23 Best & Fun Things to Do in Roseville (CA)

Roseville is a region once known to be the home of Maidu Indians, located within the Sacramento metropolitan area which lies in the Sacramento Valley.

Roseville is a city in Placer County, California, which is the largest in Placer County with a population of over 141,500.

This city is a top attraction, which attracts tourists from all over, with several activities and top spots for relaxation.

The city of Roseville has dry summers and mild, wet winters. Winters in the city are usually snowless, the wet season at Roseville starts in October and continues through April.

Here are the fun and best things to do in the


Fun Best Things to do in Roseville,  California.

1. Golfland Sunsplash

This is a very lovely place where family and friends can go to have a nice time, it was established in 1953.

The Golfland has an exciting water park and miniature golf course, there are so many fun activities for everyone both adults and children. There is a water play area for children as well as an adult play area.

The shallow water is a favorite spot for swimmers and nonswimmers alike, the water which is about 3 feet and half is very safe for kids.

2. Miners Ravine Trail Loop

This is an adventurous hiking trail that covers 14.2 kilometers. It is the longest outstretched multipurpose trail in Roseville.

This trail is also great for walking, running, and mountain biking. The trail leads through Roseville, having different points in many parts of the city.

A perfect place for all the excitement you desire.

3. Antique Trove

This is where you can find and shop for Northern California’s biggest display of rare and vintage antiques and collectibles.

Here you will find varieties of stoneware, metal sculptures, architecture, garden furniture, salvage decor, wooden pieces, and so many other items.

These items are beautifully arranged in 40,000 square feet of unique vignettes with over 250 different shop owners.

4. Roseville Telephone Museum

This is one of the most extensive collections of antique telephones and memorabilia in the United States.

This Museum features a loop trail, an art gallery, a gift shop, and a historic village as well as an exhibition displaying the culture of the Maidu tribe.

The exhibits enjoy more than a century of communications technology nationally and internationally. The Roseville Telephone company began in 1914 by William Doyle.

There are guide tours that will help you learn about the history of telephone technology.

5. Maidu Museum and Historic Site

A world-class museum that has a 6,000 years old Native California Indian Village site.

This is a beautiful historical place whose enriched oak trees are a beauty to behold. When you visit, follow the loop trail which leads past the petroglyphs and hundreds of bedrock mortars for grinding acorns.

This museum displays the Maidu culture and history, you can explore the beautiful art gallery filled with artworks by contemporary Native Americans.

Visit the museum gift shop to get something of great quality for your loved ones.

6. Denio Swap Meet

This is a place to shop for high-quality beverages and foods at affordable prices.

This place has grown from being a single individual selling produce to a market where other vendors come to sell their produce every Saturday.

While at the market you can walk through varieties of concession stands and get all the fresh foods you desire. You can also get fresh homemade foods like grilled chicken, fresh vegetables, special salsa, and many others that will appeal to your interest.

7. Bayside Blue Oaks Indoor Play Area

If you are looking for a beautiful environment where you can enjoy quality time with family and friends on a Sunday afternoon, you can visit the Bayside Blue Oaks Indoor Play Area.

This place offers visitors the opportunity to relax and have a good time, it is a safe and comfortable indoor play area for children of all ages.

While your kids are having fun, you can walk up to the coffee shop to have a cup of coffee.

8. All American Speedway

Looking for a perfect place to spend your time in Roseville, visit the All American Speedway to enjoy exciting car racers.

The All American Speedway has attracted fans from all over for more than 66 years since its opening in 1955, it boasts about 3,800 spectators 

Roseville Toyota powers the All American Speedway, and it is the main point of gathering for NASCAR racing.

The American Speedway track plays host to special racing events like UTV Racing, Gunslingers Sprint Cars, Malicious Monster Truck Your, ARCA Menards Series, Trailer bashes and so many other events.

9. Roseville Utility Exploration Center

This is an environmental learning center that gives visitors information on protecting natural resources excitingly and interestingly.

This exploration center tends to promote education to Roseville’s students, residents, businesses, and surrounding communities about how to conserve water and energy, stormwater quality, and waste reduction.

You will have fun learning about energy conservation and a whole lot at the Roseville Utility Exploration Center.

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10. Carnegie Library and Historical Museum

This museum has varieties of artifacts with rooms for training displays and small military shows. There is also a train display that includes a layout that illustrates the old town of Roseville during the earliest railroad days.

Some exhibits in this historic museum are Historical Musical Instruments, kitchen appliances and there is also a special interactive area for kids to have fun in the museum.

