23 Best & Fun Things to Do in Lititz (PA)

Lititz is a city in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania where you’ll feel magic and at home during your vacation or weekend break.

You can explore this town and its historic buildings, houses, shops, museums, libraries, and delicious food during your stay.

While strolling around the streets of this city, you’ll have the best and most fun magical experience, that you’ll never forget.

This guide provides the 23 best and most fun things to do during your stay in Lititz, Pennsylvania.

Best And Fun Things to Do in Lititz (PA)

1. Visit Welcome Center

One of the first places to visit in Lititz is the Welcome Center of Lititz, especially if you’re on a vacation in this beautiful city. 

The Welcome Center will provide you with what to do, places to visit, directions, and other necessary information you need.

You’ll get maps, brochures, and other documents you need to make sure you have a memorable time and enjoy yourself in this center.

A visit here should be on your checklist of the first important things to do during your stay in Lititz.

2. Explore Wolf Sanctuary of PA

The Wolf Sanctuary of PA is 80 acres of natural woodland environment that acts as a natural habitat home to the wolves, wolf-dogs, and wolf hybrids in Quincy.

At Wolf Sanctuary of PA, you’ll get educational information about the ways and the natural habitat of wolves.

You’ll see gray wolves and wolf dogs which were rescued from different areas over the last 40 years and have grown in this educational facility receiving the highest quality care and enrichment.

Exploring Wolf Sanctuary of PA should be on your checklist of the best things you should do during your stay in Lititz.

3. Explore Lititz Springs Park

Lititz Springs Park is a historical landmark and a well-maintained community park in Lititz, you should explore this park during your stay in Lititz.

 Lititz Springs Park has a stone waterway centerpiece and paved walking paths on both sides so you can enjoy feeding and watching the swimming ducks.

You can participate in fun activities such as playing at the playgrounds, playing volleyball in the volleyball space, and picnicking with your loved ones as you celebrate an event in this park.

Exploring this park and participating in fun events should be on your checklist of the best things to do in Lititz.

4. Eat Delicious Pretzel Julius Sturgis Pretzel Bakery

Julius Sturgis Pretzel Bakery is a Sturgis family-owned and operated bakery that bakes one of the most delicious pretzels in Lititz.

You can go on tours offered by the bakery, where you’ll learn about old-fashioned pretzel recipes such as playdough mixture and how to use them.

You’ll eat delicious pretzels which are produced fresh daily using the original recipe of Julius Sturgis such as soft pretzels, hard pretzels, and chocolate-covered pretzels.

This should be on your checklist of fun things to do during your stay in Lititz.

5. Learn History At Lititz Historical Foundation

The Lititz Historical Foundation is a historical landmark and a non-profit organization comprising the Lititz Museum and the Johannes Mueller House.

You can go on a tour exploring the Lititz Museum and the Johannes Mueller House to learn the history and contributions of this area.

You’ll see intriguing artifacts and exhibits such as Frakturs and stitchery, a historic Moravian house, John Sutter’s bedroom, timeline pictures of the growth of Lititz from Indian settlements, and a 1792 home.

During your vacation in Lititz, learning history here should be on your checklist of the best things to do.

6. Visit Lititz Public Library

The Lititz Public Library is an environment that provides access to research, materials, and databases needed for intellectual freedom and civil discourse. 

The Lititz Public Library is a welcoming hub in this community offering transformational growth, materials, innovative programs, technology, and services.

You can visit this library to find, grow, share, create and connect on various topics or subjects of interest to you.

A visit to this library should be on your list of educational things to do during your stay in Lititz.

7. Visit Linden Hall

Linden Hall is a globally known place where girls have been empowered to pilot airplanes, recite Shakespeare, win chemistry competitions, design murals, build robots, psychoanalyze Batman, and make new friends worldwide.

Linden Hall empowers girls to challenge themselves intellectually; you can visit here to seek out Linden Hall students.

Linden Hall also offers a rigorous and multifaceted college-preparatory experience where students are inspired and nurtured to reach their highest potential.

You can visit this popular hall once you have the opportunity to during your stay in Lititz. 

8. Visit Erb’s Covered Bridge

The Erb’s Bridge is a covered bridge that extends across Hammer Creek in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.

The Erb’s Covered Bridge was built with red oak plants and a single span, wooden, two Burr arch-truss designed with steel hanger rods.

You can take a stroll or visit this bridge with your loved ones and you should come with your camera to take pictures of the amazing venue.

