23 Best & Fun Things to Do in Falmouth (MA)

Falmouth is an amazing coastal city, located in Barnstable County, Massachusetts, United. 

IT is an interesting town known for its beaches like the Falmouth Heights, which is across the Island of Martha’s Vineyard, and many more. Barnstable County is coexisting with Color Code on the Southern end.

As expected of any beautiful city, Falmouth is filled with several fun-filled activities ranging from natural reserves, parks, museums, Trails, beautiful coastal areas, and many more.

Best and Fun Things to do in Falmouth, Massachusetts.

1. Shining Sea Bikeway

This is a beautiful trail with one of the most amazing attractions. This is a serene area that is suitable for biking, this attracts visitors to the environment.

When you ride along this bikeway, you get to discover amazing sights such as farms, cranberry bogs, marsh areas, and swampland.

Riding begins on this beautiful trail in Falmouth and ends at the Ferry Terminal in Woods Hole. As you ride, be sure to ride safely as you enjoy an exciting ride.

2. Cornelia Carey Sanctuary

This is a beautiful place that features natural trails running along the beach, as well as trees and rocks that are in the area.

This is among the top places to be in Falmouth, it is famous for its nature walk, picturesque beauty, bird viewing, marsh area, coastal bank, and other interesting things. 

You will enjoy the serene view of this environment, it is worth your time.

3. Island Queen Ferry

If you want to have a wonderful time riding on the water, visit the Island Queen Ferry.

Queen Ferry has been offering ferry services to passengers from Falmouth on Cape Cod and Oak Bluffs on Martha’s Vineyard for over 60 years.

The ferry features an enclosed lounge, restrooms, outdoor decks, a full-service snack bar, and cocktails. The crew members are friendly and hospitable.

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4. The Steamship Authority- Martha’s Vineyard

This is the largest provider of ferry service on Cape Cod, as it serves more than three million travelers.

Martha Vineyard Steamship Authority provides the lowest fares you can find around, they offer service all year round.

They offer daily departures and they have certified crews that cater to your safety which is the U.S Coast Guard. Be sure that you will have a safe when you visit.

You can sit outside to have a feel of the sea breeze as well as views of the beautiful ocean. You can also relax inside as the vineyard provides small ~bars, and beverages such as hot and cold menu items,  beer, mixed drinks, and wine.

5. Nobska Point Lighthouse

This is a  place that offers amazing views of its surroundings and a comfortable place to relax and have a good time.

Climbing the stairs of the Lighthouse is something worth doing or you can enjoy the beautiful view of the Oceans and beaches.

It’s a good place to have a picnic with family and friends.

6. Highfields Hall and Gardens

This is 40 acres of public land conservation, walking trails, sweeping lawns, historic gardens, and many others This place is encompassed by great history within its old walls.

The Highland Hall features so many events and exhibitions like cultural displays, art exhibitions, culinary classes, educational lectures, International contemporary music, and family programs, which makes it one of the best places to visit in Falmouth, Massachusetts.

This place is a perfect venue for your events, like a wedding reception, ceremony, dinner, and other private events.

7. Woods Hole Science Aquarium

This aquarium offers visitors self-guided tours of the main exhibits and behind-the-scenes views of the Aquarium, It was established in 1885.

This place features and showcases about 140 Marine animals found in Northeast and Mid-Atlantic U.S waters.

Also found here are skulls, marine mammals, local fish species, sea turtles, and the history of the Woods Hole Science Aquarium. You can interact with the staff to get more information.

8. Spohr Gardens

This is a 6-acre woodland situated close to Oyster Pond.

These beautiful gardens feature beautiful trails and numerous beautiful flowers.

Here you can plan your birthdays, picnics, and reunions, it is an incredible place.

9. Cape Cod Winery

This winery offers you the opportunity to have a taste of the best wines, it features a wine bar and several events.

This is a perfect spot for relaxation and its arms are wide open for visitors to come and explore their large post and a beam tent. They also offer you the opportunity to taste various wine flavors.

The Cape Cof Winery has more than nine different wine options to choose from. As you drink, you also enjoy live music, concerts, and other unique events at the winery 

10. Falmouth Height Beach

This is a popular beach located on the Nantucket Sound, this park features restaurants, parks, beaches, and a grassy area.

This is a great spot for families and friends to hang out, a relaxation spot, and a place where kids would love to be.

11. Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

When you visit, you will gain knowledge about the ocean and how it links with the earth’s system.

This institution is focused on training future generations of ocean leaders. This institution also tries to create awareness about the importance of the global ocean. Though this field has been greatly neglected, you will learn a lot about sea life and nature at large.

12. The College Light Opera Company

The opera company over 50 years has offered several students from around the country a special educational opportunity in a supportive to learn from people ahead and follow their lead.

You will get to enjoy incredible performances in the theater when you visit.

13. Wood Neck Beach

This is an amazing beach that offers exciting water views and a natural setting. Every year, thousands of residents flood the beach to have a nice time. You also be part, come with your family and friends.

You can sit on the seashore, and watch the waves of the sea, you will be amazed at what you will see.

14. Aquarium of the National Marine Fisheries

This is the oldest aquarium in the United States, the Aquarium opens from Tuesday to Saturday from 11 am to 4 pm.

This Aquarium is open to the public and you don’t have to pay anything to gain entry, but donations are accepted. On display here are varieties of local species of sea animals, fish, and many others.

Both adults and children are given the chance to touch some crabs, sea stars, and others. The people working here are friendly and helpful, you can ask whatever you wish to know.

15. Woods Hole Drawbridge

This is one of the most interesting attractions you will ever see in Falmouth.

A popular and unique event that is not seen all the time as it opened to allow boats to enter Eel Pond in Woods Hole. 

This is one historic place you would not like to miss, kids are sure to learn a thing or two as they explore.

16. Chapoquoit Beach

This is one lovely place you will love to visit with your family as you explore through the sandy shire and sweeping Buzzards Bay Views.

This beach is a natural setting that offers visitors and residents alike shellfish species and wonderful shells in the salt marsh. It also offers interesting views of the sunset and lovely views of the West Island.

17. Marine Biological Laboratory

This laboratory was founded in 1888 in Woods Hole, Massachusetts as a nonprofit institution and an affiliate of the University of Chicago.

The Laboratory is concerned with scientific discovery and ways to improve the human condition through research I’m environmental science, biology, and biomedicine.

Due to the nature of what it does, the laboratory has been visited by researchers, top scientists, and students. This is a great place to learn about animal welfare in tourism.

18. Falmouth Museum on the Green

This is a two-acre campus that has been in operation since 1900, it is dedicated to providing educational programs and preserving, sharing as well as celebrating the history and culture of the Cape Cod town of Falmouth.

This museum exhibits and displays the history and culture of the city, the museum features an extensive research library that is open for visitors and members for research purposes.

19. Eight Cousins Bookshop

This bookshop was established in 1986 on July 1st, it is situated in Falmouth, Massachusetts.

The bookshop is focused on sharing love and appreciation of books and reading within the wider Falmouth community.

They sell all kinds of books though they started with children’s books presently, they have varieties of books including books on parenting. Traveling, cooking, garnering, religion, and many others.

20. The Knob

This is a major attraction in Woods Hole, Massachusetts, it is a good spot for nature walks bird watching as it offers intriguing views.

Available here are fun trails, that will give you unique views of the environment. It is best to visit during the summer when you can explore as much as you want.

21. The Falmouth Public Library

Located on the main street in the heart of Falmouth, Massachusetts, it was established in 1891. They offer visitors and patrons free programs for all ages, public computers, and WIFI.

The library manages  Cape’s largest book sales which take place on the library lawn every summer starting from July.

Visit the museum to know more amazing histories, it is open to everyone.

22. Coonamessett Farm

This farm is situated In East Falmouth, they offer hand-grown food to visitors.

The farm involves planting different crouch all through the summer, spring, and fall months. They have varieties of fruits and vegetables, you are allowed to pick fruits, berries, and vegetables when you arrive. Relax and enjoy the beauty of the farm.

23. Peterson’s Farm

This is a family-owned business planted and managed by John Peterson and his family. They grow crops such as soybeans, Christmas trees, Orchardgrass, oats, wheat, sweet corn, flowers, and many other vegetables.

It is fun picking strawberries, setting corn, or cutting Christmas trees.

The city of Falmouth, Massachusetts has all you need to have a perfect vacation, it offers you way more than you would expect making it one of the most tourist attractions.

Plan a visit today and you will be spoiled with several choices of the best fun things to do as you arrive in the beautiful city of Falmouth.

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