23 Best Things to Do in Parker (AZ)

Waterside towns are well-known for being lovely places to visit for activities and picture views. With that in mind, there’s a small village on the Arizona-California border that’s worth exploring.

This town has a population of 3,000 people and is around 22 square miles in size. The town of Parker is a lovely choice for anyone looking for an unforgettable day trip from California or Arizona.

Parker, in addition to being close to several major cities in these two states, boasts a plethora of wonderful natural and man-made tourist attractions.

Parker, despite its small population, has progressively gained a reputation as a desirable tourist destination due to its location along the gorgeous Colorado River.

Want to know where to go and what to do in Parker? Well, keep reading because this article will detail 23 exciting and fun things to do in Parker, Arizona.

1. Buckskin Mountain State Park

This park spans 18 miles between two dams and features a lovely river flanked on both sides by mountains, as well as a diverse array of plants and cactuses, as well as a variety of fish and wild animals.

Hiking, camping, picnicking, lying on the beach, boating, and playing basketball or volleyball are just a few of the outdoor activities available. If all of this activity and excitement is too much for you, simply settle for a delicious meal at a neighboring restaurant.

 2. Parker Dam

This massive edifice, as well as its lovely surrounds, will astound and amaze you. The Parker Dam is the country’s deepest. You can’t stroll around the dam or get near to the lake, but you can view it from afar.

You might observe several wild donkeys roaming free in the neighboring area, as well as some beautiful river and mountain vistas. Please feel free to stop over, take some photos, and then continue on your way through Parker.

3. BlueWater Resort & Casino

This little yet charming casino is situated beside the river and offers a beautiful view of the surrounding area. It is wonderfully adorned with blue light at night.

You’ll discover a large range of casino games and slot machines to try your luck at within. You may spend several nice days here because the location has a hotel with great room views and an indoor pool.

4. La Paz County Park

This is a beautiful resort with a beautiful landscape and a variety of activities. You can go sailing or kayaking, drive a kart, have a picnic, or simply relax in the great outdoors.

Every Saturday, a market, takes place here, with a variety of oddities and deals. There are three dog parks for a man’s best friend to romp around in, and the personnel is nice and helpful.

5. Swansea Ghost Town

This location, which is remote from civilization, was formerly a copper mining camp. The site was subsequently shuttered due to the enormous costs of shipping copper across such large distances.

You can now see the ruins and learn about the history of the site thanks to different signs. To get to Swansea, ride a bike or an ATV, but if you opt to drive, make sure you have a 4WD car. You might see some of Arizona’s animals, including wild burros, along the journey.

6. Visit the Colorado River Indian Tribes Museum

Visit this gorgeous and educative museum if you are interested in Indian tribes and want to learn more about their history. It’s a modest shop with a vast collection of baskets, cradleboards, clay work, and beading work, as well as a variety of other objects that once belonged to Indian tribes.

The staff is courteous and informed, and they will gladly answer any questions you may have. You’ll also discover blankets and other fascinating products for sale at the Colorado River Indian Tribes Museum, so you can take home a nice keepsake.

7. Ahakhav Tribal Preserve

This location is ideal for those who enjoy nature, exciting outdoor activities, and fitness. This preserve attempts to safeguard native plants, wildlife, and resources while also providing a lovely spot for visitors to visit.

It’s serene, with a gorgeous landscape and a diverse range of plants, birds, and animals. Fishing, swimming, kayaking, hiking, and working out at the many workout stations are just a few of the activities available.

There includes a playground for children as well as a picnic space for families. You have the option of staying in a hotel or resort or pitching your tent in one of the designated camping spaces.

8. Nellie E Saloon

This location is popular with off-road groups because it is located outside of the city, essentially in the middle of the desert. There are two food establishments, a bar, live music, and dancing sections, as well as ample indoor and outdoor seating.

There’s also an old church facade and some antique cars, and weddings are held here on occasion. The food is excellent, and everyone who visits is happy with the location as well as the services.

