23 Best & Fun Things to Do in Wausau (WI)


Wausau is a lovely city in Marathon County, surrounded by blissful natural beauty.

The region’s towering mountains, peaceful lakes, mesmerizing rivers, thick and immense vegetation, abundant wildlife, scenic parks, and captivating waterfalls provide access to multiple outdoor recreational activities.

No matter what season you visit, Wausau is the ideal vacation destination for experiencing nature.

Best & Fun Things To Do In Wausau

Here’s a list of the best things to do in Wausau, Wisconsin:

1. Visit Athletic Park


The Athletic Park is the home field of the Wisconsin Woodchucks of the Northwoods League, as well as a baseball stadium.


A playground is available at Athletic Park for the enjoyment of children. An encased grandstand with a stadium setting, as well as personal decks for organizations, concessions, ditches, and team clubhouses, are part of the park.

Visit the Athletic Park with your family and friends to watch the interesting matches that are held there.

2. Explore Rib Mountain, State Park

This park has dense foliage, breathtaking panoramic views, a popular ski area, nature trails, and so much more.

Enjoy an energizing hike through the park’s idyllic landscape on the trails.

Climb to the top of the viewing platform for unrivaled views of Wausau and the captivating river that runs through this enchanting city.


Bring a picnic to enjoy the breathtaking scenery.

The park’s amphitheater hosts a variety of entertaining events.

This park is a popular wedding venue due to its stunning natural beauty.

Visit this park on an adventure to experience nature and make memories to last a lifetime.

3. Surround Yourself with Beauty at the Monk Botanical Gardens

This popular tourist destination is well-known for its beautiful, landscaped gardens.

It spans 30 acres and includes a vegetable and kitchen garden, a meditation garden, a treehouse, library, gazebos, a memory garden, event lawns, densely forested areas, nature trails, a tranquil pond, and other amenities.

It is an ideal location for enjoying nature, meditating, hiking, geocaching, and picnicking.

These gardens are home to monarch butterflies and chimney swifts.

It also has an observation tower that provides breathtaking bird’s-eye views of the site’s lush greenery.

Take a break from the mundane life and come here to unwind and revitalize.

4. Tour the Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum

This award-winning art gallery is one of Wisconsin’s most popular cultural destinations.

Its distinguishing feature is that all of its exhibits are themed around birds.

It features a sculpture park, rotating exhibitions in numerous galleries, and an engaging gallery for children.

The decor of the Museum is designed in the aesthetic and warmth of Arts and Crafts, with built-in cabinetry and phenomenal stained glass features.

All of their galleries feature exceptional works by domestic and international artists.

Throughout the year, a variety of events, workshops, and educational programs are held here.

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5. Enjoy The Great Outdoors At Nine Mile County Forest Recreation Area

In the summer, this is a popular spot for hiking, biking, and camping.

Meanwhile, the winters here are ideal for cross-country skiing and ice skating.

Miles of trails wind their way through the densely forested area.

Spend a night camping here to feel the vast wilderness of the region, or take a scenic hike on the greeneries trails.

You can see songbirds, squirrels, bears, porcupines, and other animals.

Winter landscapes with snow are especially beautiful.

The area has extensive and well-maintained skiing and snowshoeing trails that can facilitate skiers and snowshoers of all skill levels.

6. Explore Sylvan Tubing Hill

Sylvan Tubing Hill is an awesome place to visit with your friends and family because you will have a great time tubing down the hills.

Sylvan Tubing Hill provides thrilling adventures as you pay to get your tubes at the bottom of the hills, put them on, and ride in the boxes. Sylvan Tubing Hill is suitable for all ages, which include adults.

The employees at Sylvan Tubing Hill are nice and accommodating as they assist you in setting up your tubes. You’ll have a great time with your friends and family in the area.

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7. Visit the Wausau Museum of Contemporary Art

The Wausau Museum of Contemporary Art, located in downtown Wausau, is a must-see for art lovers.

This museum house works by both national and international artists.

To challenge, excite, and enlighten visitors, the Wausau Museum of Contemporary Art integrates exhibitions, collections, performances, and educational programs.

To maintain and develop the area and thrive as a community, the Museum is interested in unleashing its region’s valuable energy and engaging a diverse audience in a conversation about how arts connect the world.

They also have outstanding exhibitions and workshops that are only obtainable for a limited time.

