Best & Fun Things to Do in Fond du Lac (WI)

23 Best & Fun Things to Do in Fond du Lac (WI)

Fond du Lac will undoubtedly give you that relaxed and homey feeling with its natural picture-perfect landscapes and year-round beautiful weather

You might be curious about the origins of this town’s unusual feeling.

Fond du Lac is derived from a French phrase that means “farthest end of the lake.” Fond du Lac is situated on the magnificent Fond du Lac River in Wisconsin’s east-central region.

Fond de Lac is best known for its closeness to Lake Winnebago, but there’s much more to this town.

This destination will surprise you if you wish to check off additional activities on your bucket list while travelling. Let’s have a look at some of the most exciting things you can participate in.

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Fun Things to do In Fond du Lac

1. Kristmas Kringle

The Kristmas Kringle Shoppe is a two-story Bavarian-style store that is a popular shopping destination. They have over seventy different themed trees to choose from.

Animated figurines, holiday gifts, imported ornaments, and more are available. The calligraphers at Kristmas Kringle Shoppe are always ready to personalize your special present.

With sounds, scents, and lovely gifts, this is the one spot that puts you in a festive mood and brings out the Christmas thrills and excitement.

2. Lakeside Park

Lakeside, located on the south shore of Lake Winnebago, has 400 acres of open recreational space where you can participate in a variety of exciting and energetic activities.

Lakeside has a lot to offer you if you’re travelling with your kids or if you’re just a kid at heart.

Your kids will love being out in the sun on a beautiful summer day with four playground sets and splash pads.

After there, take a few feet and you’ll find several inexpensive amusement attractions to try!

The cute small train ride is available for you and your children to try. You can also rent canoes, pedal boats, and kayaks to enjoy water activities.

3. Children’s Museum of Fond du Lac

There are enjoyable locations for kids to play in Fond du Lac, but there are also places where kids can learn while being entertained by the unique exhibits at the Fond du Lac Children’s Museum.

With 15,000 square feet of indoor area and over 10,000 square feet of outdoor space, kids are sure to have a good time learning.

The Children’s Museum also includes several scheduled events that you may be able to attend during your stay. Fun and learning are assured at the Fond du Lac Children’s Museum.

4. Downtown Fond du Lac

Exploring Fond du Lac’s downtown is another intriguing thing to do.

Fond du Lac’s downtown offers a wide range of goods and services. They’ve got you covered on everything from cuisine to fashion, gifts to personal care.

From 5 p.m. to 8 p.m., the night market is also open. There are food stalls, modest stores, and live music performances.

The farmers market, which is open from 8 a.m. to noon, will also have fresh goods straight from the farms. The finest part of travelling is getting to do things that locals do all the time.

You may buy like a local, dine like a local, and explore like a local in Downtown Fond du Lac.

5. Fond du Lac State Park Trails

More outdoor physical activities can be found on Fond du Lac’s two well-known state trails.

Starting with the Wild Goose State Park Trail, a 34-mile rail-trail is also home to over 250 different bird species.

Waterfowl, Canadian geese, and other species are among them. The Wild Goose State Park Trail is open all year from 6 a.m. to 11 p.m. Walking and hiking do not necessitate a state trail pass.

A state rail permit is required for those aged 16 and above who want to go bicycling, horseback riding, cross-country skiing, or in-line skating on particular trails.

6. Mascoutin Valley State Park Trail.

This state route is separated into two sections: eastern and western. The eastern section connects Rosendale and Fond du Lac, while the western section connects Berlin and Ripon.

These state park trails are among Fond du Lac’s most well-known and highly rated attractions. It’s an opportunity you won’t want to pass up.

7. Thelma Sadoff Center For the Arts

After hopping from one park to the next, it’s time to visit the Thelma Sadoff Center For the Arts, another landmark of Fond du Lac.

THELMA hosts a variety of art forms, including music, film, and art exhibits. They also provide a place to hold social events.

Students are also taught to express and explore their creativity in classes at THELMA. These classes are open to both children and adults.

If you’re planning a quick trip to Fond du Lac, buying a ticket to one of THELMA’s world-class performances and exhibits is a good idea. This will undoubtedly be one of the most unforgettable moments of your journey.

8. Buttermilk Creek Park

You may have heard of Buttermilk Creek Park’s well-known events, such as the Music Under the Stars Concert Series, which takes place every Monday night during the summer.

The Buttermilk Festival Concert Series, which takes place on Wednesday nights during the summer in Buttermilk Creek Park, is another event.

Buttermilk Creek Park became increasingly popular among locals and tourists as a result of these occurrences. However, there are still other things to do while you’re there.

The amphitheatre in this 20-acre park hosts concerts and festivals. Buttermilk Creek Park is also a great spot to play sports in Fond du Lac.

If you want to remain a little longer and have a picnic in the park, Buttermilk Creek Park is the place to go.

9. Hobbs Woods Nature Area

If you enjoy the outdoors, this is the spot to visit in Fond du Lac.

Hobbs Woods is a 60-acre county park where you may go hiking and enjoy nature.

Hobbs Woods is regarded as being ideal for all skill levels, regardless of whether you are a beginner hiker.

While hiking, you’ll also come across some lovely wildflowers. Hobbs Woods is also dog-friendly, so you can take your pets for a fun walk there.

It makes no difference when you wish to go hiking.

The route in this county park is open all year. During the winter, it is also a popular spot for cross-country skiing.

10. Fairgrounds Aquatic Center and Waterpark

While travelling, water excursions are usually on the “yes” and “to-do” lists.

Fairgrounds Aquatic Center and Waterpark in Fond du Lac have your back!

