Best & Fun Things To Do in Oxford

23 Best & Fun Things To Do in Oxford (MS)

The city of Oxford has gone through close to two centuries of troubled history but it survived. It is surrounded by forests that spread over 267 Square miles in the North Central Hills region of Mississippi.

The city has passed through a lot including the fire that razed it to the ground during the civil war, as well as the chaos the city experienced during the Civil Rights Movement.

Today the city is known for its great cultural heritage, it is the home of the University of Mississippi or Ole Miss, rich in culture, history, amazing food, beautiful architecture as well extensive green space.

Do make out  time to visit this beautiful city, take a walk along the paths or you can go on a bike have a wonderful view of the surroundings 

There are lots of top attractions to explore when you visit the city of Oxford, Mississippi. Let’s explore the fun and best things to do in Oxford, Mississippi.

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Fun and Best Things in Oxford, Mississippi.

1. William Faulkner Rowan

This is a stately home built in 1884, located in Oxford, Mississippi, It occupies a 29-acre land space. This building was later purchased in 1930 by Nobel Prize-winning author William Faulkner.

He lived in this home for four decades before he died in 1962, the building was sold in 1972 to the University of Mississippi.

This building was converted into a museum and a place where people can come to learn about Williams Faulkner’s works.

This building is open to all who want to explore and take a walk through the building. A tour around the home costs only $5, you will find amazing materials as you tour around the building.

2. The University of Mississippi Museum

This is one of the many top attractions in Oxford, the museum has on display 20, 000 objects that explain the historic and modern interests.

The Museum offers educational programs and summer camps which you can come with your family. The programs also help kids to explore their artistic side.

There are several private collections of the artwork displayed in the museum of which the Greek and Roman artifacts, American art, and scientific instruments are among the many collections.

3. College Hill Presbyterian Church 

This is a historic chapel built in 1884, it is the oldest church building in Oxford as well as the oldest Presbyterian Church in Mississippi in North Mississippi.

This chapel which is located a short distance from the University of Mississippi served as temporary accommodation during the Civil War era for Union troops and was also the site of author William Faulkner’s marriage.

It has a cemetery where Union soldiers, Confederate troops, and slaves were buried. You can worship in the chapel with the local congregation or perhaps you can pay the grounds a courtesy visit.

4. The Town Square

The town square is the heart of Oxford, the city came alive again in 1837 after it was ruined during the civil war. This is a perfect spot for food and shopping lovers

There are varieties of restaurants, art galleries, speciality shops, museums, and boutiques that offer tourists so much excitement. 

The nightlife at the square is the best experience you can have, you have the opportunity to meet and interact with the locals.

5. Lamar Park

This is a beautiful park that features walking trails where you can take a stroll to have a perfect view of the environment, a lake where you can relax and spend some time, and also a beautiful garden. 

There are certain restrictions at the park placed by the management due to the delicate nature of the environment. Restrictions like hosting parties or a large meeting must be approved.

6 .The Burns-Belfry Museum

This is the best place to be if you want to learn more about African-American people living in Oxford Mississippi.

This museum is located inside a church building, it houses exhibits that tell about the lives of the people.

It is open for visitation on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday from 12 pm to 3 pm and on Sunday from 1 pm to 4 pm 

There is no entry fee, though donations are accepted.

7.Vaught Hemingway Stadium

In recent times, there have been several upgrades in this place. Through this upgrade and expansion, the stadium has acquired hundreds of new club-level death and over 30 luxury suites.

An anticipated construction is aimed at increasing the capacity of the stadium to about 5,000 and there are also plans to install a plaza and bell tower.

Don’t miss the opportunity of seeing this wonderful place, it is free for all

8. Oxford City Famer’s Market

This is where residents come to sell their produce, handicrafts, and homemade goods. Though it is organized by a small group of local farmers, the market is being sponsored by several businesses and individuals in Oxford.

The market carries out programs to enlighten as well as engage the locals. The market is held from mid-April till the end of November, you can find this market in the community pavilion along University Avenue.

9. Holly Springs National Forest

This beautiful preserve was established in 1936, on June 15, it is known for the display of natural seasonal beauty. This preserve occupies a massive area and it features farms, pine forest, hardwoods, and more than 40 lakes. It is also a habitat for wildlife.

Found here are wonderful trails that give the best views of the environment, you can decide to hike, boat, swim, or even camp at the site.

10 .Ford Center For the Performing Arts

This place is situated at the University of Mississippi which was named in honor of Gertrude Ford, it makes for one of the best things to do in Oxford.

