23 Best & Fun Things to Do in Tempe (AZ)


This city is named after Vale of Tempe in Greece, the town was the home to US Airways until the end of 2013 when they were joined together with American Airlines.

The city is located on the east side of Phoenix, Guadalupe, Salt River Pima, Chandler as well as Mesa. The history of this place could be traced to the Native Americans who once lived in the city.

The beautiful city of Tempe plays host to the Arizona State University, it is also characterized by sporting events as well as fun and exciting events.

In case you are wondering what the city of Tempe, Arizona has to offer, relax as we take you through exciting and fun-filled events and activities.

1. Tempe Town Lake


This is a beautiful lake located at the heart of Tempe, it is a spot for many recreational activities which makes it one of the top attractions in Tempe.


Activities like Kayaking, bicycling, stand-up paddleboarding, and sightseeing are among the best things to do at the lake. You can take a walk up to the Pedestrian Bridge to have a perfect view of the surrounding environment.

The lake features an Arts Center where you can go and feed your eyes with beautiful artworks, a Public Safety Memorial, a volleyball court, and a boating beach. The lake also plays host to 50 events annually and it helps.

2. Mill Avenue District

This is a perfect place to enjoy the night in Tempe, it features popular restaurants, bars, and coffee shops. It plays host to several Arizona State University students.

There are so many activities you can get involved in, like watching the University games, you can take a walk with your partner or kids while admiring the beauty of the environment.

Pay a visit to the Mill Avenue District and enjoy nice meals in any of the restaurants.


3. Arizona University

This is the largest institution in Arizona with a population of 34,000 undergraduate students, established on 1885, March 12th.

This University is a research-based university whose purpose is to solve the problems of life by engaging creative minds.

This University attracts to itself both local and international students and serves as an avenue to meet new people. It is worth your time, pay a visit to the University today.

4. SEA LIFE Arizona Aquarium

This is a 340-degree ocean tunnel that houses more than 500 creatures. It is an exciting sight to behold, you can find sea creatures like sea sharks, octopuses, sea horses, green turtles, and several others.

When you visit, you have the opportunity to enjoy thousands of sea creatures displayed in 30 interactive touch tanks. It is always an interesting sight to see at the sealife aquarium.

Be sure to come with your camera because there are lots of exciting things to see.

5. Tempe MarketPlace

This is a 1.3 million square feet wide market with retail space, it features over 100 shops and restaurants.

The Market place also has entertainment areas that keep the environment lively and active. It gives interactive shopping, dining, and entertainment experiences.

This place is located in the valley which is a few minutes from Scottsdale, Mesa, Phoenix. It is open to all both locals and tourists alike.

6. Arizona Mills

These are chains of stores with over 185 stores, they have varieties of collections that you can explore.

This is where you can stop to shop for your clothes, jewelry, shoes, perfumes, cosmetics, and many more.

The 185 stores consist of top-class stores, like Nike Clearance store, Gap factory, Disney store, Tommy Hilfiger stores, H&M, and Forever 21. You can get whatever you want here at affordable prices. Plan a visit today to shop for all your top-class items.

7. Kiwanis Park

This is a 123-acre park that boasts lots of sports fields/courts where you can watch exciting games.

The park features many sports facilities like basketball courts, softball fields, soccer fields, tennis courts, volleyball courts, swimming pools, batting range, and others.

There are lots of activities you can engage in like kayaking, fishing, swimming and picnicking. A combination of all these makes this place the perfect destination for you.

8. Hayden Butte Preserve

This is a historical mountain with breathtaking natural attractions, which served as a home to the Native Americans.

It is a scenic mountain that has a volcanic origin, its highest point stands at 1,495 feet in elevation, and its base is about 1,150 feet in height. It is partially located on Arizona State University’s Tempe campus in Tempe, Arizona. 

This is a perfect place to visit with your family and friends when you visit Tempe, Arizona.

9. Papago Park

This is a beautiful 1,500-acre natural park, suitable for hiking and biking. This beautiful attraction, located in the Phoenix metro area, is one of the most easily accessible desert areas.

There are many exciting and fun activities at the park, you can have a family picnic, take a walk around the garden areas, visit the animals at the zoo, and you can go biking along the trails.

The trails give you the best views of the environment, you cannot afford to miss this wonderful experience.

10. Tempe Diablo Stadium 

This is a historic monument that is large enough to accommodate over 9,500people, it is the right destination for you if you want to relax and enjoy yourself.

The stadium was established in 1968, later in 2005, it was renovated and then dedicated in 2006. This historic stadium is the oldest and smallest stadium in the Cactus League.

This stadium is the training home for the Los Angeles team during the Spring. There are two fields to look out for when you visit, there are The Major League Fields and the Minor League Complex.

11. Big Surf Water Park

This exciting place features so many events and facilities. that give all the fun you will ever think of having.

Some of the features of this park are water slides, a playground, Swings, and many others. If you want more fun you can go surfing or enjoy the waves in the pool.

