23 Best & Fun Things to Do in Visalia (CA)

If you’re seeking a destination to visit during your vacation, I have the perfect spot for you!

Visalia is a city in California’s valley located in the foothills of the towering Sierra Nevada mountain range. This is most likely the state’s most sought-after destination.

Visalia was established in 1852 and is surrounded by almond, orange, and walnut orchards. The town boasts beautiful communities and breathtaking landscapes, making it a fantastic spot to visit and explore.

With this in mind, this article will go over 23 interesting locations to visit and things to do in Visalia.

Things to Do in Visalia

1. Play Golf at Valley Oaks Golf 

Valley Oaks Golf Course has three distinct 9-hole courses that offer golfers both traditional and modern layouts.

The course features plentiful lakes, big stands of pine and oak trees, and tight fairways that lead to large, multi-tiered greens, all of which are scattered out throughout the town’s less developed parts.

The most recent 9-hole stretch was created in the mid-’90s and is designed in the popular modern links style of Europe.

Every hole has at least one tee alternative for most players, making it really unique.

2. Meet the Locals at Visalia Farmers’ Market

Valley Oaks Golf Course has three distinct 9-hole courses that offer golfers both traditional and modern layouts.

The course features plentiful lakes, big stands of pine and oak trees, and tight fairways that lead to large, multi-tiered greens, all of which are scattered out throughout the town’s less developed parts.

The most recent 9-hole stretch was created in the mid-’90s and is designed in the popular modern links style of Europe. Every hole has at least one tee alternative for most players, making it really unique.

3. Have fun at Allensworth State Park

Allensworth is well-known for being the only municipality in the country founded and run entirely by African Americans.

It was formed nearly 110 years ago by forward-thinking premiers, including a professor, a pastor, and a US Army commander.

Several restored buildings, such as a library, the Colonel’s mansion, a schoolhouse, and ancient churches, are among the attractions of Allensworth State Park.

Despite the fact that the town’s population has plummeted due to a lack of potable water, it is an educational, unusual, and enjoyable location to visit. Furthermore, it’s only 45 minutes south of Visalia.

4. Chill at Mooney Grove Park

Mooney Grove Park, also known as Tulare County Park, is an excellent venue for outdoor events.

The park, originally opened in 1909, is the result of John Tuohy’s and the community’s collaborative efforts to preserve the lovely green area.

It has since grown to become one of the area’s most popular outdoor parks, providing not just a place of preservation but also as a delightful place to spend the day.

Visit historic on-site buildings, sailing on the lagoon, picnicking, discovering pioneer settlements, playing baseball or disk golf, walking the trails, or playing at the playground are just a few of the activities available.

5. Forestiere Underground Gardens

Fresno is a city on California Route 99 about 60 kilometers north of Visalia.

It boasts a lot of attractive sights, but the Forestiere Underground Gardens are definitely just what the doctor ordered if you want to experience a unique brand of weirdness.

The gardens and underground maze of tunnels and rooms were built to provide shade from the harsh California heat a few years ago.

Many of them are located around 30 feet beneath the earth’s surface, where the temperature is consistently chilly all year.

6. Visit Adventure Park

Since its inception in 2004, Adventure Park has been one of the city’s most popular hangout spots, consistently ranking among the finest things to do in Visalia.

The park is seven acres in size and features a variety of modern attractions. It is also appropriate for guests of all ages.

bumper boats, laser tag, laser maze, batting cages, an ultramodern arcade, and a Kritter Karts section for younger children are just a few of the attractions.

After you’ve had your fill of fun, head over to Kritters Funhouse Pizzeria for some delectable San Francisco-style pizza. Everything is created in their kitchen using the freshest ingredients, including the dough, which is made according to their own recipe.

7. Check Tulare County Museum Of Farm Labor And Agriculture

The Tulare County Museum of Farm Labor and Agriculture is a terrific place to start while visiting the area, and it may also assist tourists to learn about other things to do.

This museum is located in Mooney Grove Park, California’s oldest county park.

The museum covers a wide spectrum of history, beginning with the Yokuts, a group of Native Americans who resided in the area, and ending with all of the various groups who helped develop Tulare County and the Central Valley.

It’s a big museum with several historic structures, including a rebuilt log cabin from 1854 and the Surprise School (a one-room schoolhouse built in 1908).

If you bring the kids, they will love seeing the ancient caboose from the Southern Pacific Railway.

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8. Learn about Vintage Press

Vintage Press has distinguished itself as one of Visalia’s finest fine dining places since its inception in 1966.

The food is fantastic, the environment is elegant and filled with true charm, and the service is impeccable every time you visit.

