23 Best & Fun Things to Do in Milford (CT)

Milford is a city filled with many exciting things and views, the city’s natural environment makes it an attraction to many tourists.

The city has the best coastline in Connecticut which is by the Housatonic River, the coastal environment features a lot of birds of different species.

In the beautiful city of Milford, there are so many things you can do for fun, especially outdoor activities such as swimming, hiking, biking, and fishing, there are also sports activities and so many other things you will love to engage in.

There is a famous festival in Milford, which is known as the Oyster festive. This festival is one of the things you can do for fun in Milford, musicians, as well as a lot of artisans, are invited to this festival. 

If you are still thinking of what to do when you visit the beautiful city of Milford, worry less because we have every detail of the best fun things in Milford. 

Best Fun Things to do in Milford, CT

  1. Silver Sands State Park: The silver sands state park occupies about 300 acres of natural land space which makes it one of the best things to do in Milford.

The park, which is located on Long Island Sound, features a lot of exciting things like a swimming beach, forest, dunes, saltwater marsh, and other fun-to-do things.

You can take a walk through the connected boardwalk trails to see the beautiful natural environment and the beautiful birds in it.

This is a perfect place where you can host picnics and birthday parties, the park is free for everyone.

  1. Milford Historical Society: The historical society of Milford is known for preserving the city’s ancient valuables that connect to Milford’s history which include three historic houses.

If you want to know all about the history of this beautiful town, the Milford Historical Society is the right place.

  1. Stonebridge Restaurant: This is a place you should pay a visit if you are a lover of seafood. The Stonebridge Restaurant offers varieties of delicious seafood and American cuisine in a comfortable and cool environment.

You can stop by and have a taste of these delicious meals, you should include a visit to this restaurant in your to-do list.

  1. Boothe Memorial Park And Museum: Surely one of the best fun to do for lovers of arts and history. The Booths Memorial Park takes you on a journey through the early years of Connecticut.
  1. Milford Oyster Festival: The Oyster Festival is a place to be if you are looking for fun and excitement.  This festival was first celebrated in 1975 and since then it has become a norm for the people of Milford who now celebrate the festival on the third Saturday of August every year.

This will interest you if you are a lover of rock music, the festival features different rock stars in the last 20 years including the Marshall Tucker Band, and Blue Oysters Cult. This festival is one event that keeps the city of Milford alive, start making preparations to be a part of the next festival season.

  1. Bin 100 Restaurant: This restaurant is known for its delicious Italian and Mediterranean cuisine in Milford. They serve different kinds of Italian dishes like pasta, meat, seafood, and pizza.

To go alongside the dishes, there are wine collections and beverages from all over the world. Their menu is filled with different cuisine, to satisfy both tourists and locals alike.

  1. Connecticut Audubon Society Coastal Center: This is a beautiful center in Milford established for the sole aim of protecting wildlife.

The Connecticut Audubon Society Coastal Center is an environment endowed by nature, it is made up of barrier beaches, dunes, salt marshes, and tide pools which serve as a habitat for lots of shellfish and also 315 species of birdlife. 

I bet you would not want to miss the fun and excitement that comes from watching these wildlife and beautiful birds. 

  1. Roosevelt Forest: The Roosevelt Forest is a 400-acre land space that is a mile away from Milford.

The Forest though not exactly in Milford but still one of the beautiful places owned by Milford. It was developed to review the town’s economy which initially suffered from the Great Depression.

However, the major reason why the forest was developed was a result of its amazing natural features.

In this forest, you can find long walking trails,  hiking routes found in different locations, and also picnic shelters.

  1. Walnut Beach: This is another exciting and fun-filled place, where you can relax and admire nature.

Walnut Beach is one the most famous destinations during the summer, here you find the longest boardwalks in the state and it is also a suitable platform for fishing activities.

You can also find a covered picnic table which provides comfortable coverage from the sun.

  1. Milford Green: If you are looking for an example of nature’s beauty, Milford Green is a practical example. It is the longest green in New England and one of the most frequently visited places which has a well-organized landscape surrounded by beautiful trees.

There are two exciting events that you would not want to miss, the Memorial Day Parade at the end of May and the annual tree lighting ceremony in late November both are being hosted in Green and they feature things like a sleigh ride, hot chocolate, and cookies.

  1. The Corner Restaurant: This restaurant is known in Milford as one the busiest restaurants, they offer varieties of delicious dishes with befitting customer service.

What gives their dishes their unique taste are the fresh, high-quality ingredients being used in preparing these meals. Some of the ingredients include real butter and real maple syrup and some others.

