Walnut Creek

23 Best & Fun Things to Do in Walnut Creek (CA).


Walnut Creek is a city in Contra Costa County, California, currently based in the San Francisco Bay Area’s East Bay region, 16 miles east of Oakland.

Its museums, historic sites, unique sculptures and arts, tranquil parks, notable trails, beaches, and farms are all worth a visit.

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Among the many Walnut Creek activities are attending a California Symphony performance, discovering the Contra Costa Canal Trail, and taking a tour through Lindsay Wildlife Experience.


Here are the best things to do in Walnut Creek for a fun trip.


Walnut Creek Attractions/Best & Fun Things To DO In Walnut.

1. Shell Ridge Open Space:

This was named after the massive marine fossil deposits discovered in the region as a result of the pullout of ocean waters during historic times.

The historic Borges Ranch cattle ranch and the Howe Homestead Park (former orchard and estate of A.P correspondent James P. Howe) are also preserved in this location.

You are welcome to bring your dog into the open space, but please be aware of the cattle, coyotes, and wildlife.

2. The Ruth Bancroft Garden:

The Garden Conservancy designated this garden as the first official garden facility in America.

The garden has been open to the public for free since 1992. This garden showcases a hailed collection of drought-tolerant and scrumptious plants grown throughout California and the world.


Touring the Ruth Bancroft Garden is one of the nicest options to do in Walnut Creek, CA; add this to your travel plans.

3. The Lesher Center for the Arts, Walnut Creek, California:

The center has four theaters, including the impressive 785-seat Hofmann Theatre, the classic 297-seat Margaret Lesher Theatre, the intimate 133-seat George and Sonja Vukasin Theatre, and the 384-seat Del Valle Theatre, which can host film screenings and corporate presentations. 

Throughout the year, there are performances of theater, pop songs, choreography, humor, and improv, as well as regional touring presentations and performances by local stage companies. 

The Lesher center of art is also the home to Bedford Art Gallery, as well a variety of dining and cocktail lounge alternatives, which are also located in the center.

4. Explore The Civic Center:

The civic park is an attractive public Park in walnut creek open for both residents and tourists.

You will notice immersive signs in and around the garden that illustrate their formation and statistical strength. You will also be able to meet over 126 species of native animals here.

The park also has 24-hour picnic areas, an art theater, a cultural center, and playground areas (for both the older and younger children).

The park provides a nice surface for ice skating during the world inter-season.

5. A Visit To The Garden At Heather Farm:

The garden has the goal of highlighting the scenic beauty and incredible rewards of the Ygnacio Valley. This is not only a public garden but also a venue for special events and a teaching center.

The Gardens at Heather Farm make their environment available to all Walnut Creek residents. During daylight hours, the center is open to the public and offers free self-guided adventures of over twelve cultivated garden areas.

In it, there’s an All-American Seed select demonstration garden and a rose garden with over a thousand royal blossoms.

You’ll adore the manicured lawns area, which includes a greenhouse and a waterfall garden (having 11 gorgeous waterfalls in it)

Visit the Heather Farm Gardens; this is one of the best things to do in Walnut Creek for nature enthusiasts.

6. Newhall Community Park:

This is a fantastic park with about 30 acres of space and amenities such as Bocce courts, a good play structure, turfed athletic fields, unique picnic areas, and nice ponds around the creek.

There is never a quiet moment in Newhall Community Park because the wide range of features keeps everyone entertained.

There is an off-leash dog park at Newhall Community Park is a lovely spot for dogs’ socialization and workouts.

Increasing in popularity amongst the neighborhood’s dog owners, one can carry his or her dog to play and socialize with the other dogs in the park.

The dog park is near the pond and a short walk from the parking lot. The park also has lovely amenities for the community to use. If you want to have a group picnic or other special gathering, you can contact them to make a picnic area booking.

You’ll have a fun-filled day if you plan to visit the Newhall Community Park.

7.  All-Outdoors California Whitewater Rafting Day Trips:

This place is said to be the west attraction. The All-Outdoors California Whitewater Rafting Day Trips allow individuals to discover ten of California’s best rivers as part of their whitewater rafting memories.

These include Cherry Creek, the most difficult river in the United States, which is accessible via commercial tours.

George Armstrong founded this tour company in 1962, and each tour benefits from their wealth of experience. They claim to be the state’s most professional rafting company.

Tour guides are assigned to lead groups. With professionalism and enthusiasm, they lead groups on over 25 different types of excursions. These excursions may take place on the picturesque and wild Tuolumne River or the South Forks and the middle of the American River.

There are different categories ranging from easy beginner routes to advanced rafters. You’d have a great time with this.

8. Calicraft Brewing Company:

Calicraft Brewing Company is another great place to visit in Walnut Creek. It is a cool craft brewery founded in 2012 by Blaine Landberg (a young beer enthusiast).

The company’s taproom is open to the public every day of the week, and some of the food carts are usually parked on-site.

The live music performances held every Friday evening at Calicraft Brewing Company add spice to the experience, whereas additional quiz nights and other special public events are organized on an irregular basis.

This would be interesting for alcohol lovers.

9. Soldiers Memorial Monument:

You can’t leave Walnut Creek without paying a visit to the Soldiers Memorial Monument.

was erected to honor sailors and Union Army soldiers who served during the American Civil War.

It is simply a larger version of Lysicrates’ Athenian Choragic Monument. It was designed in 1902 by Paul E. M. DuBois and Stoughton & Stoughton.

The monument stands 130 feet tall and 50 feet deep. There was a plan for this monument to be compensated with a “heroic size” statue of peace, but it never came to fruition. 

As one of the educational activities in Walnut Creek, this is a must-see for history and sculpture buffs.

