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23 Best & Fun Things To Do In Marina Del Rey (CA)


Marina del Rey is a tiny community located in Los Angeles County, California, United States. Marina del Rey is a Spanish phrase that means “King’s Harbor” or “King’s Docks.” The spectacular view of the Pacific Ocean is well-known in this lovely city.

Marina del Rey is located on the coast of Southern California. The community is only four miles from Los Angeles International Airport and ten minutes from Santa Monica, giving it a strong tourist draw. Between Venice Beach and Playa del Rey, it lies at the heart of Los Angeles’ Westside.

Marina del Rey offers wonderful waterway adventures such as boating, fishing, hand gliding, kayaking, boat cruises, and yacht charters because of its fantastic water supply.

Bicycling, strolling routes, yoga by the sea, and birdwatching are just a few of the land activities available. The finest things to do in Marina del Rey, California are listed below.

Things To Do In Marina del Rey

1. Marina Del Rey Parasailing


Parasailing is one of the most basic and safe water sports accessible, and Marina Del Rey Parasailing is dedicated to offering it.


As they parasail, guests will be able to take in breathtaking panoramic views of the Venice Beach Boardwalk, the Santa Monica Pier, and more.

Parasailers are raised to the desired height from the decks of boats. They also have the option of choosing an altitude for their cruise between 600 and 800 feet.

Marina del Rey’s flying services can handle three passengers at a time.

2. EagleRider Motorcycle Rentals and Tours

Have you ever ridden a motorcycle before? If not, a motorbike tour with the EagleRider is a great way to get your feet wet.

EagleRider Motorcycle Rentals and Tours offers guests the option of renting a bike to drive themselves or driving them to Marina del Rey’s unique tourist attractions.


These motorcycles are maintained to stringent manufacturing standards, ensuring that riders and tourists have the most enjoyment and safety possible.

Eagle Rider motorcycle rentals and tours are the world’s largest, with an exceptional range of new Harley-Davidson, Yamaha, BMW, Honda, Indian, and many other motorbike brands.

3. Fun in Marina Beach

Marina Beach, commonly known as Mother’s Beach, is a family-friendly area in Marina del Rey that was developed artificially.

Marina Beach is a safer playground for kids to play on because there aren’t many waves in the region that can be used for swimming.

Showers, bathrooms, grilling grills, volleyball courts, and picnic spots are all available on the half-mile-long beach.

There’s another playground for kids nearby, as well as a variety of restaurants. Kayaking and windsurfing are two of the beach’s most popular recreational sports.

4. Ballona Creek

Residents of Marina del Rey appear to agree that the Ballona Creek path is one of the best places to ride in the city.

Ballona Creek is a short, picturesque, and delightful cycling route that runs for slightly over seven kilometers. It runs from National Boulevard to the water’s edge.

Along the trail, there are numerous interesting sights to see and parks to visit. On the streets around the Ballona Creek trail’s entrance sites, parking is free.

In the event of an elevated chance of rain, the bike path’s entrances are locked.

5. Spencer Steele Boxing

Spenser Steele Boxing is a fantastic place for your family and friends to learn boxing and improve their skills. All levels of boxing and kickboxing are taught at Spenser Steele Boxing Club.

For those interested in bodybuilding activities, the boxing club also features a fully equipped full-weight training room with heavy-weight exercise machines.

An 18-foot ring, stacked bag room with all the bells and whistles, punch bags, and everything else you’d expect to find in a boxing room can be found here.

The boxing club was named after its owner, Spenser Steele, who was also a trainer there. Spencer Steele is a certified professional boxer with more than 12 years of experience in the sport.

6. Bluewater Sailing

Bluewater Sailing is one of the best ways to see the seas of Marina del Rey, and it is well worth adding to your itinerary.

Since 1978, Bluewater Sailing has specialized in worldwide sailing adventures, bareboat and skippered charters, and sailing training.