Apart from the outstanding dining experience it gives, diners may also master the technique of preparing some of the restaurant’s best delicacies. Their chef, David Vartanian handles these sessions at special events.

The food at Vintage Press is fantastic, featuring everything from garden fresh salads and delectable desserts to steak and top-quality fish.

9. Farmer Bob’s World

A visit to Farmer Bob’s World would be one of the highlights of your Visalia trip.

The farm, which was founded nearly 90 years ago by Bob McKellar, is a learning center intended at teaching children and families a greater understanding of where their food comes from.

The tractor-pulled wagon trip is the primary attraction here. It takes visitors on a tour of the orange trees with narration to keep them interested.

Guests will learn about the McKellar family, how to establish orange trees, and how the fruit is picked each year at Farmer Bob’s World.

Following the tour, you will have the opportunity to harvest oranges with clippers. Your understanding of agriculture in general, and specifically orange farming, would improve.

10. Brewbakers Brewing Company and Restaurant

Brewbakers Brewing Company and Restaurant first opened its doors in 1999, making it one of Visalia’s first breweries.

They manufacture flavorful beers and well-prepared meals, which have kept them busy to a significant extent ever since.

The pub house is housed in a historic structure that was once home to one of Visalia’s original beer gardens in the early 1900s.

11. Visit an Art Studio: The Arts Consortium

An Art Center is a good place to go if you want to learn new skills in the art field. Even if art isn’t your thing, but you’re curious, visit one of the studios to see and learn about some of the works created by Visalia’s local artists.

The Arts Consortium aims to bring together artists, art aficionados, and organizations to advocate for, promote, and provide opportunities for all visitors and inhabitants of Tulare County to produce and celebrate the arts.

You’ll notice it via leadership and innovation aimed at preserving the city’s cultural and artistic diversity by fostering a community in which the arts are central to daily life.

12. Eat Nice at Fugazzis

Fugazzis is a family-friendly and family-favorite restaurant chain with locations throughout California’s Central Valley.

Patrons adore it, and they return time and time again not only for the delectable food but also for the dedicated personnel and welcoming service.

Their full-service restaurant features private rooms, a full bar, and weekly events like Happy Hour and Taco Tuesdays that you would appreciate.

Chicken piccata, truffle fries, bacon-wrapped seared scallops, Southwest chicken salad, Atlantic salmon filet, and the California bistro sandwich with thin pieces of bacon, avocado, and sirloin are among the menu’s most popular items.

13. Valhalla Restaurant & Gift Shop

The Valhalla Restaurant & Gift Shop, which was founded in 1982 by Elsie Casida and her daughter, Kim Payne, is one of the great things to do in Visalia, CA, for a dining experience.

The restaurant grew out of their desire to deliver delicious, home-cooked Danish food produced with fresh ingredients. They’re known for their high-quality desserts, dinners, and baked goods.

The menu includes mainstays such as Danish crepe-style pancakes, aebleskiver, Danish Sampler with eggs, and medisterpolse, which are handcrafted Danish sausages.

To round off any dinner, provide sides like beer-battered onion rings, macaroni salad, potato salad, or sweet potato fries.

14. Explore Sequoia National Park

Sequoia National Park, nestled beneath one of the world’s most spectacular natural canopies, offers tourists a unique outdoor experience.

You’ll be able to explore the park’s breathtaking groves of huge sequoia trees and engage in activities like climbing, hiking, swimming, biking, and fly fishing.

You’ll also come across caverns in the park on various occasions, which are fun for an exciting and unforgettable encounter.

The park invites guests of all ages who wish to spend a day here since it provides complimentary shuttles that connect to all of the park’s key attractions, making it easy for younger people to get about.

15. Visalia First Fridays

On the first Friday of every month, Visalia is generally fairly bustling. It’s because this is when most art lovers and revelers, exhausted from a long week, flock to the downtown area for some evening entertainment.

The First Friday event is sponsored by a large number of local organizations. It showcases fascinating works created by local and regional artists in a variety of mediums.

The event, which takes place at the city’s Creative Center, was created to provide locals with creative opportunities.

Family-friendly activities and side excursions to nearby restaurants and bars for wonderful meals and cool drinks are available in the evenings.

16. Downtown Murals

Visalia is following in the footsteps of many rural towns in attempting to resurrect and revive their decaying downtown areas, with the help of local artists.

The city has a lot of vast, unpainted, and uninteresting surfaces that don’t add to the local flavor, so it’s a great area for up-and-coming artists to present their work.

The art rejuvenation began with one individual, but it has now evolved into a collaborative project that currently includes a wide range of enormous, dramatic works created by a number of artists.