This center occupies 88,000 square feet of land space with a seating capacity of 1,000 people and it has two major performance areas.

The center carries out educational programs that are focused on youths and teens, they also play host to plays and dance productions.

This is a place to visit if you want to learn more about arts in Oxford, Mississippi.

11. Confederate Cemetery

This is a field where Confederate soldiers who lost their lives after the battle of Shiloh in 1863 were buried. You can pay your respect to the fallen heroes that were laid to rest in this place.

12. Lamar House Museum

This is a home owned by the city of Oxford, built-in 1860 by Virginia Lamar and Lucius. It makes for one of the best things to do in Oxford.

There are several exhibits on display that tells about the life and accomplishments of a Supreme Court Justice, Secretary of the Interior, and Congressman.

Entrance to this museum is free as it offers guided tours to visitors.

13 . Neilson’s Store

This is a department store opened in 1839 by William Smith Neilson, located close to the courthouse. This is one of the oldest retail outlets in the city of Oxford as well as in the South.

Here you can find the latest fashion trends at home, shots, cosmetics, clothing, and accessories.

They are open from Monday to Saturday between 9 am and 5: 30 pm.

14. Thacker Mountain Rail Trail

This is a perfect spot for joggers, hikers, and bikers; it covers a distance of 3 miles.

This trail is popular for hosting athletes who come to train from the University of Mississippi.

When you walk along these trails you get to see the beautiful view of the surroundings.

15. Ole Miss

This place was founded in 1848, it served as a hospital during the Civil War. You can still see traces of this horrible event, you will discover bullet holes dotting its columns.

This place is worth your time, as you have a feel of the beautiful park-like environment.

16. Big Bad Breakfast

This restaurant is located in the mid-Town Shopping Mall, visiting this restaurant will change your mindset about breakfast.

This is an old-fashioned diner-style restaurant that has decor and a big counter where you can stay and observe the proceedings in the kitchen. 

It is a calm and comfortable place where great food is served like thick slices of toast, Original Girl grits, fluffy biscuits, as well as crispy art Southern fried chicken.

If you can not make it for breakfast fast, you still have a chance for lunch.

17. The Shopping Scene

This is a unique shop and boutique where you can get upscale gifts, they also provide big business catering to the group at Ole Miss.

You can get items like jewelry, home decor items, accessories, Greek items, candles, and many more. There is also a luxury women’s boutique that features different design labels like Alexis Bittar, Rebecca Taylor, Vince, Helmut Lang, and several others.

The store is open from Monday to Saturday from 10 am to 5:30 pm

18. Ravine

This is one of the best restaurants you can find around, located in dense pine and oak forest near downtown Oxford.

Here you are sure to enjoy good meals in a cozy and comfortable environment, you can stop by to have a taste of their delicious meal.

They also train chefs, if you wish you can be part of it.

19. Sardis Lake

This place occupies 98,520 acres located a few minutes from Oxford, the sight here is going to thrill you.

It was originally built to control floods in the 1930s, since then it has transformed into a popular tourist spot.

When you visit, you will be allowed to tax and have fun by the water, you can engage in picnics, camping, fishing, swimming, and so many other things.

You can also enjoy watching the beautiful birds flying around.

20. Oxford Treehouse Gallery

This is a place used for the exhibition of the works of local artists.

On display in this gallery are a collection of jewelry, painting, metal works, and ceramic work.

One can use the gallery as a venue for hosting diverse events with its unique space fitting perfectly for workshops, receptions, and many other events.

21. Square Books

This book store was opened in 1979, it has four stores on five floors in three buildings.

At Square Books, you will discover everything from rare first editions to paperback bestsellers. This book store long dealt in collectable and signed books and regularly hosts book signings and other literary events.

It is open from Tuesday to Friday 10 am to 5 pm.

22. Proud Larry’s 

This place has been in existence for the past 20 years, it is a loud, colorful, and fun place to be.

This place plays host to artists who come to introduce their new albums on Fridays and as well as other days.

There is a tap bar where you can go to relax over a glass of great drink.

23. Ya Ya’s Frozen Yogurt

When you visit, you can enjoy great yoghurt favour and extra toppings and sauces

You are also allowed to treat yourself to any combination you want. Fill your yoghurt with nuts, fruits, cheesecake bits, Oreo bits, caramel sauce, cheesecake bits, chocolate sauce, and so much more. You are sure to enjoy your time here tasting wonderful yoghurts.

The city of Oxford, Mississippi offers so many exciting fun things that will give you the best experience you desire when you visit.

Make plans today to visit this beautiful historic city and enjoy the treat it gives.

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