Extreme water fun adventures are always a good idea. There are many slides and water features to select from at this waterpark. They have it all, whether it’s for kids or adults.

If you want to have some fun with Mr Sun, there are also sand and grassy areas where you can stay.

11. Fond du Lac County Historical Society

Fond du Lac has a rich culture and history in addition to all of the fun-filled excursions and stunning scenery.

The Fond du Lac County Historical Society’s mission is to “inspire enthusiasm, preservation, investigation, and pleasure” by connecting people to history.

This is the place to go if you want to learn more about Fond du Lac County’s history or just history in general while travelling.

12. Fond du Lac Public Library

Even when travelling, learning never stops. If you enjoy reading, the Fond du Lac Public Library has a lot to offer.

The value of this public library extends beyond its extensive collection of books. They will also treat you with the utmost respect.

You can request a tour and a member of the library staff will accompany you and show you all of the library’s attractions.

You can even schedule a one-on-one consultation with a librarian! A fax machine, photocopiers, scanners, and even a charging station are all available.

The Fond du Lac library not only allows you to learn but also makes it easier.

13. Fond du Lac Food

A journey is never complete without sampling some of the best cuisine suggested by the locals. Several excellent restaurants line the streets of Fond du Lac.

The Sweet & Salty Pig is one of the most popular dining establishments. They add bacon to their recipes to make them unique and flavorful.

This top-rated Bar & Grill will make you crave bacon bliss from brunch to dinner. If you like seafood, the next restaurant is for you.

14. Salty’s Seafood & Spirits 

This award-winning seafood restaurant offers a diverse menu ranging from appetizers to lunch and evening entrees.

Every meal can include a variety of seafood recipes, so you’ll never run out of possibilities.

In contrast to their moniker, their dishes are well-balanced in terms of flavour — never overly salty!

15. Fond du Lac  Bryanna’s Bakery 

A family of dedicated bakers will provide century bread, flourless chocolate cakes, vibrant French macarons, and much more.

Everything is made with love at Bryanna’s, and it all feels like home. You’ll keep coming back for more because of this.

16. Blue Line Family Ice Center

The Blue Line Family Ice Center has one of the nicest ice rinks in the state and was one of the first of its kind.

Fond du Lac Thunder, Fond du Lac High School, the Hockey Factory, Figure Skating Club, and Fondy Blades are among the ice hockey teams that call it home.

The Blue Line Family Ice Center has three ice rinks that are available at all times, regardless of the season.

They rent out entire safety skating equipment, including skates, so don’t be concerned if you don’t have the essential skates.

17. Lightsmith Art Glass

If you’re looking for a unique spot to shop in Fond du Lac, go no further; Lightsmith Art Glass always delivers.

Lightsmith Art Glass has been making ornamental glass and collectables for almost four decades and is well-known for them.

They teach visitors about how high-quality vases and other glassware are utilized in homes and offices.

The park has an Olympic-size pool with 50-meter swim lanes and a deep end where beginners can practice their swimming training.

18. Ledgerock Distillery LLC 

It’s a fantastic distillery known for making high-quality, one-of-a-kind cocktails in bottles.

They use superior natural ingredients, including grains cultivated on their farms, to make the best vodka, gin, and bourbon.

Ledgerock Distillery LLC has a fantastic staff that provides excellent customer service and answers questions nicely.

The small-batch craft distillery is open for excursions around the grounds, with visitors learning about the entire process of making spirits and receiving tastings.

19. Herr-Baker Field

 Every season, a top summer league and a collegiate field hold numerous baseball games.

This is one of the best Division III collegiate sporting facilities in the country, with a well-built stadium and spectator bleacher seating.

Comfortable seating, lighting subterranean dugouts, restrooms, and other amenities abound at Herr-Baker Field.

Since 2016, the field has hosted the Fond du Lac baseball club, as well as Northern Athletics Collegiate Conference baseball championships, NCAA Division III baseball tournament games, and WIAA baseball regional and national games.

20. Hobbs Woods

Hobbs Woodlands is a natural park dedicated to hiking and nature studies, with deep woods and huge swaths of prairie area.

During the fall, spring, and summer, the park is a popular hiking destination, but cross country skiing is available in the winter.

Hobbs Woods is home to a wide variety of birds of various sizes and colours, making it an excellent spot for bird watching.

21. Fat Joe’s Bar and Grill 

Since its opening, the pub has provided guests with a welcoming ambience combined with the local vibe, making it a popular gathering area for both locals and visitors in Wisconsin.

The bar and grill are stunning, with wonderful patio seating where patrons may enjoy their drinks while listening to live music.

Fat Joe’s Bar and Grill will keep you entertained and eclectic all night long as you mingle with locals and tourists.

22. Forest Mall

Forest Mall, with over thirty businesses, is the finest spot to experience authentic shopping excitement.

Each store carries a wide range of products from local, national, and worldwide companies.

Forest Mall provides something for everyone, with a variety of vendors offering original and one-of-a-kind items.

23. Parkway Bowling Lanes

Parkway Bowling Lanes is a 16-lane bowling alley with a video game arcade and bumper bowling for youngsters.

The centre has a grill and bar that serves a wide range of interesting cocktails, as well as wonderful meals.

Birthday parties and corporate events can be rented at Parkway Bowling Lanes.


Nature, sports, the arts, and history are just a few of the many local attractions in Fond du Lac.

This is the place to be if you want to celebrate your differences. In Fond du Lac, you’ll never run out of things to do.

Fond du Lac will captivate you with its fascinating beauty, whether you are visiting with your family, friends, or even alone.

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