This park plays host to concerts, parties, and other events, make out time to visit this park where you will enjoy thrilling moments.

12. Tempe Center for the Arts

This is a top-class Arts Gallery that features 600 seat Proscenium Theatre, a 200-seat studio theatre, and a 3,500-square-foot gallery.

Several events take place in this center, you have the opportunity to watch live plays and performances when you visit. Also, the center has free Wi-Fi and a big parking space for visitors.

This beautiful center is well positioned on a 17-acre lakeside park, and it is located on the Southwest end of Tempe Town Lake.

A beautiful sight awaits you when you arrive, it is the perfect place to take memorable pictures.

13. AZ Heritage Center at Papago Park

This is a cultural museum with more than 100 years of Arizona history. They have on display historical items and facts which will teach about the long history of the city and how it grew to be what it is today.

The Center features many fun activities like entertaining programs and events for both adults and children. Whereas at the cultural center they have on display the World War II AT-6 training airplane, Bob’s Big Boy statue. There are also unique rocks, gems, and minerals available at the cultural center. Feel free to take pictures.

14. Sun Devil Stadium

This is an outdoor football stadium that once had a seating capacity of about 75,000 but the seating was reduced to 56,000 after the renovation. This stadium is situated on the Arizona University Campus and it plays host to the annual Tostitos Fiesta Bowl.

The stadium has hosted the Fiesta Bowl from 1971 to 2007 and so has the Cactus Bowl from 2007 to 2015. It is an interesting place to be, you may have the opportunity to watch football matches.

15. Arizona Distilling Co

This is a company that produces handcrafted drinks with exceptional ingredients.

They offer a great taste of a mix of malt from a prominent local brewery and whiskey. You don’t want to miss this opportunity of having a taste of these amazing drinks.

The Wheat Whiskey is another wonderful drink that is a blend of molasses, pecan pie, caramel, black mission figs, peppercorn, and cinnamon. A combination of all these gives the drink a sweet and spicy taste.

16. Tempe History Museum

This is a place to go if you want to learn all about the history of the city of Tempe, the museum through interactive sessions educates visitors about the history of the city.

The museum features so many events like concerts, presentations, films, kids’ programming, and galleries for exhibitions which are changed annually.

The programs at the museum are free of charge, you can come with your kids.

17. Arizona State University Art Museum 

This is an outstanding museum established to reinvent the University’s models of art learning, engagement, and innovation.

The ideas of the Art Museum are shared with the public through exhibitions, art programs, and contributions. Their major aim is to reach the world through its arts.

This place promises so much fun, come along with fellow art lovers.

18. Kiwanis Recreation Center

This is a beautiful 54,000-square-foot complex, located in the heart of Kiwanis Park.

The indoor recreational center features some great facilities such as an indoor wave pool, fitness center, gymnasium, corporate ramada area, classrooms, and a 15-court tennis center.

This recreational center is open from Monday to Thursday from 7 am to 9 pm, and Friday from 7 am to 7 pm. Then on Saturday and Sunday, it opens from 8 am to 6 pm.

19. Desert Arboretum Park

This is a 2.5-acre botanical park, located at the “A Mountain side”. This park often hosts special events, conferences, and other activities.

The desert arboretum is a comprehensive arboretum that contains more than 3po species of plants from different regions and areas of the desert.

Take a trip today to this adventurous park and have a view of the breathtaking Mountain area near the park.

20. ASU Museum Ceramics Centre and Brickyard Gallery

This museum houses more than 3,000 pieces, which makes it the largest and best collection of the 20th century and contemporary British and American 

It is located in the ASU Art Museum Brickyard, it is a center that inspires artists, students, and art lovers to explore and improve on their craft.

21. Coyotes Curling Club 

The Curling Club is located in the heart of the Phoenix metropolitan area, it offers classes on Curling and hosts corporate events, training, and practice.

It also hosts different professional and club-level bonspiels. They offer great Curling service, do add it to your to-do list.

22. Tempe Tourism Office

They offer useful information and unique opportunities to tourists, you can get information about unique activities, places to visit, as well as things to do in Arizona.

If you need details of the best stores, restaurants, events, museums, and many more, visit the Tempe Tourism Office. They are devoted to helping visitors with the best information that will help them during their tour.

23. Petersen House Museum

This museum was named after a well-known local farmer, Niels Peterson.

A perfect destination for school excursions and private tours, you can have a view of the beautiful artworks on display as well as participate in hands-on projects.

The building itself is an architectural masterpiece that was designed by t James Creighton an Arizona architect. The staff here are friendly and helpful, you can ask them any question.

There are several things to do for fun in Tempe, Arizona with your family and friends. All the activities that are available in the city are to ensure that you have a great vacation.

When you visit, you can go biking, hiking, curling, kayaking, shopping, as well as sightseeing as the city offers amazing views.

Make plans today as great fun and pleasure await you as you arrive in the city of Tempe, Arizona.


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