23 Best & Fun Things to Do in Hagerstown (MD)


If you are searching for fun things to do while you are in Hagerstown, MD, don’t worry you are in the right place.

Situated in Washington County, Hagerstown has certain features that are rare in most cities these days.

Aside from the fact that you will get to have a feel of nature at its peak, its topography, the architecture, and the history of Hagerstown are some of the things that make the city an interesting one.

Furthermore, Hagerstown provides a good number of modern attractions and activities for visitors as well as locals.


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You alongside your family can enjoy various concerts, exhibitions, films, shows, and lectures either at the Maryland Theatre and Performing Arts Complex or at the Washington County Museum of Fine Arts. 

In addition to this, there are outdoor activities that can be enjoyed in Hagerstown such as scouring one of the five national and eight state parks in the region and hiking on Maryland’s Appalachian Trail.

That being said, I have listed below some of the fun things to do in Hagerstown, MD so as to fully enjoy your time in the city. 

Things To Do in Hagerstown MD

1. Pay A Visit To Hagerstown City Park

You can be sure to enjoy a pleasant and relaxed environment when you visit Hagerstown City Park as a result of its plenty of vegetative covers that are well preserved. 

This public park houses numerous historic cultural attractions such as the Jonathan Hager House and Museum, the Washington County Museum of Fine Arts, the Hagerstown Railroad Museum, and the Mansion House Art Center.


Furthermore, the park has renting pavilions, playing fields, tennis courts, walking trails, playgrounds, softball fields, and band shells.

Address: 501 Virginia Avenue, Hagerstown, Maryland, 21740, USA.

2. Mansion House Art Gallery

The Mansion House Art Gallery known to be the headquarters for the Valley Art Association is a stunning Georgian-style mansion house made from bricks and native limestone.

Being recognized as one of the best picnic spots in the country, this place is a place worth adding to your checklist because you will get to see an attractive art gallery that displays works of more than 20 local artists, it also serves as a location for art classes, and workshops

Address: 500 Highland Way, Hagerstown, Maryland, 21740, USA

3. Fairgrounds Park

Are you a sports lover? Fairgrounds Park has to make it to the list of things you should do in Hagerstown because the place offers a wide range of sports-related activities.

Therein, you will find numerous sports facilities for different kinds of field sports, and they include an inline-skating hockey rink, volleyball courts, soccer fields, a youth baseball field, softball fields, basketball courts, and an expansive area that is used as a dog park.

In addition to this, Fairgrounds Park serves as host to some of the community’s events such as the yearly 4th of July Fireworks Celebration.

Address: 351 North Cleveland Avenue, Hagerstown, Maryland, 21740, USA.

4. Valley Mall

What is a vacation without doing some shopping from time to time? You will find the Valley Mall at the most active intersection in Washington County. 

You can buy goods there both at wholesale and retail prices and is known to be a super-regional shopping mall in the Hagerstown Metropolitan Area.

Also, there are exotic brand stores, an 80,000 square foot One Life Fitness premier sports club furnished with cardio equipment, a kid’s club, an enormous Regal Cinemas with stadium seating cinemas, swimming pools, a 40,000 square foot Tilt Studio arcade as well as eateries. 

Address: 17301 Valley Mall Road, Hagerstown, Maryland 21740, USA.

5. Jonathan Hager House

The best way to describe this vacation spot – The Jonathan Hager House is that it is a means of going down memory lane.

This two-story stone house constructed in 1740 has special features like two spring-fed pools of water in the basement that supplies fresh water.

A tour guide will take you to some of the exciting corners of this historic building like a 22-inch thick wall, an enormous central chimney, and a big cellar.

This is yet another opportunity for visitors to explore a historical wonder.

Address: 110 Key Street, Hagerstown, Maryland, 21740, USA

6. Visit The Maryland Theatre

If you are a lover of arts, the Maryland Theatre offers you an opportunity to view the world of art and entertainment through its lens.

This art center offers numerous entertainment and a variety of shows like recitals, comedy nights, country artists,  orchestra concerts, stage shows, music shows, and children’s shows throughout the year.

Address: 21 South Potomac Street, Hagerstown, Maryland, 21740, USA.

7. Washington County Museum of Fine Arts

Interestingly, the Washington County Museum of Fine Arts displays artworks of both local and international artists, little wonder why it made it to the list of fun and best things to do in Hagerstown.

Situated in Hagerstown City Park, the museum accommodates a permanent collection of more than 6,500 items, among them, are sculptures, paintings, prints, drawings, and decorative arts, concentrating on American art, world cultures, and 19th century European.

In addition to this, the museum serves as a host to some incredible events throughout the year like educational programs for all ages and a scavenger hunt in the park.

Address: 401 Museum Drive, Hagerstown, Maryland, 21740, USA

8. Nick’s Airport Inn

Nick’s Airport Inn is best described as a welcoming gift from Hagerstown to you upon arrival.

