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23 Best & Fun Things to Do in Lincoln City (OR)


Are you in Lincoln City or you’re planning to visit and you’re looking for the best and most enjoyable things to do in Lincoln City, OR?

Lincoln City, Oregon, is a great relaxing town on the Oregon Coast located less than two hours from Portland.

It is a very accessible and enjoyable town with a friendly atmosphere, beautiful scenery, and a plethora of enjoyable activities.

The North Lincoln County Museum will teach you about the city’s history, and the Lincoln City Farmers and Crafters Market will provide you with delicious food, entertainment, and unique souvenirs.


Cool cliffs, migrating wildlife, antique shops, wild beaches, breathtaking hikes, and even salt water taffy are just a few of the exciting things to look forward to during your visit.


Let’s see some of the most fun things to do in Lincoln City, Oregon.

23 Best Fun Activities For you In Lincoln City

1. Lincoln City Beaches

Lincoln City, the most populous coastal town, has seven miles of sandy beaches.

You can spend days at the beach building sandcastles, surfing, or simply watching the waves crash against the shore.

 Long walks along the beach are popular due to the interconnectedness of Lincoln City’s coastline.

Thanks to the city’s Finders Keepers program, beachcombers may also come across handmade glass orbs.


There are numerous excellent tide-pooling locations along the coast.

 The most popular area is the Lincoln City Beach Access, located on NW 15th Street.

The D River State Recreation Site has been promoted as the home of the world’s smallest river. It also hosts the amazing Summer and Fall Kite Festivals.

2. Devil’s Lake

The ocean is right outside Lincoln City’s door. Devil’s Lake, a freshwater lake, is also accessible to the community.

The D River, which measures 440 feet and is often referred to as the World’s Shortest River, connects this 685-acre lake to the sea.

This lake is close to the coast and offers a variety of activities for day trips.

Many parks provide access to bodies of water. The most well-known park, Devil’s Lake State Park, has two units on each side of its southern shoreline.

On the west side, you’ll find Devil’s Lake Campground. It is within walking distance of the city center.

Address: US-101, Depoe Bay, OR 97341

3. Finders Keepers Program

Lincoln City’s one-of-a-kind opportunity to find buried gems on the beaches is now a reality.

As part of the city-sponsored Finders Keepers program, over 3,000 glass orbs are distributed along Lincoln City’s shoreline each year.

The name implies that anyone who comes across one of these handcrafted glass floats can take it home.

A small army of “Float fairies” hide these artisanal treasures along the seven miles of Lincoln City beaches.

The orbs are strategically placed above the high tide mark in easily accessible locations. Your chances of finding one increase during Special Drop Dates, which occur throughout the year.

Visitors are asked to limit their purchases to one glass of wine per person per calendar year.

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4. Fogarty Creek State Recreation Area

Fogarty Creek State Recreation Area, located a few minutes south of Lincoln City, is another addition to our list of top things to do in Lincoln City.

It has a beach as well as a creek that runs through it. By taking either path from the parking lot, one can access both sides of the beach.

Fogarty Creek is a lovely chalcedony beach (at low tide) on the Oregon coast, halfway between Lincoln City and Newport.

Check out the chalcedony at this beautiful hidden beach on the Oregon Coast. The agates are worth keeping an eye on!

The park is open from Monday to Sunday between 6 am and 9:30 pm.

5. The Culinary Center

The Culinary Center is a thriving gourmand’s haven, offering cooking classes, food tastings, cook-offs, wine pairings, and everything culinary.

The center aimed to serve seasonally inspired dishes made with only the freshest ingredients from the Pacific Northwest.

The Culinary Center promotes and supports synergy between local producers and consumers by inviting farmers to teach a class or by offering farm visits.

Their cooking classes are led by top chefs and range from demonstration classes that teach the tricks of the trade to hands-on classes where you can learn how to make pizza, dim sum, and sushi.

Address: 801 SW Hwy 101 4th Floor, Lincoln City, Oregon 97367.