11. Tower Theatre

This is a theatre that was built in 1938, although old but still lively. This theater is a non-profit foundation that believes the performing arts strengthen the community and improve lifestyle.

Here you can watch displays of interesting collections of movies which comprise old and new films as well as independent and foreign films.

12. Blue Line Arts

This is an Art Center that presents art in such an amazing way, a way that will make you fall in love with art almost immediately.

Blue Line Arts feature about five galleries with beautiful displays of artworks. When you visit, you are opportune to go on a 3 step journey to behold the beauty of these galleries. This 3 step journey begins with a Tour, Talk, and ends with the creation of arts.

13. Antelope Creek Trail

This trail is best for walking or strolling, you can hang out with that special person on this trail.

This is a 4.7-kilometer trail that is lightly trafficked out and back, this trail plays host to different beautiful wildflowers radiating with different beautiful colors.

Along this trail, you can also see beautiful birds that will appeal to eyesight.

Whichever you choose to do, be it walking, running, riding, or biking is always a fun-filled experience.

14. Olympus Pointe Sculpture Park

This park features a huge sculpture called the Cosmos which has a very good logging trail. This place is best for family relaxation.

You can take a walk, stroll around the environment or probably go biking and I am sure you are going to have a wonderful time at the park.

15. iFLY Sacramento

Have you ever thought of an adventurous way to have fun or do you want to try out something new,  try out skydiving with iFLY.

iFLY gives you different methods of safe skydiving, even for the kids. Another interesting thing about iFLY Skydiving is that they offer indoor diving, without jumping from an airplane, falling from a very high height, or using parachutes.

Skydiving is an adventure, which will give you a lifetime experience.

16. Fountains at Roseville

This is an outdoor lifestyle center that provides a one-of-a-kind shopping, dining, and entertainment experience. Here at the fountains, there are about 40 stores as well as nine restaurants.

There is a dancing fountain which is one of the places your kids can be and have a great time.

You can as well get tickets for the train ride, as your family enjoys the excitement.

17. Westfield Galleria at Roseville

This is a place where you can shop for clothes, gadgets, items, and many more.

There are varieties of clothing brands and stores at the galleries. Come with your friends and loved ones on a shopping spree vacation at the Westfield Galleria.

This is a shopping center that features world-class boutiques and exclusive restaurants, with more than 240 stores.

18. Topgolf Roseville

This is a golf course that has 102 bays across three floors, a lively bar where you can have fun, a unique rooftop terrace, and a golf game concept that involves everyone.

Their golf games are for all ages, ranging from children to adults and all experience levels. The bays are designed and controlled to look like a bowling lane.

19. Bounce U

This is a place you can visit and the most fun in Roseville. This place gives your children an exciting, fun time as they bounce on one of the best bouncing castles in California.

They have one of the biggest, jumpiest,  bounciest inflatables. While on a vacation in Roseville, you can celebrate your child’s birthday, they have great birthday party packages.

20. Opera House Saloon Roseville

This is a historic building with a big dance floor and a bar with music. This is a perfect place for cool evening fun and relaxation.

This is a two-story building that features live bands, music, drinks, happy people, and friendly staff. From 5 pm upwards the mood becomes lively at the Opera house, don’t miss out on this opportunity to have fun.

21. The Boxing Donkey

This is a cool Irish pub with many food options available for you to choose from.

When you visit, you can try checking out the donkey fries and Irish Reuben fries. You may also want to try other meals like Irish Egg Rolls, Tenders & Fries, Beer Battered Onions rings, Loaded Spuds, salads, and many others.

The staff in this place are friendly and helpful, so relax and enjoy yourself.

22. Roller King Skating and Blading

This is a family-owned business that has been operating since 1977, they provide a safe area for adults and kids alike to enjoy skating while in Roseville.

There are lots of activities lined up for you, such as the roller rink with a snack bar, arcade games and TVs, and a host of other fun-filled activities.

23. Morgan Creek Golf Course

This is a natural landscape that gives players a special kind of feeling because of its unique nature.

This golf course is quite challenging for beginners as it requires a high level of skill. It is the perfect place for golfers 

This serves as a venue for weddings and other special events In Roseville, as there are professional staff and event planners available to guide you to make your event a memorable one.

Roseville, a beautiful city in California offers so many fun and exciting experiences when you visit, be it on a vacation or a business trip.

Waiting for exploration in Roseville are shopping centers, game centers, trails, parks, and many other exciting places.

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