It is a unique type of restaurant situated in the Hagerstown Regional Airport featuring ten exquisite dining rooms that offer guests a wide range of casual beverages and American cuisine.

A visit to Nick’s Airport Inn will treat your taste bud to some of their dishes like fresh seafood, freshly baked bread, prime meats, savory desserts, and farm-fresh vegetables prepared with locally sourced ingredients.

These meals come alongside a bar list containing a delicious mix of cocktails, craft, local wines, draft beers, and dessert wines.

This place should be your first point of call once you arrive Hagerstown MD since it’s located at the airport.

Address: 14548 Pennsylvania Avenue, Hagerstown, Maryland, 21742, USA.

9. Turner’s Skate Palace Is An Incredible Place To Visit In Hagerstown, MD

Turner’s Skate Palace is known to be a family-owned business where you can engage yourself in skating or create a bonding time with your family and friends through this thrilling activity.

Also, it is open to both kids, teenagers, and adults.

Turner’s Skate Palace serves as a host to private events like parties, and you will find it open throughout the year.

That being said, I think Turner’s Skate Palace is a great addition to the things to do in Hagerstown, MD.

Address: 17333 Virginia Avenue, Hagerstown, Maryland, 21740, USA.

10. Just Lookin’ Gallery

The Just Lookin’ Gallery is best described as a multi-media art and framing gallery that displays attractive works of more than 50 African, black American, and West Indian artists.

In the Just Lookin’ gallery, you will find numerous hand-pulled prints, sculptures, original drawings, paintings, and other exhibits from both popular and unknown artists that will thrill you.

Summarily, this gallery is great at leaving an exhilating impression in the hearts of its visitors, you too can be one of them.

Address: 40 Summit Avenue, Hagerstown, Maryland, 21740, USA.

11. Pretzel and Pizza Creation.

Savoring some of the tasty cuisine served at top-ranked restaurants as a way of settling into the bubbling Hagerstown city won’t be a bad idea.

Over time, Pretzel and Pizza Creations has proven to give its visitors an experience of their lives through its classic, contemporary Italian cuisine and assorted pastries in a relaxing and calm environment.

Wood-fired pizzas made with pretzel dough, pretzel sandwiches, fresh salads, pretzel hotdogs, hand-tossed, pretzel calzones, and their very own signature loaded pretzels are some of the tasty cuisines that will be gracing your taste buds.

Of course, they offer exceptionally brewed beers,  special combinations of non-alcoholic drinks, and casual wines from across the globe.

Please note that you will not be able to get breakfast here, it is always open for lunch and dinner daily, so, add it to the list of places to have your meal in Hagerstown.

Address: 20 West Washington Street, Hagerstown, Maryland, 21740.

12. Rose Hill Cemetery

Founded more than 150 years ago, the Rose Hill Cemetery situated on the Ocmulgee River banks in Macon is the most ancient public cemetery in Washington County.

This cemetery is so large that it occupies more than 102 acres and contains over 10,000 burial plots in various areas of the park.

Interestingly, it has made its way to the list of the National Register of Historic Places, however, you may consider this to be a strange place to visit.

Well, it has plenty of picturesque views featuring tall, blooming dogwood trees, and a blissful and calm atmosphere suitable for a quiet time.

Address: 600 South Potomac Street, Hagerstown, Maryland, 21740, USA

13. Miller House Museum

The Miller House Museum also referred to as the Price-Miller House is yet another means of taking a trip down history lane.

Being regarded as the headquarters of the Washington County Historical Society, The Miller House Museum houses all the documents containing historical truths pertaining to the growth and development of Hagerstown. 

In this museum, you will be shown the museum’s most valuable collection which is the numerous local clocks collected over the years.

Also, the house contains Victorian-style decorations, gas-powered chandeliers, big bedrooms, a hanging stairway, and an intriguing collection of clocks obtained from ancient local clockmakers.

Address: 135 W Washington Street, Hagerstown, Maryland, 21740, USA

14. Schmankerl Bavarian Restaurant

The Schmankerl Bavarian Restaurant also known as the Schmankerl Stube Bavarian Restaurant is a German restaurant representing Hagerstown with its blissful yet cozy interior decoration.

Expect to see some of the dishes on the menu of this restaurant: bread dumpling, sauerkraut, pork shank with Rahm sauce, apple-flavored red cabbage, Bavarian bratwurst with spätzle, and many more with various  desserts

Furthermore, there are German wines, beers, and patrons available, and you will find the restaurant open from Tuesday to Sunday for only lunch and dinner.

Address: 58 South Potomac Street, Hagerstown, Maryland, 21740, USA

15. Hagerstown Suns Municipal Stadium

The Hagerstown Suns Municipal Stadium is a multipurpose stadium that houses the Hagerstown Suns minor league baseball team and is also a famous spot in the city where you can watch live games for different types of sports.

In addition to this, the stadium serves as a host to other sporting events such as wrestling, professional boxing, and football.

Some other Fascinating events carried out at the stadium are music concerts, festivals, model aircraft competitions, carnivals, festivals, and dog shows.