6. Drift Creek Falls

Drift Creek Falls is one of the things to do near Lincoln City, and it is worth adding it to your list of things to do while in the city.

The coast of Lincoln City isn’t the only thing the city has to offer. Inland, the adjacent Siuslaw National Forest has its allure.

Drift Creek Falls, a family-friendly waterfall, is an excellent example of natural beauty. A 15-mile forest service road connects Lincoln City to the breathtaking waterfall hike.

This hike is unforgettable because of the suspension bridge located just before the falls.

The bridge, which is 240 feet long and 100 feet above Drift Creek, provides a breathtaking view of the rushing waters.

Address: BLM Rd 1770, Otis, OR 97368, United States

7. Siletz Bay

Siletz Bay is a fantastic attraction in Lincoln City that should be on your list of things to do while visiting.

Siletz Bay, located on Lincoln City’s southern border, is a large estuary with marshes and sloughs.

Siletz Bay National Wildlife Refuge contains a significant portion of the wetland ecosystem. There are numerous visitor activities in and around Siletz Bay.

The Alder Island Nature Trail, which runs for half a mile, is one of the most beautiful pedestrian routes for observing and listening to birdlife.

Kayaks and canoes can access the water from this wildlife refuge via a non-motorized boat dock.

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8. Search for a float in a Beach-Wide 

Locals hide handmade glass floats along Lincoln City’s coastline all year.

They threw these beautiful floats about seven miles behind driftwood, in the sand above the high tide mark, and under seaweed.

Previously, the city would select a weekend during the year to hide these floats during a festival. 

.However, as part of the Finders Keepers initiative, glass-blown floats are now hidden on the beach throughout the year!

You might come across one when you least expect it.

 Local artists donate 3,000 floats per year or about ten per day, so keeping an eye out for a beautiful glass orb may pay off!

9. Roads End State Recreation Site

The hillside homes and flat beaches of the Roads Neighbourhood highlight the town’s picturesque coastal beauty.

This is the northernmost district of Lincoln City. Roads End is distinct from more commercial areas and provides better access to the ocean as well as a scenic environment.

The most popular destination for outings is the Roads End State Recreation Site. The public shoreline is open to visitors at their leisure.

Cascade Head, the prominent landmark that forms the beach’s northern backdrop, is a popular hiking destination.

A large parking lot nearby has picnic tables and flushing toilets. Only at low tide, a secret beach is accessible along the northern Roads End shoreline.

10. Lincoln City Outlets

Add a visit to Lincoln City Outlets to your list of things to do in Lincoln City for a memorable shopping experience.

Lincoln City is well-known for its wide range of cultural, artistic, and culinary offerings. It’s also a fantastic shopping destination.

Each district has its shops thanks to the Lincoln City Outlets, but the Delake District is the best.

This outlet mall sells high-quality merchandise at low prices, including clothing, footwear, and specialty items.

Lincoln City specializes in antiques as well as the most recent name brands.

With places like Granny’s Attic and the Little Antique Mall, the Oceanlake District offers a concentrated experience in antiques.

Address: 1500 SE East Devils Lake Rd, Lincoln City, OR 97367, United States

11. Go Fat Tire Biking

Hiring some fat-tire bikes and cycling along the sand is undoubtedly one of the most unique and enjoyable things to do in Lincoln City, OR.

With over 7 miles of beaches to explore, these bikes provide an entirely new perspective on exploring the coastline.

These bikes, as the name implies, have thick, 4-inch wheels that glide easily over the sand, especially in compact sand and other rough terrains.

Can you imagine riding along the sand with the waves of the Pacific Ocean kissing your sides? It’s quite magical!

Safari Town Surf Shop rents fat-tire bikes for a few hours or the entire day.

12. Lincoln City Cultural Center

Many local businesses can be found in Lincoln City. The town has many tourist attractions, but it also has places for locals to socialize.

The Lincoln City Cultural Center best exemplifies this sense of community.