Bluewater Sailing provides live-aboard sailing classes, including sunset sailing, special events, skippered charters for boats and islands, cruises, racing workshops, private lessons, and team-building for corporate teams.

Sailing instruction is available for persons of various levels of experience, from novices to world cruisers, at Bluewater Sailing. Both in the classroom and on the water, they give the highest quality instruction.

Bluewater Sailing is one of the few schools that has been certified to teach students of all abilities as well as teachers of the sport.

7. UCLA Marina Aquatic Center

Marina del Rey’s most well-known waterfront recreation spot is the UCLA Marina Aquatic Center. It is owned by UCLA University and is only 10 miles from the university’s Marina del Rey campus.

Along with sailing, rowing, and kayaking classes, the center offers stand-up paddling, windsurfing, and paddle surfing.

Guests and residents alike can use the facility, which also rents out equipment for group sessions, semi-private lessons, and individual lessons.

The UCLA Marina Aquatic Center also has a beautiful fireplace, sunset views, BBQ grills, and much more. The center also serves as a home to several UCLA and community-based teams.

8. City Cruises Marina del Rey

Take in the breathtaking vistas of the Marina on a dinner cruise, sunset cocktail cruise, or champagne brunch cruise.

Passengers can unwind and keep themselves engaged on the open-air top decks of city cruise ships by watching the sea and other visitors to the magnificent spot.

The Marina is known to be frequented by water lions, dolphins, and other friendly sea creatures. While soaking in the scenery, you might catch a glimpse of some sea creatures.

High-end charter service is city cruises. Eating options include both public and private charters. The city cruise offers a one-of-a-kind experience for commemorating key occasions such as weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, and other milestones while on a trip to Marina.

9. Mojo Sailing Enterprises

Outside of Marina Del Rey, Mojo Sailing Enterprises gives a terrific opportunity to entertain family, guests, or clients.

Southern California has some of the most gorgeous sailing waterways in the world, and Santa Monica Bay is one of the greatest in the region.

Mojo Sailing Enterprises offers a variety of sailing alternatives as well as beautiful scenery throughout the year. Morning sails, especially when the wind isn’t too strong, are a great way to unwind and relax while sailing.

The best time to go sailing is in the afternoon, either to explore all of Mojo’s features or to learn the fundamentals of sailing. Sunset sails are meticulously scheduled to capture both the lake’s sunset and the city’s illuminations.

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10. Baja Cantina

Another award-winning restaurant that you should add to your Marina Del Rey bucket list.

In September of 1975, the Baja Cantina first opened its doors to inhabitants of Marina del Rey.

It was housed in an industrial building from the 1940s. It was built with the intention of housing oil workers. In the 1960s, the structure was used as a residence, and later, it housed several small companies.

The original plan was for it to be both a florist and a hobby store. Baja Cantina has grown into a popular Mexican eatery with a second location in Carmel Valley.

For more than four decades, Baja Cantina has been providing delectable Mexican cuisine and refreshing beverages.

11. AMC Loews Marina 6

A movie night with the family is a great opportunity to relax and unwind with family and friends. The AMC Loews Marina 6 is a movie theatre in Marina del Rey where you can enjoy the nightlife. The movie theatre was also Los Angeles’ first computerized movie theatre, making it a must-see for visitors to Marina del Rey.

Both children and adults will find the chairs in the theatre to be very comfortable. The theatre offers a well-organized underground parking area that is easily accessible.

The dine and watch experience provided by the AMC Loews Marina 6 theatre is one of its distinguishing features. The theatre has on-site eating, allowing patrons to eat and watch a movie at the same time. You don’t have to survive just on popcorn.

12. Burton. Chace Park

Add a trip to Burton to your itinerary for some fun. Add Chace Park to your list of Marina Del Rey attractions.

Burton W. Chace Park was established in 1972 and is named after former Los Angeles County Supervisor Burton W. Chace.

Burton W. Chace Park is open to the public from 6:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. for exploration. It offers a panoramic view of the harbor as well as a variety of outdoor activities such as grills, picnic shelters, and picnic tables, as well as a multi-purpose area and guest docks.