Address: 274 East Memorial Boulevard Hagerstown, Maryland, 21740, USA.

16. Premium Outlets

Hagerstown Premium Outlets is an open-air shopping outlet mall housing popular brand outlet stores selling garments as well as other commodities at well-discounted prices.

Some of the brand stores located in these lovely and airy Premium Outlets are Tommy Hilfiger, Kate Spade New York, Under Armour, Coach, Guess, the Banana Republic, and more.

Feel free to window shop, however, I bet that you may be tempted to buy one or two things as a result of the attractive discounts and sales offered at these Outlets.

Address: 495 Premium Outlet Boulevard Hagerstown, Maryland, 21740, USA.

17. Bulls and Bears

Bulls and Bears is a restaurant in Hagerstown that represents the cultural atmosphere of the city.

Interestingly, it is known as one of the best restaurants in the region offering mouth-watering dishes such as free-range chicken, cuts of aged steak, beef, prime ribs, and pork,

If you are a vegetarian or a seafood lover, I am glad to announce to you that Bulls and Bears have a wide variety of options for you as well.

Wines are not left out as they have a full-service bar that has a lengthy list of outstanding wines on its menu, with brews of different drinks from across the globe.

Address: 38 South Potomac Street #1, Hagerstown, Maryland, 21740.

18. Things to Do near Hagerstown: Chesapeake and Ohio Canal National Park

The aim of constructing the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal National Historical Park is to conserve the overlooked remains of the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal regarded as a source of lively hood for the communities that settled alongside the Potomac Rivera for over 100 years.

I will tell you briefly that in the mid-1800s, the channel’s banks served as a transportation route for moving coal with the assistance of different historic structures including lock houses, aqueducts, locks, and residences.

Visitors can get to learn more about the role of the Canal as a transportation system during the era of the Canal.

Address: 205 W Potomac Street, Williamsport, Maryland, 21795, USA.

19. The Discovery Station In Hagerstown

Just as the name implies, The Discovery Station is a non Profit run museum that helps you to discover and understand certain things through the stimulating science experiments they offer. 

Interestingly, they will explain complex scientific concepts through real-life experiments. 

Without being told, this is a place you can bring your kids to learn and understand some of these concepts that will help them in their school works.

However, it is suitable for all age groups and is usually open Tuesday to Saturday from 10 AM-4 PM, while on Sundays, it is open from 2 PM- 5 PM only.

20. Rik’s Cafe

If you are craving a taste of American cuisines, Rik’s Café is a place to satisfy those cravings.

One thing that makes Rik’s Café exceptional is the art of using ingredients that are locally sourced to make tasty meals.

Some of these meals are blackened unicorn tacos, spinach, and goat cheese on ciabatta, ground lamb burgers with roasted red peppers, puttanesca meatballs pasta, and honey-smoked salmon cakes with cabin sauce.

In addition to this, Rik’s Cafe features a bar where you can savor the craft and draft beers, local wines worldwide, and dessert wine.

Address: 1065 Maryland Avenue, Hagerstown, Maryland, 21740, USA.

21.  Fort Frederick State Park

Located close to the downtown part of the city and was constructed in the colonial era, the historic State Park house is one of the fun places to visit in Hagerstown.

Worthy of note is the fact that this place has stood the test of time despite the numerous wars and battles waged on and across it such as the popular French and Indian wars. 

The best time to visit Fort Fredrick State Park is on Labor Day and Memorial Day when volunteers dressed in colonial clothing spend their time there carrying out daily chores thereby giving it a lively feel.

You can go hiking, fishing, camping, and also boating and the fort is open to the public throughout the days of the week.

Address: 11100 Fort Frederick Rd, Big Pool, MD 21711

22.  Hagerstown Aviation Museum

Hagerstown Aviation Museum is tailor-made for Aircraft lovers where they can have access to view aircraft of varying shapes and sizes

Fairchild C-119G Flying Boxcar 22111, Fairchild 22 C7D 922, Bellanca CE, Fairchild 24R-46 R46-129, Fairchild C-123K, Fairchild C-82A Packet 45-57814, Fairchild 24R-9 R9-405 are some of the aircraft that you can see at Hagerstown Aviation Museum.

I strongly advise that as an aviation lover, this should make it to your checklist of the top things to do in Hagerstown, MD.

Address: 18450 Showalter Rd., Dome Hangar, Hagerstown Maryland, 21742, USA.

23. Good -Hartle Farm

The Good–Hartle Farm is a historic farm complex with a unique architecture close to Hagerstown, Maryland, Washington County, and the United States.

Expect to enjoy the experience of blissful countryside picturesque when you visit Hartle Farm.

In conclusion, Hagerstown, as you can see is an interesting place to be.

There are at least one or two fun things for everyone; kids, teens, and adults alike.

I sincerely hope that by now, you must have seen some fun things I mentioned that you can’t wait to explore.

You can share some of them with me in the comment section, and I wish you a Happy Vacation.


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