The Lincoln City Cultural Center is housed in a historic Delake school. The PJ Chessman Gallery hosts twelve shows per year, featuring local and regional artists.

The Cultural Center also hosts a Sunday Farmers & Crafters Market.

The Cultural Center hosts a variety of events, including concerts and seminars for adults as well as children’s activities.

Address: 540 NE Hwy 101, Lincoln City, OR 97367, United States

13. Explore The Cave In Devils Punchbowl

The Devils Punchbowl State Natural Area, located on the Oregon Coast, is a dramatic and far beyond cool location.

The persistent waves carved a cave into the cliffside here over several years.

Following that, the cave’s roof collapsed, resulting in a hollow rock formation shaped like a bowl.

Incoming waves whip and bubble in the punchbowl during high tide. At low tide, however, one can hike into the cave and enjoy the tide pools on the park’s northern end.

Devils Punchbowl is also a popular whale-watching location. You can also get a picnic table if you want to eat outside.

14. Yaquina Head

Many beautiful beaches can be found in Oregon. 

The shoreline south of Lincoln City, in particular, is breathtakingly beautiful and well worth a day trip.

The Yaquina Head Outstanding Natural Area, located less than 40 minutes from Portland, is one of the most popular Oregon Coast attractions.

The views from the Yaquina Head Lighthouse are spectacular, and you can enjoy them while hiking in this natural area.

Furthermore, the on-site Interpretive Center sheds light on the lighthouse’s ongoing operation.

The drive from Lincoln City, Oregon, to Yaquina Head is half the fun. The 101 route passes through Depoe Bay, the Oregon Coast’s Whale Watching Capital.

This is a lovely location with excellent views of migrating and resident wildlife.

Address: 750 NW Lighthouse Dr, Newport, OR 97365, United States

15. Find fossils at Prehistoric Oregon

Prehistoric Oregon, located along Highway 101 in Lincoln City, is one of the many shops in the area.

Don’t be afraid to navigate the gifts in this shop, and don’t forget to look at the various fossils!

The articles in Prehistoric Oregon are sure to feed your eyes and knowledge.

Depending on the day’s stock, you might come across a cave bear skull, trilobites, a megalodon tooth, or a spinosaurus claw.

You can also buy jewelry, gems, minerals, and rocks from the shop.

It is open 10 am – 5 pm PST every day of the week

Address: 1425 NW Hwy 101, Lincoln City, Oregon 97367.

16. Connie Hansen Garden Conservancy

Connie Hansen, a retired woman, moved to Oregon in 1973 to pursue her interest in botany and to further her education.

Connie kept up a beautiful garden in Lincoln City for the next 20 years, filled with azaleas and irises.

Following Connie’s death in 1993, the community adopted her garden. 

The Connie Hansen Garden Conservancy, which is responsible for preserving the garden’s one-acre size, invites the public and other interested parties to visit the space.

The garden is open to the public, but admission is free of charge. The conservancy, on the other hand, is supported by donations and sales at the gift shop.

On request, guided sightseeing tours can be arranged.

Address: 1931 NW 33rd St, Lincoln City, OR 97367, United States

17. The Bijou Theatre

The Oceanlake District is synonymous with Lincoln City’s downtown.

Many local shops, eateries, community institutes, and other businesses can be found in this creative and cultural district.

The Bijou Theatre, for example, shows a variety of classic and contemporary films.

The Bijou first opened its doors in 1937 and has been showing movies almost every day since then.

The theatre schedules both independent and classic films. Members of the audience dressed up in show costumes attend some screenings.

My Petite Sweet is sited next to the theater and sells baked goods in the lobby.

Address: 1624 NE Hwy 101, Lincoln City, OR 97367, United States

18. Check up books at Robert’s bookshop

If you like independent bookstores and enjoy reading, you should go to Robert’s Bookshop in Lincoln City, Oregon.

If you’re looking for things to do in Lincoln City with kids, this is a great place to start. Fellows who are voracious readers adore this quirky bookshop.

