23 Best & Fun Things to Do in Tri-Cities (WA)


Thinking of Touring The Beautiful Tri-Cities? Then you must find this article very helpful as I’ve compiled 23 fun stuff you can do to make your tour worthwhile, So read carefully and enjoy!

1. Turn the hands of time at REACH Museum

Another interesting thing to do in Tri-Cities is to commemorate history and culture. The REACH Museum is a must-see destination for history buffs.

Even before coming inside, the Museum has a visually spectacular façade that you should admire. Inside, you’ll learn about the forces that shaped the Tri-Cities and its surroundings, such as the Manhattan Project and Ice Age Floods.

There are four permanent galleries and one rotating gallery where you can see exhibits.


The museum also has an outdoor performing arts facility; a 500-seat amphitheater – where shows depicting Tri-Cities history can be seen.


2. Enjoy nature at Chamna Natural Preserve

The Chamna Natural Preserve, which spans 276 acres and is adjacent to the Yakima River, provides a rewarding experience for the entire family or group of friends.

Over 200 bird species, including pelicans, waterfowl, cranes, owls, hawks, and others, can be found in this area.

In addition to birds, the preserve is home to various wild animals such as minks, river otters, and coyotes, as well as a variety of butterfly species.

All you have to do is relax and enjoy the lovely nature of this preserve. Take advantage of the varied flora, which provides a beautiful backdrop for your keepsake shots.

Biking, hiking, and horseback riding are all options for exploring the 11-mile trail.


3. Get advanced in gardening at WSU Master Gardener Demonstration Garden

At Washington State University, there are three Master Gardener Demonstration Gardens. Any one of them would brighten your day.

McCollum Park Demonstration Garden, Jennings Park Demonstration Garden, and Evergreen Arboretum Demonstration Garden Border are the three options.

You’ll be able to discover a variety of gardening techniques that you may include into your landscape.

You’ll also discover which shrubs, trees, and other plants are appropriate for your area at any given time of year.

4. Go on a Winetasting Tour in Benton City

The Tri-Cities region is known as “Wine Country.” It doesn’t go by that name for no reason. Wine tasting is one of the best things to do in Tri-Cities, especially for wine connoisseurs.

Within an hour’s drive, there are over 200 wineries to visit, and there’s no way you won’t be tipsy by the end of the day.

MonteScarlatto Estate winery, the Anelare, Native Sun Wines, Muret-Gaston Wines, and Purple Star Wines are just a few of the wineries in Beston City.

The final offer is premium handcrafted wines with wine tastings ranging from $7 to $15. You can unwind with their wonderful views of the Red Mountain and Yakima Valley in addition to their superb wines.

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5. Let your Kids enjoy the playground of dreams

Locals refer to it as the Playground of Dreams or Toyota of Tri-Cities Playground of Dreams because it is located in Columbia Park, Kennewick.

The Playground of Dreams is the place to go if you’re searching for a location to take the kids for a stretch after a long day.

This playground holds a special place in the hearts of the residents because of its humble beginnings.

This playground was built using community donations in 1999, but it was destroyed by fire in 2003. Locals, on the other hand, mustered the bravery to rebuild it.

6. Ride a kayak along The Columbia River

One of the excellent activities in Tri-Cities is to take a kayak excursion alongside the Columbia River. It gives a captivating revel in and a leaf through history.

Several years ago, Native Americans hired the kayak as one of the dominant transportations used for conveying items along the Coast of Oregon and British Columbia.

This exercise persisted till nowadays to have interaction with the traffic in a thrilling revel as they row alongside the quiet waters of the river.

There are well-prepared kayak stores near the river to make sure you’ve got the whole lot to revel in safely.

7. Water 2 wine Cruise

If you need to rejoice in a unique climax to your life, there’s a brilliant way to try this in the Tri-Cities. The Water2Wine Cruise offers a different and labeled remedy and is one of the satisfactory activities in Tri-Cities.

Relish the engrossing sundown as you plod alongside the Columbia River even on a luxurious yacht. You could revel in the neighborhood wine of Tri-Cities and the adorable dinner made by the yacht’s resident chef.

Some diverse facilities and centers throughout this vessel, and also you and the one you love can experience them in the course of the three-hour tour.

On the pinnacle deck is a full-carrier bar setup with flat-display televisions. It boasts an overhead sound device that performs the correct track anyplace you are.

