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23 Best & Fun Things To Do In Eau Claire (WI)

If you’re thinking of touring the beautiful Eau Claire then this article is just perfect for you. Check out the 23 fun stuff you can do at Eau Claire to make your stay worthwhile.

1. Chaos Water Park

For a few laugh times, upload a go-to Chaos Water Park for your tick list of factors to do in Eau Claire, WI.

Chaos Water Park is the right vacation spot to discover and revel in a first-rate own circle of relatives’ experiences, and the park is for all ages, both children and adults.

Chaos Water Park functions as several slides, an amusing interest pool, a lazy river, a double warm tub, lily pads, and an aquatic playground with a sell-off bucket and funky water functions.

Chaos Water Park is all approximately your own circle of relatives a laugh; you’re positive to experience the sell-off bucket.

You may also find your own circle of relatives interactive playground in your youngsters; the playground is an aquatic playground with cool splash functions.

In Chaos Water Park, slides, mini unload buckets, sprayers, and water cannons are to be had to provide you with a laugh and remarkable experience.

2. Tower Ridge Recreation Area

Tower Ridge Recreational Area is the most important cross-united state ski path in Eau Claire County and west-critical Wisconsin. Tower Ridge Recreational Area includes about 12 miles of trails with various tiers of demanding situations providing something for all skiers.

The ski trails in Tower Ridge Recreational Area consist of wooded, rolling terrain that is groomed and tracked on the best foundation of the 4 ski trails supplied through the county.

Tower Ridge Recreational Area gives miles of cross-USA ski trails for all tiers and seasonal disc golf courses.

3. L.E. Phillips Memorial Public Library

L.E. Phillips Memorial Public Library is the proper vicinity to take your youngsters so they will analyze and feature fun.

The library hosts thrilling and educative activities like artwork shows, ebook clubs, ebook packages for youngsters, teens, and adults, shows sculptures, and plenty of others.

L.E. Phillips Memorial Public Library capabilities 4 widespread sculptures which replicate a long-installed dedication to the encompassing area’s cultural life.

Some of the sculptures you may find out withinside the library are the Jack’s Story Time bronze sculpture through Gregory Johnson, the Circle of Friends bronze sculpture through Karen Crain, and the Untitled metallic sculpture via way of means of Michael Christopherson, and lots of others.

The library gives analyzing packages for youngsters just like the 1,000 books for Kindergarten, which is designed to help dad and mom in making ready their youngsters for certainly considered one among life’s extensive milestones.

4. Chippewa Valley Railroad

The Chippewa Valley Railroad is a miniature railway that operates on a half-mile of 16-inch track in Eau Claire, Wisconsin.

The line meanders through the scenic Carson Park, excessive above Half Moon Lake. Roth Schleck, Dave Farr, Peter Beck, and Dave Peterson formed the Chippewa Valley Railroad Association in 1974 to carry a steam locomotive to the Chippewa Valley location.

The reason for forming the Chippewa Valley Railroad Association was to function as a steam locomotive withinside the Chippewa Valley region for educational, recreational, and ancient purposes.

The founders bought steam teach set from Strum Steam Engine Days, Strum, WI, to construct a parked railroad in Carson Park. Constructions began at the railroad from the early ’70s until it grew to become out to be the manner it’s miles currently.

5. Boyd Park

Boyd Park’s capabilities are extra than seven acres along with play equipment, off-road parking, and a leisure vicinity. Boyd Park additionally gives an area for coastline fishing.

Boyd Park has a pedestrian bridge that offers admission to the metropolis of Eau Claire’s leisure trails on both aspects of the river.

With the extraordinary seasons, Boyd Park gives numerous sports in the course of the year, which includes a picnic pavilion, a prairie region with strolling trails, and a refuge house.

You can plan a circle of relatives reunion, get-togetherness, and picnic withinside the park. The park gives an ice-skating rink and snow-banked hockey rink all through the Winter, in which households and pals can revel in iciness after-hour sports.

6. Artisan Forge Studios

An exciting appeal to go whilst withinside the city, and it’s far really well worth including for your listing of factors to do in Eau Claire, WI.

The Artisan Forge Studios is an artwork gallery and studio that functions with more than 40 neighborhood artists and vendors.