The majority of the work may be found on Main, Court, and Church streets. A few of them are as enormous as billboards, so they’re hard to overlook.

17. Giant Sequoia National Monument

The Giant Sequoia National Monument is one of the great things to do in Visalia.

Sequoia National Park is surrounded by this monument. It’s a little different because they’re managed by the US Forest Service rather than the National Park Service.

The groves are less well-known, but they allow you to fully appreciate and absorb the splendor of these magnificent trees and the surrounding terrain.

Visitors can, for example, hike with their dogs in the national monument, which is not allowed in the park, and they also allow camping practically anyplace, so you can pitch your tent wherever you like.

The Converse Basin Grove, the Big Meadows/Jennie Lakes area, and the Boole Valley are just a few of the monument’s unique features.

18. Barrelhouse Brewing

For pleasure-seeking travelers, Barrelhouse Brewing is a must-see destination. It has indoor and outdoor seats, a wonderful selection of great beers, and a backlot full of gourmet food trucks.

Visitors at Barrelhouse Brewing have described the loud and joyful music as well as the rustic but contemporary décor as an amazing experience.

Their beers range from light, crisp, and pleasant with low alcohol content to powerful stouts and hop IPAs with malt and chocolate notes.

They also offer a few novel fruit-based concoctions, such as apricot and mango, that are refreshing after a day in the sun.

19. Relax at Recreation Ballpark

Recreation Ballpark, sometimes known as Rawhide Ballpark, is a baseball stadium worth adding to your list of things to do in Visalia.

The Visalia Rawhide, a minor league baseball team in the California League, play their home games at Recreation Ballpark.

It was built in 1946 and has had various upgrades since then, with a current capacity of 2,468 people.

With a fast-paced game, enthusiastic audience, and Tipper, the mascot Holstein Bull on hand, watching a game in this venue is always a fascinating event.

Once a season, the Rawhides don the original Mudville Nine uniforms to keep the Mighty Casey history alive.

20. Have a Cup of Coffee

California has more coffee shops per capita than any other state in the union; nonetheless, coffee labs are few and far between.

Although it may be excellent, the founders of Component Coffee Lab have been roasting beans for more than a decade and are far more serious than most.

Component, which is located in the heart of the city, does not use artificially flavored syrups (as do most of its competitors), which tend to mask the coffee’s inherent flavors.

They specialize in single-origin beans that are roasted in small quantities, which explains the large crowds that gather during their short business hours.

21.  Catch a show at Fox Theatre

The Fox Theatre opened in downtown Visalia in 1930 and has since grown to be an important part of the community.

The theatre was a gathering place for those who wanted to have a good time. The historic cinema palace and theater, which had closed in the late 1990s, was rehabilitated and reopened in 1999 as a live performance auditorium.

Way Back Wednesdays and Throwback Thursdays are two of the most popular events at the theatre, which is paired with a bustling performing arts complex.

If you go to the Fox Theatre, you might be lucky enough to see a performance by the Sequoia Symphony Orchestra or one of the many other musicians and entertainers who perform there throughout the year.

22.  Participate in Visalia Christmas Tree Auction

The Visalia Christmas Tree Auction is a yearly Christmas tree auction held in Visalia, California. The auction, which has been going on for nearly four decades, helps charities that help residents in need.

Even if many guests may not wish to buy a tree to take home with them after their vacation, it is still a terrific way to help the community.

A silent auction, dancing, and food and wine tastings from local wine merchants and restaurants are all part of the festivities.

If you’re looking to make business contacts or relocate to Visalia, the auction is a great way to meet some of the city’s upper-class residents.

23. Visit  ImagineU Children’s Museum

The ImagineU Children’s Museum, located in Downtown Visalia, is a family-friendly attraction that allows children and people who are young at heart to put their imaginations to the test.

Children are motivated by the museum’s practical, interactive activities that are both educational and entertaining.

A Farmers’ Market, the Grove Pick & Pack, the U-Fix-It Garage, an outdoor area that teaches them about water, a castle, a club, and a treehouse are just some of the displays that will keep the youngsters entertained for hours.

Others include an architectural area where visitors may construct forts and bridges, as well as an artist’s room where they can carve masterpieces out of recyclable materials. They can, of course, take the products home as keepsakes.

To Summarize

Visalia is without a doubt the place to go if you want a fun and thrilling vacation.

The fantastic museums, stunning parks, lovely galleries, exquisite restaurants, interesting theatres, and many other things on offer promise a great time.

Start making preparations to visit Visalia, and save this guide to help you navigate the city.

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