10. Lafayette Reservoir:

The Lafayette Reservoir is an open-cut artificial water reservoir located on the west end of Lafayette off Mt. Diablo Boulevard.

This reservoir was built in 1933 to supply standby drinking water to East Bay Municipal Utility District customers (EBMUD).

This 925-acre site, which includes a 1.4 billion-gallon reservoir, was established in 1966 as a public leisure area where visitors can go climbing, on boat tours, have a picnic, and fishing.

Because of the variety of activities available at the Lafayette reservoir, it’s always a good time.

Fishing is permitted here for a daily fee and the usual state-licensed requirements.

So, come and have fun at the Lafayette Reservoir!

11. The Lindsay Wildlife Experience:

It exists as one of the oldest wildlife rehabilitation centers in the United States.

Since 1986, the museum and center have operated as an independent nonprofit organization, treating over 6,000 injured and orphaned wild animals each year.

As one of the premier family museums in the San Francisco East Bay Area, the center offers a variety of special exhibits and interactions.

 These include a behind-the-scenes Wildlife Health center experience that allows visitors to witness daily veterinary care processes.

This is a center of attraction for basically families and children.

12. The California Symphony:

Music lovers will not want to miss the California Symphony. This is a thrilling activity to partake in while in Walnut Creek.

Some members of this orchestra can still be found working with other arts organizations in the San Francisco area. 

The San Francisco Opera, the San Francisco Ballet, and the San Francisco Symphony are among them.

13. Boundary Oak Golf Course:

This is one of Northern California’s most well-known public golf courses.

They also have a pro shop where you can get golf lessons, clinics, and camps from skilled teachers with extensive experience.

Golf Course, in addition to the Boundary Oak, is a restaurant that provides celebrated food culture. The restaurant can also be rented for private events such as banquets, corporate events, and weddings.

14. Borges Ranch:

Have you ever considered going to a ranch while in walnut? Borges Ranch is one of the fun things to do in Walnut Creek.

Borges Ranch is a public ranch and a regional park.

Farm animals are still protected on this ranch, which is managed by the Pleasant Hill 4-H Club.

As a tourist, you can start exploring the ranch on your own all during daytime hours, or you can join a free guided ranch tour once a month.

The Patrick Hanna Grove Picnic Area, which includes a seasonal pond and an amphitheater, has picnic tables.

15. Contra Costa Canal Trail:

Do not miss out on hiking one of the most well-known trails in this District during your vacation.

Because of the lovely wildflowers and pleasantness to all skill levels, this paved pathway is popular among hikers, bike riders, horse riders, and people in wheelchairs.

Throughout the year, start exploring the Contra Costa Canal Trail’s many activity options. Bring your dogs along for the ride, but keep them on a dog’s collar.

It is one of the best things to do in Walnut Creek because of the transportation options and pleasant leisure experience.

Throughout the year, explore the Contra Costa Canal Trail’s many activity options. 

It is one of the best things to do in Walnut Creek because of the transportation options and pleasant recreational experience.

16. Redwood Regional Park:

This park has very serene orchards where local residents and city dwellers come to get their fix of nature away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

You will be in awe of an enchanting scene as you watch the sequence of fogs hanging low through the trees.

17. The Shadelands Ranch Museum:

This museum is currently listed on the National Register of Historic Places, and it displays historic artifacts associated with the Penniman family, as well as an archive library constituting the civic history of Walnut Creek.

18. Castle Rock Regional Recreation Area:

Visitors can enjoy a variety of outdoor activities in this area, including a large swimming pool, a 30-by-70-foot pavilion with ADA-accessible accommodation options, and a visibility lift.

Feel free to take advantage of the horseshoe pits, basketball, volleyball, and softball courts, as well as other recreational sports available to visitors.

There are also four picnic areas, each of which can cater for 100 people differently. These are three smaller spots that will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis.

Do not leave without paying a visit to the Castle Rock Regional Recreation Area, which is one of the fun things to do in Walnut Creek.

19. Valley Art Gallery:

One of the most reputable art galleries in the East Bay can be found here.

Volunteers organize and manage the gallery. Notwithstanding being a non-profit organization, it is the only gallery in the East Bay that allows you to lease artwork before purchasing it.

The gallery is suitable for all art lovers.

20. Diablo Hills Regional Park:

This park offers an unrivaled panoramic view of the San Francisco Bay Area and the surrounding mountains.

Seasonal wildflowers are also scattered throughout the park, creating opportunities for nice pictures during the summer and spring months.

Though improved visitor facilities are unlikely to be found, you could go cycling, horseback riding, wildlife watching, or hiking.

21. Brenden Theatre:

Would you like to see a play during your visit? Brenden Theatre has your back.

They are a motion picture entertainment collaboration.

This company operates primarily indoor motion picture theaters and also provides showtimes, guidance, upcoming promotions, special events, and movie snippets.

22. Iron Horse Regional Trail:

The Iron Horse Regional Trail is a historic rail trail that is open to horseback riders, pedestrians, and bicyclists. This trial will take place in Contra and central Alameda counties.

Despite initial skepticism, this trail is a major recreation and transportation route, with over a million trips made on it each year.

23. Broadway Plaza:

While you’re in Walnut Creek, it’s a good idea to pick up some necessities; Broadway Plaza is here to help.

This is what to do in Walnut Creek for some holiday shopping, so buy some souvenirs to remember your visit here.


Walnut Creek is a vibrant, enlightening, and entertaining city. Some of the highlights of this unique city include historical sites and museums, parks and playgrounds, trails and pathways, rivers, and reservoirs.

While there are already established specialties, more are being developed. If you want to be an aspect of this script, try visiting during your holiday.

Begin planning your trip right away; this article is always available to serve as a basis as you plan your trip.


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