Visiting this area is one of the fun things you can do during your stay in Lititz.

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9. Visit Keller’s Mill Covered Bridge

The Keller’s Mill Covered Bridge is a lovely country-owned and well-maintained bridge that crosses Cocalico Creek in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. 

Keller’s Mill Covered Bridge is also known as Guy Bard Covered Bridge, Rettew’s Covered Bridge, and officially as the Cocalico No. 5 Bridge.

You can visit this covered bridge with your camera to take beautiful pictures of the environment and learn exciting things about the area.

If you love to explore, then this should be on your checklist of fun outdoor activities to do during your stay in Lititz.

10. Get Fresh Fruits At Kissel Hill Fruit Farm

Kissel Hill Fruit Farm is a popular farmers’ market and fruit farm that is the best shopping spot for seasonal fresh produce in this area.

This family-owned and operated business works in planting, pruning, and harvesting large and high-quality orchard stock selections.

You can get fresh fruits such as apples, cherries, apricots, plums, peaches, aprium, and varieties of freshly baked goods at this fruit farm.

Make sure you get fresh fruits, varieties of pumpkins, and fall decorations at Kissel Hill Fruit Farm during your stay in Lititz.

11. Shop At Hoover’s Farm Market & Greenhouse

Hoover’s Farm Market and Greenhouse is a popular farm market where you’ll enjoy shopping for fresh and local produce in Lititz.

At Hoover’s Farm Market and Greenhouse, you’ll get goods at a reasonable price such as peaches, apples, cauliflower, broccoli, peppers, potatoes, lettuce, tomatoes, burger patties, bacon, pickles, cheese, pumpkins, Indian corns, and mums, local eggs, and lettuce.

You’ll also get homemade cookies, pieces of bread, sweets, and the best honey in this area while exploring their greenhouses.

This shopping experience should be on your checklist of the best things to do in the mornings during your stay in Lititz.

12. Tour The Wilbur Chocolate Candy Store

Wilbur Chocolate Candy Store is a beautiful and historic spot founded by Mr. Henry Oscar Wilbur and a place where you and your loved ones will have fun touring in Lititz.

You’ll enjoy the tour through the chocolate world from the cocoa bean, making of confectionaries, processing, and the end products such as Wilbur Buds and chocolate specialties.

You’ll also love shopping at the store with the smell of chocolates coming from the candy kitchen and you’ll also get a free chocolate sample.

For a fun time during your stay in Lititz, you should visit and go on a tour through the Wilbur Chocolate Candy Store.

13. Explore Food At Zest!

As a food lover, you should explore Zest! located in the historic downtown Lititz, Pennsylvania, for a fun food experience.

In Zest, you’ll explore local and global foods, table linens, gourmet foods, cookware, kitchen gadgets, knives, premium species and herbs, pepper mills, and kitchen gadgets.

You’ll also enjoy a wonderful and fun culinary adventure with a lovely collection of cocktail mixes and wine accessories as you participate in the cooking classes.

If food is a sure yes for you, then this fun food adventure should be on your list of the best things to do in Lititz.

14. Participate In Lancaster County Food Tours

You can participate in Lancaster County Food Tours which is a one-of-a-kind guided food tour where you enjoy strolling through this town.

You can go on this tour with your loved ones to various food locations with professional guides giving you facts and the history of this area.

In this food tour, you’ll visit a wine pub, a pretzel factory, a bakery, a chocolate factory, a wine shop, and an English pub, sampling the things made here while learning about the place.

This is delicious food and a historical tour that should be on your checklist of the best things to do during your vacation in Lititz.

15. Try Art Activities At Art and A Bottle

Art and A Bottle is a family-owned and operated art studio that offers social art classes with instructions and guidance from a local professional artist.

This is the perfect place to bring out the inner artist in you as you create a masterpiece you can take home too.

You can also get a vast collection of painting and painting tools at an affordable price for both adults and children.

A visit to Art and a Bottle should be on your checklist of fun things to do with your family during your stay in Lititz.

16. Admire Artworks At Andy Smith Gallery

Andy Smith Gallery displays creative, unique, and breathtaking paintings that capture subjects other people overlook.

You’ll see original artworks with light,  light and dark, and shadows that look realistic but with subtle abstract use of the brush.

You’ll see lovely paintings and artworks that you can buy for yourself or as a gift to your loved ones.