Throughout the year, the park hosts a variety of unique events. Visitors can enjoy a low-cost excursion around the Marina by using the water bus. There are also free summer concerts.

13. Beachside Restaurant & Bar

Beachside Restaurant & Bar should be on your list of things to do in Marina Del Rey if you want a memorable dining experience.

Marina Beach or Mother’s Beach is visible from the beachside restaurant and bar. This restaurant, which serves fresh California cuisine with a tranquil sea view, has become a favorite spot for dining on the water’s edge.

Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are served daily at the seaside restaurant, as well as snacks. On Saturdays and Sundays, it also offers brunch.

Both the dining room and the freshly built bar area are accessible from the patio and provide a unique dining experience. The trellis-canopied veranda has amazing panoramic views of the ocean and seating by the fire.

14. Waterside Shopping Center

Beauty products, fashion, groceries, food, and retailers with special offers can all be found at Waterside Shopping Center. Beauty and skincare stores with a wide range of cosmetic products may be found in the waterside shopping center.

The stores in Waterside offer fashionable clothing, shoes, purses, accessories, and much more for both men and women.

The shopping center’s several food businesses sell a wide range of goods, including organic foods made with fresh farm produce, processed foods, cakes and snacks, and various beverages.

Outdoor and indoor dining is available at the waterside shopping mall. At the waterside shopping area, you may have breakfast, lunch, dinner, and shopping-break delicacies.

For book aficionados, the shopping center also has an Amazon book store where you may browse through a variety of titles.

15. Marina del Rey Whale Watching

Joining the Marina del Rey Whale Watching trip is one of the nicest things to do in Marina del Rey, and it’s something we should add to our itinerary.

Locals and tourists are invited to join the traditional passenger yacht “Big Whale” and cruise with the crew as they track the migration of grey whales in the winter.

Throughout the year, you’ll have the opportunity to see porpoises and sea turtles, as well as sea lions, dolphins, enormous minke whales, and mola molas.

Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays are the days for Marina del Rey Whale Watching boats to depart from Dock 52.

16. Fisherman’s Village

It’s a fun attraction to see while you’re in town, and it’s worth adding to your Marina Del Rey bucket list.

Fisherman’s Village is a popular tourist attraction in Marina del Rey that also serves as a commercial anchoring and an outdoor mall.

It boasts the world’s largest constructed harbor for small ships. It is designed to look like a fishing town in New England.

Fisherman’s Village is made up of five hand-painted wooden structures and commercial boat docks. There’s also an outdoor waterfall, a lighthouse, and a waterfront promenade.

Souvenir stores, the public harbor ferry, cafes, restaurants, boat and bicycle rentals, live music, fishing cruises, and harbor tours are all available in the neighborhood.

17. Villa Marina Marketplace

While on tour, shopping can be a fun hobby. You may window shop, shop, or take a stroll through the market.

An open-air mall, the Villa Marina marketplace is located in Villa Marina. It is Marina del Rey’s major retail center, with several businesses, restaurants, supermarkets, and movie theatres.

This Market’s characteristics make it a lively, active, and entertaining destination to visit.

There are numerous businesses, restaurants, a supermarket, and a movie theatre in the villa Marina marketplace.

18. Charters 2000

Charters 2000 is a sailing company situated in Marina del Rey, California, that provides private boat charters for tourists and locals alike.

On trips, charter boats can accommodate up to 12 persons. On the cruise, guests are welcome to bring their drinks and food.

The United States Coast Guard has certified the captains who operate with Charters 2000.

The 54-foot Irwin yacht, according to Charters 2000, is the most comfortable sailboat under sixty feet.

There are three restrooms on board, as well as outdoor and interior seating, a sound system, a kitchen, and a swimming ladder.

19. C & O Cucina

Add a visit to C & O Cucina to your list of things to do in Marina del Rey for a unique dining experience.