8. Ride The Gesa Carousel Of Dreams

Originally designed and released in Silver Beach Amusement Park, Michigan, the Gesa Carousel of Dreams has been handed down through generations to one-of-a-kind proprietors and places within the U.S. earlier than its very last domestic in Washington State.

Gesa Carousel of Dreams exists because of the restored 108-year-antique Charles Carmel hand-carved merry-go-round. It took ten years for every one of the horses on this trip to be completed.

The carousel could be very secure to experience, even though it is able to appear antique. And taking an experience of this ancient carousel is freed from charge. However, the proprietors might be given and admire donations for its operational and upkeep cost.

9. Pay Your Respect To The Fallen Heros At The 9/11 Memorial

If you will be touring Tri-Cities, then this spot must be on your bucket listing of factors to do in Tri-Cities.

Without stepping your foot on the real floor of occurrence, you could pay your respects to the 2,977 lives misplaced at some point during September 11, 2001, terrorist assault on Twin Tower.

Located in Kennewick, the memorial was unveiled in 2011, 5 years after its first construction.

There is a real piece of the World Trade Center right here in The 11th of September Memorial. It locates a sober reminder withinside the coronary heart of any vacationer to stay every day as though it’s the last.

10. Recall the dark past of Tri-Cities in Hanford Nuclear Reservation Site

The Hanford Nuclear Reservation Site is a 580-rectangular mile web website online that became previously a nuclear manufacturing complex.

Currently, it has 9 nuclear manufacturing reactors, of which six were sealed up in intervening time secure storage (ISS).

On this web website online, you may see “Project B,” the world’s first full-scale plutonium manufacturing reactor. This reactor is mentioned for generating plutonium utilized in making the atomic bomb, which resulted withinside the tragedy of Hiroshima and Nagasaki and taken a stop to World War II.

11. Bechtel National Planetarium

If you’re an astronomy enthusiast, this vicinity might flawlessly shape your imagination.

Bechtel National Planetarium is located at Columbia Basin College and functions with high-definition projected pictures and life-like exhibits, making you sense as though you’re exploring outer space.

This Planetarium additionally has a manner of inspiring your children to be destiny scientists, way to its instructional displays approximately the universe.

Its functions are proven with subjects at the sun gadget and constellations, among others.

12. Bike The Badger Mountain Road

Badger Mountain Road isn’t always proper by myself for hikers; bikers also can revel in trailing this road. This path suits the adventurous, and it ranks tenth among some of the motor motorcycle climbs in phrases of issues withinside the complete state.

The path guarantees to pump your adrenaline, as the maximum of its miles is an uphill climb. Although the street is essentially smooth, there are nevertheless a few bumpy areas.

You will love the picturesque view of the Columbia Basin as you pedal your manner on this path. There is lovable vegetation that you might respect in conjunction with this trial. They encompass balsamroot and crimson sagebrush.

If you are seeking out what to do in Tri-Cities, make certain you do this path as it’s far an exciting factor to do.

13. Howard Amon Park

If you prefer to study paddle boarding, do nicely to pay a go to Howard Amon Park.

This park gives you the possibility to satisfy locals who provide classes in stand-up paddleboarding, which includes network paddles and paddleboard yoga.

These specialists will inscribe the right paddling method in you, together with the fundamentals including moving into and out of the board safely, adjusting your paddle to fit your height, kneeling and status at the board, and getting lower back after a fall.

It is great to discover ways to paddleboard in a collection due to the fact charges have a tendency to be sponsored as greater humans are a part of the class.

14. Jet Ski In The Columbia River

What approximately occurred during a spellbinding water journey withinside the Columbia River? Riding a jet ski is one manner to do that!

One of the maximum diagnosed leases in this region is Pacific Shortz Watersports. They are outstanding in their services.

Apart from the journey itself, Pacific Shortz gives you a large protection system that includes lifestyle vests such that you are secure as you revel in the waters of the river.

In addition, you’ll be required to observe a 15-minute protection movie and have to meet the State Watercraft Safety Commission protocol of being at least 18 years of age.

15. Visit The Sand Dollar Farms Alpacas And Pyrs

Do you think assembly furry, wooly buddies in Tri-Cities? If yes, Sandollar Farms Alpacas & Pyrs is there for you!

Located inside the coronary heart of Wine Country, this farm rears Suri alpaca. It is an unprecedented breed of alpaca well-known for its top-quality, highly-priced fleece.

Sandollar Farms Alpacas & Pyrs additionally have Great Pyrenees puppies performing as guardians to their cattle animals.