The Corner Restaurant is open every day of the week so you can stop by for either breakfast, lunch, or brunch. You derive joy in eating what you love and make plans to visit the Corner Restaurant today.

  1. Tour New Haven: Not far away from Milford, just a fifteen minutes drive. Haven city is where the spectacular historical Yale University is located.

Yale University features different world-class museums that are open to the public. Here you can take a journey through history and you can also be pleased with the sight of special ancient antiquities and masterpieces which were crafted by Gauguin and Van Gogh.

You can sign up for a tour at Yale University so that you can have the opportunity to see the interior designs of Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library. You can not afford to miss this rare opportunity to sign up today and be a part of this tour.

  1. Robert Treat Farm: This farm was established in 1948, situated on a vast land space of about 30 acres and it has been operated by the Roberts family ever since.

They also have a garden center that has beautiful flowers, lawn ornaments, and shrubs, which can be purchased by interested customers.

The farm produce is available for sale at a nearby farm store which has valuable food items like bread, pie, honey, and other locally produced food items.

The farm is open from Wednesday to Sunday, April to October. You can plan your visit using the specified time.

  1. Eisenhower Park: Located north of Milford, Eisenhower park is best for outdoor recreational activities. The park features walking trails, soccer fields, horseback riding, a tennis court, and a dog park.

Various events are hosted in the Park during the summer including Food Truck Festival and Open Air Market which make the park come alive with fun and excitement 

  1. Connecticut Post Mall: This mall is known to be the largest mall in Connecticut, having over 215 across three stories. If are looking for a place you can shop for various items, you pay a visit to the Connecticut mall there you will find all you need.

The mall was initially an open air mall when it was established in 1969 but was later transformed into an enclosed shopping center in 1981 and ever since it has flourished into what it is today, attracting tourists’ attention.

  1. Tribus Beer Co.: If you are looking for a brewery with a peaceful and friendly environment, that is open to everyone including children and pets, the Tribus Beer Co. Is the best place for you.

They also host events like food Truck and Trivia nights regularly to keep their customers entertained, and they are open from Thursday through Sunday.

  1. Wilcox Park: This park is a small beautiful fun Center filled with lots of entertaining and exciting facilities.

These facilities are all accessible to visitors and some of these facilities are tennis courts, basketball fields, and some others.

This is a place for family outings, individual visits and I hope this makes your to-do list

  1. Scoot And Paddle: A lot of fun awaits you when you visit the Scoot and Paddle. In this place there are so many fun things to do, you have the opportunity to paddle through the water surface with stand-up paddleboards and also there are Kayaks for rent. All these things put together to make it easy to explore the wonders of nature in Milford.
  1. Bowlero Milford: For those looking for couples’ fun time or family fun time, Bowlero gaming and dining in Milford is the right place.

In Bowling dining and nightlife Center Milford, Connecticut you get to experience the fun of interactive arcade games, cocktails, and great meals. I bet you don’t want to miss this, hurry now to the Bowlero Center and grab your own share of fun and happiness. 

  1. Saint Mary Church:  The church was dedicated in 1995 and it looks incredibly beautiful.

The church features varieties of architectural creativity among which are the oak pews, beautifully painted ceilings in the sanctuary, and the building’s large oak doors which have about ten colorful glass windows.

The church holds services every day by 7 am and on Sunday they have four different masses. If you looking for a church to attend, you can visit the Saint Mary Church, Milford.

  1. Sports Center of Connecticut: The Milford sports center is a place for lovers of sports, it is located in Shelton which is close to Milford. This is where you can find safe facilities for different types of sports.

This sports Center features facilities such as a basketball court, paintball arena, skating rink for hockey lessons, and also a video game center.

  1. Spirit of Milford Ghost Walk: If you love history and you will love to go on an adventure to discover the hidden secret of Milford, you can join the ghost walk.

Though awkward but it is still an exciting adventure, the walk takes participants on a walk through the routes that step into historical landmarks like the cemetery and some of the oldest structures in Milford.

To participate in this walk, it is required that tickets are bought in person or online. If you wish to be a participant in this walk, you are advised to purchase your ticket before time because there are limited spots.

  1. All In Adventure Escape Rooms: If you are ready for real fun, the Escape Room Adventure is a must do.

In this game, you are grouped and engaged in problem-solving challenges which as escaping from a room with quite a range of difficulties. This is where the real fun is, I know you do not want to miss this excitement, take a trip to Millford today and encounter fun in its most real form.

Milford is a fun filled city and a visit to this beautiful city will give an experience that can never be forgotten in a hurry. You can make reservations with your travel agent today and be in the fun center of Milford.

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