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9. Emerald Canyon Golf Course

Spend a pleasant day at the Emerald Canyon Golf Course, whether you are a golf enthusiast or simply want to try something new. It doesn’t matter how good you play as long as you’re surrounded by such a beautiful environment.

The course is well-kept and provides ideal conditions for a fun round of golf. If you get up early in the morning, you can save money while also avoiding the heat.

10. Club Roadrunner

Stop by Club Roadrunner for a refreshing beverage after a day of hiking and golfing. They serve delicious food at all hours of the day.

The best part is that if you arrive by boat, they also offer a floating bar. Remember those cool pictures of a floating bar? Well, the club Roadrunner has it.

11. Wet And Wyld Watersports

Wet and Wyld Watersports, located two miles south of the BlueWater Casino, offers a wide range of rentals for some wacky water activities. Some of the incredible offers include renting a stand-up jet ski, a sit-down wave runner, a Seadoo, or a variety of different boats. So if you a Watersport fanatic,  this is the place for you 

 Note that the person may also deliver the jet skis to your preferred spot and show you how to go about operating the jet ski.

12. Wanderlust Balloons

If you’re not scared of heights and would like to try a lifetime experience adventure, go to Wanderlust Balloons. A balloon ride gives you a unique perspective on Parker and the surrounding areas.

The owners have over 27 years of experience with hot air balloons, so you can trust that everything will be taken care of.

Visit Gary and Diana Moore, the proprietors of Wanderlust Balloons, if you want to propose in a novel way or just do something different.

13. Wakeboard Island

This is an exciting water experience offered by BlueWater Resort & Casino for individuals who enjoy a little adrenaline. Wakeboarders may ride like they’re at a skate park thanks to a clever cable pulley system that eliminates the need for a boat to pull them.

Don’t worry if you’re a beginning wakeboarder; there’s a separate section for you. You have the option of riding with or without an instructor. You can also rent equipment or do private lessons with up to ten individuals.

14. La Piazza Pizza

La Piazza has been providing great pizza for more than 38 years and is one of Parker’s oldest eateries still in operation.

They serve a wide range of pizzas, as well as a wide range of other meals, beverages, and desserts.

You deserve a reward after all of the wild water sports and calories you’ve burned.

15. Club Roadrunner

Stop by Club Roadrunner for a refreshing beverage with your friends or family. One of the most popular things to do in Parker, Arizona is to have drinks at the Club Roadrunner.

The Club Roadrunner offers a wide range of refreshments, from non-alcoholic to alcoholic. Choose a favorite drink and unwind while sipping it.

At the Club Roadrunner, you’ll also discover a restaurant where you can have wonderful, affordable meals. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, and other meals are available at the restaurant. Aside from beverages and food, the Club Roadrunner is a fantastic location to hang out with friends late at night.

On the seas, the Club Roadrunner features a floating bar where you can dock and enjoy wonderful food and drinks. Enjoy the beauty of the azure waves while dining at Club Roadrunner, which is accessible by vehicle, boat, or foot.

16. SARA Park

In Parker, Arizona, there is an interesting family-oriented park. The park offers a variety of exciting outdoor activities for all ages.

SARA Park has spectacular mountain and lake landscapes, paths, a playground, a shooting range, and archery, among other things. When you visit the park with your friends and family, take advantage of the tranquillity and quiet it offers.

Hike, bike, or stroll on the park’s trails, which are easy to manage and suited for people of all ability levels. Try something new and interesting with your pals at the park; an archery or shooting range is a great place to start.

17. Blythe Intaglios

Take your family or friends on a tour of Blythe Intaglios to witness the massive historical human sculptures.

You’ll see a set of enormous figures etched into the ground when you visit Blythe Intaglios or Blythe Geoglyphs. These enormous human figurines were discovered near Blythe, California, and are estimated to be between 450 and 2000 years old.