It doesn’t forestall there! The farmhouses house a few chook and bee species further to those fluffs. You may also see lovely gardens and adorable orchards from wherein you may select out and consume culmination without delay from the trees.

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16. Gesa Carousel Of Dreams

Standing for more than a century, the Gesa Carousel of Dreams is one of the maximum historic landmarks in all of Kennewick.

This carousel became at the beginning built at Silver Beach Amusement Park in St. Joseph, Michigan. Several generations cherished it till it became taken aside and moved absolutely to Roswell, New Mexico.

At the dawn of the brand new millennium, in 2002, the carousel was brought to Kennewick. It has each one in all its problematic information nicely preserved over the years, making it one of the maximum stunning and mentioned carousels that also stands purposeful withinside the United States.

17. East Benton County Historical Society And Museum

The East Benton County Historical Society and Museum have been opened again withinside the Nineteen Eighties and are significantly a thrilling museum in downtown Kennewick.

The museum capabilities all styles of historic artifacts and exhibits, that specialize in historic Indian petroglyphs that had been visible alongside the Columbia River returned in 1939.

You might additionally see old-time farm equipment on display, with the museum portraying a photograph of the history, culture, and historical past of Benton County.

There are diverse pictures from the years-long gone by way of means of lining the walls. The museum body of workers is likewise welcoming and hardworking as they’re continually looking for new photos, artifacts, and different objects to feature in the ever-growing series of the museum.

18. Columbia Park

Columbia Park is a public park that spreads out four hundred acres alongside the banks of the Columbia River. It is one of the maximum well-known and biggest withinside the area.

There are a few captivating records connected to this location, with the famed Lewis and Clark Expedition navigating right here a few years ago.

These days, locals and traffic alike are interested in Columbia Park each day for all types of leisure sports like cycling and hiking.

19. Toyota Center

The Toyota Center is one of the primary epicenters of the metropolis of Kennewick. This multi-reason venue opened in 1988 because of the Tri-Cities Coliseum and delivered to our bucket listing of pinnacle activities in Tri-Cities.

Toyota Center has the Tri-City Americans hockey crew play right here and might have a seating potential of approximately 6000 humans for hockey games.

The middle is likewise used for stay suggests and track events, having performed host to important rock artists and bands over the years, consisting of Alice Cooper, Slipknot, and KISS.

20. Calvary Chapel Tri-Cities

One of the numerous church buildings withinside the city, the Calvary Chapel Tri-Cities, is located west of downtown Kennewick.

This chapel gives a serene, homely area for the network and traffic to collect in worship. The chapel organizes ordinary offerings and sermons.

Various unique events, which include staying Christina song performances, retreats, youngsters camp, and bible look at groups, also are held here.

This Chapel aims to deliver the network together. It is constantly open and welcomes new participants and site visitors into the fold, making it a super area for everybody searching for religious steering or understanding in Tri-Cities.

21. Badger Mountain Vineyard

Washington is understood for its exceptional wines and appealing vineyards, and Badger Mountain Vineyard is placed in Kennewick because it exists as an ideal instance in Tri-Cities.

Badger Mountain Vineyard was set up in 1982 because it was the first Certified Organic wine in Washington State.

This winery became based on Bill Powers, who was inducted into the Legends of Washington Hall of Fame for his tremendous work. Currently, the vineyard is operated by his son.

22. Sacagawea Heritage Trail

Let’s pass to something so cherished by the locals, the Sacagawea Heritage Trail. The Sacagawea Heritage Trail is a multi-use path that runs through all of the Tri-Cities areas, linking the 3 towns of Kennewick, Pasco, and Richland.

This path is known in honor of Sacagawea. Its path begins off evolved from the Sacajawea State Park and passes through landmarks just like the Blue Bridge, the Cable Bridge, Batement Island, Chiawana Park, and Columbia Park.

Both cyclists and hikers can experience the path because it gives a super reveal to humans of all ages. You will see the pool strolling and driving up and down it daily.

23. Columbia Center Mall

Located withinside the northwest a part of Kennewick, the Columbia Center Mall is the city’s principal buying destination.

Columbia Center Mall is a part of the Simon chain, and it is the most important mall in all of Southeast Washington, boasting over one hundred twenty shops in total.

You can browse via diverse apparel shops, which include carrying goods, footwear, video games, and gifts.

They have a big play region for the children and over a dozen eateries starting from espresso store chains and snacks to complete restaurants.


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