If you love original artworks, then a visit here should be on your checklist of the most fun things to do in Lititz.

17. Shop At Purple Robin Reserve

Purple Robin Reserve is a gift shop where you can get paintings, photography, paper, wood, glass, metal, jewelry, and other local and regional handmade products.

Purple Robin Reserve supports the local artisans and their contribution to the Lancaster County community by offering affordable and unique artwork and skills. 

This is a friendly environment where you’ll have an exciting shopping experience shopping for various local artworks.

If you love local artworks, a visit here should be on your checklist of the best things to do in Lititz.

18. Search For Unique Antique Items At Moravian House Antiques

Moravian House Antiques is the perfect spot to search for unique antiques and other interesting things to purchase during your stay in Lititz.

Moravian House Antiques is a beautiful store where you’ll find primitive items, architectural window frames, mirrors, country antique furniture, blanket chests, boxes, dry sinks, and jelly cupboards.

You’ll also see other unique items such as painted tins, painted stools, hand-wrought pieces, early general store scales, tables, tool totes, candles, florals, seasonal decor, and framed prints.

For an exciting antique searching and buying, this should be on your checklist of fun things to do in Lititz.

19. Shop Antiques At Kirsch’s Antiques

If you’re looking for antique treasures you’ll love during your stay in Lititz, then you should try shopping at Kirsch’s Antiques.

Kirsch’s Antiques is a family-owned antique store that specializes in repurposed lighting, records, antiques, and furniture collectibles.

You can shop for Christmas decorations items, metal yard painted signs and vintage cameras in Kirsch’s Antiques.

Shopping antiques at this store is a fun experience you should add to your checklist of best things to do in Lititz.

20. Discover Antiques At Antiques Loft At Sylvan Brandt

The Antiques Loft at Sylvan Brandt is a popular spot for various vendors to collect unique hidden treasures and antiques.

The Antiques Loft gets new selections weekly so visit here to discover new things, furniture, toys, decorative items, tools, tables, and other architectural elements. 

You’ll also see the finest vintage lumber in this area from the 17th and 18th-century houses that were milled into lovely floorboards. 

You’ll surely love your visit here and the customer service you’ll get, so this should be on your checklist of the best things to do in Lititz.

21. Rent Bicycles At Lititz Bikeworks

Lititz Bikeworks is the first bike store to offer extensive bicycle rental options and specially designed routes for smartphones in this area.

You’ll have to choose an adventure that suits you but you’ll surely have fun and enjoy the ride or you can ride the two-point bike on the Warwick to Ephrata Rail Trail.

Other bike and bike-related items available here are kid’s bikes, hybrids, Salsa Cycles, BMC bikes, Electra Electric Bicycles, shoes, sleds, saddles, gloves, and tires.

This should be on your checklist of fun things to do during your stay in Lititz, especially if you love cycling.

22. Explore Oil & Vinegar At Olio Olive Oils & Balsamics

Olio Olive Oils and Balsamics is one of the largest oil and vinegar family-owned and operated stores in Pennsylvania offering Balsamic vinegar from Italy and Modena, and the Olive Oils from various countries worldwide.

You can come here to explore the collections of oil and vinegar, and before buying you can sample the oil and vinegar to get the best flavors and freshness.

You can also come here for free tastings of olive oils and balsamic of over 125 outstanding flavors and other products like pasta, sugars, sea salt, and fine honey.

23. Change Your Hairstyle At apPIERances Salon

apPIERances is one of the best fully licensed salons in Lititz providing complete services for kids, men, and women, located in downtown Lititz.

You’ll love the customer service as you change your haircut and styling including coloring and highlighting, smoothing treatment, and permanent waves.

You can also go for skin services, facials, hair removal, peels, makeup, eye-lash and brow enhancement, and nails services at apPIERances salon.

This amazing change should be on your checklist of the best and fun things to do during your stay in Lititz.

Planning A Trip To Lititz (PA)

For your next holiday with your loved ones, add an exciting trip to Lititz, Pennsylvania, to have the best vacation experience.

Lititz offers informative museums, bars, restaurants, wineries, playgrounds, artworks, art galleries, delicious foods, antiques, recreational parks, architectural buildings, chocolate & candy stores, and farm markets that will keep you engaged throughout your vacation stay.

Start planning your trip to this beautiful city, Lititz for an amazing experience, and consult this guide to create a checklist of the best and most fun things to do.

Have a great day.

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