Three human figures, two four-legged animals, and spirals can be seen at Blythe Intaglios. These human figures are so important that the Blythe Intaglio group’s largest human figure is 171 feet long. These human figurines were created by the indigenous people to represent Mastamho, the creator of life.

Stay on a substantially higher surface to gain an aerial view of these human figures from above for a greater and more magical view of the intaglios. To round out the journey, spend some time trekking on the area’s trails after viewing these famous figures.

18. Cattail Cove State

Cattail Cove State Park offers a variety of water and land activities for the whole family to enjoy. The park is connected to the Colorado River as well as other scenic areas.

There is something for everyone at Cattail Cove State Park, and if you appreciate enjoyable water activities, this park may be the greatest spot to visit in Parker, Arizona.

At Cattail Cove State Park in Parker, paddleboarding and kayaking are popular activities. Take your family to the park and have a fun day exploring the park’s outdoor activities.

Camping is provided at the park in a variety of recreational vehicles and tents. If you’re looking for a relaxed trip with your family, the park is a terrific location to go.

19. Foxs RV Park Resort.

The park’s recreational vehicles are quite comfortable, clean, and convenient, with everything you could need for a fun night at the park. Choose from a variety of recreational vehicle models and pricing to find one that is right for you and your family.

You can enjoy a full-service restaurant while at the park by visiting the restaurant or the floating bar. At various times, breakfast, lunch, dinner, and other meals are served. On Foxs RV Park Resort’s secluded beach, look for the floating bar.

20. Pirate’s Den Restaurants 

The Pirate’s Den Resort houses the Pirate’s Den Restaurants. Thirsty Pirate Bar and Grill is the first, while the Black Pearl Restaurant is the second.

While dining at the Pirate’s Den Restaurants with your friends or family, enjoy a nice time watching the Colorado River and the lovely surroundings of the beach.

The Thirsty Pirate Bar is a beachfront patio restaurant with umbrellas and palm palms for shade. The Black Pearl Restaurant, on the other hand, is an amazing indoor restaurant with a view of the Colorado River. One of the nicest things to do in Parker is to drink drinks at this bar while gazing out at the lovely beach.

21. Worthy Ranch & Stables

Worthy Ranch & Stables is a comprehensive horse boarding and riding establishment near Parker that provides guests with horseback riding, equestrian riding classes, and horse boarding.

If you have never ridden a horse or do not know how to ride one, Worthy Ranch & Stables is the perfect place to learn and begin your horseback riding or boarding adventure.

When you visit Worthy Ranch & Stables, you can have a great time with your friends and family while riding a horse, checking out the stables, or horse boarding. At the Worthy Ranch & Stables in Parker, horseback riding is one of the exciting things to do.

22. Headgate Rock Dam

This is one of the state’s most magnificent engineering marvels. It contains a total of 24 gates, all of which are more than 30 feet tall. Many people enjoy visiting the region because of the numerous photo opportunities it provides. This is an excellent area to start your journey if you enjoy spending time outside.

23. Havasu Ballooning

One of the most popular Parker activities at the Havasu Ballooning is a balloon ride with your loved ones or by yourself. Havasu Ballooning is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see the globe from the comfort of a huge hot air balloon.

You will witness the gorgeous scenic Lake, the green trees, some residences, the mountains, and an overall perspective of the beautiful city while on a balloon ride with Havasu Ballooning. This is a must-do excursion for visitors to Parker.

During the Havasu Festival, don’t miss the balloon ride in Parker. Bring your friends or relatives to Havasu Ballooning for a thrilling and unforgettable balloon flight


After reading this list, individuals who imagine Parker, Arizona, as a dustbowl in the heart of the Colorado Desert may reconsider.

This oasis thrives thanks to the rich Colorado River, making it a great place to enjoy activities on its pure turquoise blue waters.

Bring your best swimsuit, sunblock, a beautiful set of sunglasses, and your adventurous attitude to Parker; the ideal best way to experience Parker is to float down the Colorado River on a raft while sipping a cold beverage. So, which of these Parker, Arizona attractions will you visit first?

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