C & O Cucina, in Marina del Rey, California, is a nostalgic Italian restaurant known for its outstanding garlic rolls, singing waitress, and generous quantities.

The eating area is lined with antique photographs of the owners’ family members and friends, as well as photos of immigrants from Italy and renowned Italian-Americans.

The Rat Pack Martini Lounge at the restaurant is a great area to grab a bite to eat or a drink.

20. 60out Escape Rooms, Marina del Rey

The Escape Room offers a variety of live fun activities that you can play with your friends and family. Discover secrets, solve puzzles, locate a cure, avoid danger, save a loved one, and do other superhero tasks that everyone would enjoy.

60out Families, friends, and loved ones can play diverse roles when playing the activities in an escape room. Everyone becomes engrossed in reenacting their favorite movies or video games.

There are puzzles, clue searches, quizzes, and so much more in some of the games. The games are designed to improve teamwork and promote togetherness among teams. You’re not only enjoying the time of your life, but you’re also forming a bond.

21. LA Sportfishing

You can choose to engage in sports fishing instead of viewing the Marina and being serenaded by the magnificent surroundings.

Marina del Rey is a great place to go fishing with family and friends because of the Pacific Ocean. Marina del Rey residents enjoy fishing as a recreational activity.

Rockfish, California yellowtail, sand bass, bonito, calico bass, lingcod, barracuda, California halibut, and other sea creatures can be found in the gorgeous blue ocean.

Going on fishing trips with your loved ones can be thrilling, especially if you’re after a particularly uncommon species. The Captain of the LA Sportfishing is a Master licensed U.S. Coast Guard Captain.

Tourists learn about previously unknown fish species, how to catch them, and may even glimpse a whale in the sea while fishing.

The LA Sportfishing is a fishing and boat charter company that is conveniently located near the Los Angeles International Airport, Santa Monica, Hollywood, and Beverly Hills.

22. C & O Trattoria

C & O Trattoria was founded in 1992 by the Singer family, who also own C & O Cucina. It is located just eight doors from the well-known Venice Pier.

Since then, the restaurant has become a Venice Beach institution, drawing tourists from all over the world as well as locals.

C & O Trattoria has a warm, welcoming, relaxed, and delightful setting for parties, to make guests feel at ease in their own homes.

The honor of singing along, wine bars, and, of course, those garlic rolls are just a few of the things that make this restaurant famous.

This restaurant is also known for its generous portions of Italian cuisine.

23. SALT Restaurant & Bar

SALT Restaurant and Bar is yet another iconic restaurant worth adding to your Marina Del Rey bucket list.

Throughout the day, the restaurant and bar serve fresh California meals inspired by local, regional, and seasonal ingredients.

The restaurant’s goal is to inspire diners with a fresh and modern take on American cuisine.

In the OpenTable Diner’s Choice, SALT Restaurant & Bar was chosen as the best restaurant on the Westside for “Best Ambiance and Outdoor Dining.”

SALT Restaurant & Bar strives to deliver an engaging sensory experience by using fresh vegetables from the local farmer’s market in each meal. The menu is straightforward and contains foods that have been modified, such as lobster hummus.


Marina del Rey is a beautiful city in Los Angeles County, California, United States. The city is an unincorporated beachfront town that is surrounded by Los Angeles on all sides. The Pacific Ocean is home to a variety of endangered fish and aquatic critters.

There are several activities to engage in with your loved ones, like boating, paddling, strolling, wildlife watching, bicycling, boxing, yoga, parasailing, and many other amazing tourist activities.

Boat charters, yacht charters, ship cruises, spas, beaches, restaurants, supermarkets, and a variety of other activities are among the activities listed above. You’d be delighted to come. Marina del Rey is a fun place to visit for both kids and adults. In this lovely town, there is something for everyone.

Plan a trip to Marina del Rey city with your friends and family to enjoy the beauty of the sea, see the incredible sea creatures, and participate in other water activities.


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