this market also host some community events that will trigger your fancy.

4. Attend Monterey Jazz Festival

This place is good at entertaining its visitors with good and interesting live performances. People that love music will not want to miss this place because it brings so much excitement.

This place has featured so many famous artists and if you are lucky, you can meet one of them performing live. Try not to miss out on visiting this place.

5. Enjoy A Top Class Theater Experience At The Golden State Theater

This is a very amazing movie palace known for its interesting performance. There are bars, nightclubs, and restaurants situated around it.


They also have a canopy outside just for visitors to have a good and pleasing view. This theater can also be rented for private events and educational programs.

6. Visit Sloat Monument

This place is known for its history and it is one of the best places to visit especially for those that love finding out about things from the past. It is also accessible for the public to come for sightseeing and engage in guarded tours.

7. Embrace Nature At Point Lobos State Natural Reserve

You definitely should see this place and appreciate nature. You can joyfully observe the beauty of nature, taking pictures of some places to keep the memory.

You can engage in sightseeing as there are beautiful trees and grasses that you never knew existed. There are spots for diving and you are welcome to try it out.

8. Kids Fun Time Monterey County Youth Program

This is a place for kids to learn through discovery, creativity, and curiosity. They have various types of exhibits that excite kids.

There are also some other things that make children happy in this place and they are an opportunity to learn through creativity. This place can also be rented out for other activities like weddings and birthday parties.

9. Enjoy A Craft Beer At Alvarado Street Brewery

This place is known for serving the finest beer in Monterey. They have beautiful gardens where you can sit out with your friends and families while you take a glass of their fine beer. You can also visit this place solely for the sake of relaxation.

10. Kiddies Time At Dennis The Menace Playground

This place is really a beautiful place for kids and also a place to relax. It is a playground so you can imagine how much fun it will be for the kids.

Kids create new memories here because they tend to mingle and socialize with other kids and make new friends which makes their stay worthwhile.

They have a lot to behold in this park, you really don’t want your kids to miss out on this place during their vacation.

11. Have Fun At El Estero Park

This place hosts so many outdoor activities for people to enjoy especially their visitors including spots for kids to play safely.

There is also a space for visitors that love biking and hiking to enjoy themselves too. They also have spots for fishing and you can learn how to fish if you are interested. Kids are also not left behind because they have a lot to see here.

12. Monterey State Historic Park

This park is one of the must-sees in this city. There is a lot to learn here as regards history. They offer a guided tour and sometimes it is good that you come along with your kids so that they can learn a lot about people and places.

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13. Hike/bike The Monterey Bay Coastal Recreational Trail

This is the perfect place for outdoor activities and people that love biking and hiking will not miss this place for anything in the world. There is really a lot to enjoy here, visit this place with your friends to enjoy the level of fun that this trail provides.

14. Get Busy At Fisherman’s Wharf

This place is definitely for those that love fishing and of course those interested in learning how to fish. It is a very big fishing market and there are a lot of seafood restaurants in this place. There are also beautiful eateries around that provide food for visitors to enjoy.

15. Point Sur Light Station

Only a few visitors come to visit this place because of its route but now it is a very loveable sight to behold. It is the only lighthouse in Monterey.

It is also very quiet and peaceful, you can visit this place if you wish to have some peaceful moments privately or with your partner.

16. Treat Your Appetite At Ike’s Sandwiches 

Ike’s sandwiches are known for their tasty nature. It is not a very big eatery but it speaks of satisfaction in its sandwiches. You can visit here with your family to have a taste of these sandwiches because it is worth the time.

17. See Stunning Art Collection At Monterey Museum Of Art

This museum specializes in artwork, you can find art made by other people. They also serve educational purposes and if you are interested in learning about artwork, you are welcome to visit this museum. It is a home for lovers of art.

18. Be Adventurous At Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary

This is one of the most beautiful marines to behold in Monterey. It has so much wildlife that you cannot afford to miss viewing, there are so many outdoor activities to be enjoyed here, those that love swimming can go for a swim.

This is one of the best places you can visit with your kids and loved ones because there is so much fun to be done here.

19. Join Wine Tasting Tour

This is a wine company and if you are seeking what to do in Monterey, then you need to visit this place and have a taste of good wine. They also offer educational programs during this tour.

20. Adventures By The Sea

This place provides outdoor activities for you and your family. You are given the privilege to explore the city by the sea. You can choose to go on a boat cruise or tour around the sides of the sea.

They also have a very polite staff made available for you to ensure your safety while on a boat cruise. Of course, if you are the type that loves adventure, especially by sea, then this is the best place for you to be.

21. Take A Trip To Cannery Row

This is one of the most famous places to visit in Monterey, it is known as the historic district, and lovers of history and things of old will definitely want to be in this place.

There are a lot of things you can see here including bars, restaurants, shops, beaches, and hotels. It also has a fishing spot where those who love fishing are given the opportunity to fish.

22. Cannery Row Antique Mall

What is in this store will excite you, but only if you are interested in antiques or if you are an antique lover. They also have a good restaurant to chill at if you are not interested in buying anything. you have the privilege to buy some ancient materials in the mall too.

23. Sea Life At The Monterey Bay Aquarium

Those that love aqualife will definitely love it here because it has big pools that carry over 600 animal species. People that love animals will also love to visit this place.

This area has a giant forest where you can go sightseeing. They also have jellyfish. It is definitely a good place to visit during your vacation.

Monterey is a very beautiful and unique place to visit. As you have been told, there are lots of fun things including fun places to visit.

There is something for both adults and kids. try not to miss out on the many exciting things in Monterey. Plan your vacation and schedule yourself in such a way that you visit almost everywhere before your vacation finally comes to an end.


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