Aside from that, the museum hosts a variety of events, programs, and performances throughout the year.

Explore the captivating works of art at this museum.

A visit here will inaugurate you to art, and it is unquestionably one of the best.

8. Explore Marathon County Historical Society

The Marathon County Historical Society offers free rotating exhibits, a free research library with multitudes of historical photos and documents, and the availability of additional historical documents.

The Marathon County Historical Society gives a chance for tourists to “engage” with the past and learn about their history and the area in which they live.

The Historical Society educates people about their ties to the community, as well as its ancient origins and how the past influenced today’s authenticity.

Marathon County Historical Society’s mission is accomplished through conserving, research, professional training, experiences, and recreation.

9. Watch A Performance At The Grand Theater

All year long, this renowned theatre presents outstanding plays, musicals, dance performances, comedies, film screenings, concerts, and a variety of other entertaining shows.

The majestic architectural style of the building is aesthetically appealing.

It is built on the site of the ancient opera house from the late nineteenth century.

The current theatre was constructed in 1987.

It’s a fantastic venue for a fantastic superb evening of fun.

10. Bask in Nature’s Beauty at Sylvan Hill Park

Sylvanian Hill Park, which spans 70 acres, includes 3 miles of hiking and mountain biking trails, a tubing hill, picnic areas, and breathtaking views of spacious greenery.

Spend a soothing day here with your friends and family, enjoying a yummy picnic and appreciating the park’s natural beauty.

Go for an early morning exercise and take in the cool air.

In the winter, it offers fantastic downhill tubing and cross-country skiing opportunities.

No matter what time of year you visit, you will be treated to breathtaking views.

11. Isle of Ferns Park

With 1171 feet, this is a thrilling park in Wisconsin. The Isle of Ferns Park is near Riverside Park and the Wausau WP342 Dam.

If you’re on vacation with your family, you should go to the Isle of Ferns Park for an epic adventure. The Isle of Ferns Park has well-maintained trails that are ideal for hiking, cycling, and running.

You’ll find hand-curated trail maps, as well as comments and photographs from nature enthusiasts.

12. Visit The Yawkey House Museum

This historic structure dates from the early twentieth century and was once the most expensive apartment in the city.

It belonged to the Yawkey family before being donated to the Marathon County Historical Society in the 1950s.

The house was kept in the same condition as it would have been if the family had still lived there.

It has the initial home furnishings and crockery, as well as a beautifully landscaped garden and local memorabilia.

Take a guided tour to learn about the style of living of the town’s nobles in the 1950s.

13 . Spend The Day At Bluegill Bay County Park

This park is home to a diverse range of birds, as well as views of Lake Wausau and lush greenery.

There are also picnic areas, grills, volleyball courts, and other amenities.

Watch the sunrise, go fishing on the lake, hike on the lush vegetation trails, see colorful birds, and have a nice lakeside picnic.

At the site, you can also see turkeys and deer.

It’s the ideal place to unwind on a sunny day.

14 . Relax At Sunnyvale County Park

Visitors flock to this 300-acre park throughout the year because of its breathtaking natural beauty.

The Big Rib River traverses through this scenic park, providing breathtaking views.

A tranquil lake, infinite green space, picnic areas with barbecue grills, hiking trails, volleyball courts, and other amenities are also available at the park.

During the summer, go on a hike, swim in the lake, go fishing, play softball or volleyball, and have a picnic.

In the winter, try snow biking and snowshoeing in the park’s enchanting snowy landscape.

15. Give Yourself A Treat At Red Eye Brewing Company

Of course, you must jump at the opportunity to try out Wausau’s local cuisine.

Red Eye Brewing Company is one of the city’s most famous restaurants, known for its good beer and mouthwatering meals.

They take pride in obtaining the majority of their condiments from local farms.

Try the chicken wings, pizzas, Wisconsin burgers, tater tots, wraps, and beer.

Their menu is very affordable.

16. Explore  Wausau Shopping Mall

Wausau Center Mall is a shopping area in downtown Wausau, Wisconsin.

Bath and Bodyworks, JCPenney, Victoria’s Secret, Aeropostale, Younkers, Hollister Co., Sears, and other stores can be found at Wausau Center Mall.

Explore the Wausau Center Mall with your friends or family to find a variety of items to purchase. There are also eateries in the area that offer delicious food.