Surprisingly, it is brimming with low-cost books. The constricted aisles separating crammed bookcases are too appealing to get lost in.

This Oregon Coast book store, on the other hand, is unique. It’s a plane sticking out of the wall!

Yes, Robert’s Bookshop’s owner acquired an old plane and had it fitted in the wall.

This gives the impression of a plane crashing through the building’s side, but it’s the office of the owner.

Address: 3412 SW Hwy 101, Lincoln City, OR 97367

19. Jennifer Sears Glass Art Studio

Learn how to blow glass at Jennifer Sears Glass Art Studio during your weekend getaway.

The city-owned facility, which is managed by artists, collaborates with the Lincoln City Glass Center.

The Taft District, in the city’s south end, is where the studio is located.

You are welcome to come to the studio at any time to observe the glass-blowing process or to schedule lessons.

Local artisans are friendly and will teach you how to blow glass in the traditional way that has been practiced for centuries.

The studio is across the street from Volta Gallery, which showcases the work of local artisans.

Address: 4821 SW Hwy 101, Lincoln City, OR 97367, United States

20. Chinook Winds Casino Resort

Lincoln City is home to the Chinook Winds Casino Resort.

It has a fully-serviced resort with a hot tub, steam room, and spa, as well as certified slot machines, an entertainment showroom, and a world-class golf course.

The gaming floor measures 157,000 square feet (14,600 square meters) and is home to a wide variety of slot machines, tables, and video poker games.

The resort also has a cutting-edge convention center, a games arcade, two restaurants, and a 24-hour food court.

Address: 1777 NW 44th St, Lincoln City, OR 97367, United States

21. Lincoln City Farmers and Crafters Market

Every weekend, the Lincoln City Farmers and Crafters Market, a weekend market where local producers, craftsmen, and craftspeople sell their wares, takes place at the Lincoln City Cultural Center.

Many local, sourced, or handwoven goods are available for purchase here.

Tasty pastries, honey, sweet treats, and other treats are among them.

Jewelry, pottery, artworks, clothing, and jewelry are examples of art and craft products. The market is open all year and rotates between indoors and outdoors depending on the season.

Throughout the year, it also provides live entertainment with local musicians and artists.

Address: 540 NE Hwy 101, Lincoln City, OR 97367, United State

22. North Lincoln County Historical Museum

The North Lincoln County Museum in Lincoln City is a small museum that concentrates on North Lincoln County’s pioneering history.

The museum opened in 1987 and began collecting documents and artifacts from the area during the twentieth century.

It has moved several times due to its rapid growth, and it now resides in the City Hall Building, which features large exhibition spaces and a recently renovated research library.

Visitors can live the life of a pioneer between the late 1800s and the mid-20s on the lower level.

The galleries upstairs depict county life between 1920 and 1965 when the townships were absorbed into the municipality.

The museum is free to the public, and it is well worth adding it to your itinerary.

Address: 4907 Oregon Coast Hwy, Lincoln City, OR 97367, United States

23. Check out the Murals in Lincoln City

Lincoln City is well-known for its unique Oregon mural.

Visitors come here to take pictures of the current year, which is painted on the wall, to keep track of how many people have visited the city.

The Oregon mural can be found on the wall of the Lincoln City Collective, a local shop that sells hats, t-shirts, and other items.

There is a public parking lot next to the shop, and this mural can be seen across the street from the Northern Lincoln County Historical Museum.

Another is the To the Beach mural, which can be found at the intersection of Highway 101 and SW 51st St. From here, you should head towards Mo’s Clam Chowder.

So endeavor to visit these beautiful mural sites. 


Lincoln City is well-known for its beaches and water, but you’ve just discovered that there’s more to the waves than meets the eye.

This exciting city has fascinating murals, lovely parks, a fantastic recreational area, outstanding museums, and historic sites.

Begin planning your next vacation to Lincoln City as soon as possible. 

You won’t be sorry because there are plenty of activities to keep you entertained.


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