You’re sure to have a good time at the Wausau Center Mall because they have a lot of nice things that you’ll like.

17. Discover  State Park Speedway

If you’re on vacation in Wausau, Wisconsin, and you enjoy car racing, make sure to stop by the State Park Speedway for an incredible time. State Park Speedway is also a great place to spend a night out with family or friends.

The State Park Speedway Awards Banquet welcomes drivers, including Bandoleros, as well as their crews and funders.

State Park Speedway hosts racing games and contests, with winners receiving awards and trophies. State Park Speedway has a good bar, tasty meals, and other amenities to ensure you have a good time.

Watching a live race at State Park Speedway is one of the fun things to do in Wausau, WI for sports racing fans.

18. Take A Tour To Lil’ Ole Winemaker Shoppe

The Lil’ Ole Winemaker Shoppe, located in Central Wisconsin’s wine head office, provides over 30 handmade wines, beer, and wine merchandise, as well as a gift shop with exotic pieces for any wine lover.

Lil’ Ole Winemaker Shoppe provides winemaking demonstrations and classes, as well as the option to rent a space to make your wine. Lil’ Ole Winemaker Shoppe’s wines are sampled at the cellar door, which is beautifully showcased before a beautiful vineyard mural.

There are plenty of tables and seats in Lil’ Ole Winemaker Shoppe for you to relax with your friends and enjoy their wines, or to meet with your companions for coffee, refreshments, and wine.

The gift shop sells a variety of one-of-a-kind items as well as many local products, ranging from scrumptious cheeses to ornaments and other items.

19. Quench Your Taste Buds At Timekeeper Distillery

Milwaukee’s famous former train depot, built-in 1901, has taken on a new identity as Timekeeper Distillery.

The iconic structure is known for its unique architecture, which was designed by Charles Sumner Frost.

But now, Dan Weber and Kimm VanDen Heuvel of Timekeeper Distillery have taken over ownership and transformed it into a breathtaking venue.

Timekeeper Distillery is special in that it is Wausau, Wisconsin’s only major craft distillery and tasting room.

Its mission is to maximize flavor by introducing the community to new liquors and cocktails.

Without a question, anyone who visits Timekeeper Distillery constantly will thoroughly enjoy these products, which include delicious drinks that are sure to satisfy your taste receptors.

Furthermore, their seltzers are gluten-free, wheat-free, and free of high-fructose corn syrup.

20. Have A Romantic Date At Willow Springs Garden

Willow Springs Garden is a non-profit, family-run venue aimed at safeguarding historical background.

When the suggestion of relocating Maine Town Hall and, subsequently, the Round Barn arose, owner Peggy Griffin opted to do so on an empty field in an attempt to preserve the state’s history.

Visitors who hold ceremonies or special events at Willow Springs Garden contribute to the garden’s revenue.

The proceeds from the beautiful events held here are used to restore the historical buildings.

21. Visit 400 Block

This wonderful establishment first opened its doors in June of 2011. The most popular activities at this location are ice skating and people who live here listen to the music that is played in the park in the background.

Because of the wonderful events such as parades, festivals, and concerts, it is known to be a very busy place that is always packed with people. Many art exhibits are for sale, and many of them are one-of-a-kind and extremely rare.

You can purchase something from here to take home as a souvenir. Most importantly, come here on Wednesdays because there is always a free show for visitors.

You will also find food carts that serve delicious food and allow you to enjoy it while watching the game.

22. Explore House On The Rock

This is a one-of-a-kind location, and all of the antiques inside are genuine. Wausau is said to be the most popular tourist destination in the state.

And the architecture of this place is one-of-a-kind. It was built many years ago, but it is still very beautiful and perfect, thanks to the people who take care of it.

23. Granite Peak Ski Area Resort

Rib Mountain State Park is home to this ski resort. This resort first opened its doors in 1936. Unlike other ski resorts, the lifts here are fast.

This location is very serene, there aren’t many people here, and it will be very useful to you.

Sled racing is one of the many snow sports and activities available there. And because of this, it is unique; it is a beautiful place to visit with family members and friends.

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If you enjoy exploring the great outdoors, taking in majestic views, and familiarizing yourself with cultural differences, Wausau is an exquisite place to visit.

Whether you visit in the summer or the winter, you’ll have plenty of adventurous things to choose from.

Start planning your trip to Wausau by bookmarking this list of things to do in Wausau!


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