The Artisan Forge Studios additionally includes an espresso save, chocolate store, domestic decor and designs, a present save, an artwork lending library, and plenty of others.

The gallery and present store in The Artisan Forge Studios is domestic to portions from every one of the artists to be had for purchase. The Artisan Forge Studios is an appropriate area to store presents for your family and decor objects for your own home and office.

7. Oakwood Mall

Situated withinside the Chippewa Valley, Oakwood Mall is the biggest purchasing middle in west-crucial Wisconsin that functions in a strong retail mix.

People that come to stores in Oakwood Mall revel in approximately a hundred famous retail brands.

There are specific and interesting shops in Oakwood Mall consisting of JCPenny, Hobby Lobby, Scheels, GameStop, HOM Furniture, Old Navy, Ulta Beauty, Victoria’s Secret, and American Eagle Outfitters, and others.

The Oakwood Mall additionally capabilities Forest kid’s gentle play location along a 12-display AMC Theater with a stadium seating setting, growing a strong circle of relatives.

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8. Eau Claire Children’s Theater

The Eau Claire children’s Theater has supplied fine theatrical and academic reports for everybody in western Wisconsin of every age considering the fact that 1989.

The Eau Claire children’s Theater is focused on supplying amusing and thrilling surroundings and a wonderful theater for children; it additionally sought to serve the adults of the Chippewa Valley.

The Eau Claire children’s Theatre gives remarkable possibilities for the youngsters and adults to be on the level and withinside the audience. The young and the adults inside the Theatre also can turn out to be the cast, crew, and audience.

9. 200 Main Gallery

Two hundred Main Gallery gives particular artistic endeavors via the means of nearby artists and a fantastic choice of two hundred one-of-a-kind forms of wines worldwide.

You’re positive to have an extraordinary time in the 2 hundred Main Gallery as you discover the specific works of art and pattern their wines.

The proprietors of 2 hundred Main Art and Wine Gallery, Terry Meyer, and Jo Ellen Burke, are pleasant and useful as they provide you candy wines and make certain you revel in a tremendous time; there’s additionally tune gambling withinside the background.

The gallery additionally showcases many artists from across the Chippewa Valley, which includes sculptors, painters, potters, and others.
You can even discover low-cost items and present cards, gadgets of clothing, jewelry, candles, and different matters withinside the gallery.

10. Caradori Pottery

Are you attempting to find the exceptional abs ideal save to buy potteries on your house, office, and different purposes? Are you concerned about which to visit?

Do nicely look at the Caradori Pottery because it includes particular and pleasant potteries you’ll love.

David Caradori Pottery has been withinside the enterprise of pottery-making for more than 30 years. The keep includes many nearby artists consisting of Mel Sundby, Anders Shafer, Allan Servos, Susan O’Brien, and others.

David Caradori’s pots are hand thrown on a kick wheel and wood-fired in a sasukenai kiln, constructed and designed via the means of famed Japanese potter Masakazu Kusakabe.

11. Northwest Park Bike Trails

Northwest Park Bike Trails feature lovely wildflowers rated as moderate; the path is especially used for nature trips, skating, conventional snowboarding at some point in the Winter, trekking and mountain biking, and others.

You will revel in an awesome time together along with your pals and your own circle of relatives on the Northwest Park Bike Trails, including the groomed trails, and you may additionally experience cross-united states snowboarding.

The Northwest Park Bike Trails is a fantastic path device located on the threshold of Eau Claire, Wisconsin; it’s far a pleasant rolling clean path with a few a laugh banked corners and thrilling perspectives overlooking the city.

12. Wisconsin Logging Museum: Home of the Paul Bunyan Logging Camp

Visit the Wisconsin Logging Museum: Home of the Paul Bunyan Logging Camp to find out about the museum and whether or not Paul Bunyan changed into a herbal person.

Wisconsin Logging Museum welcomes its visitors as they take a step into time to find thrilling matters for themselves. You will discover the Paul Bunyan Logging Camp withinside the museum, a reproduction of the 1890 camp.

You may also study why Wisconsin Pine becomes filling out rivers and presenting a developing nation. As you discover the logging camp, you may study guys who lived in them, the timber that constructed towns everywhere in the country, and different stunning matters you may locate withinside the museum.

13. Lowes Creek County Park

Lowes Creek County Park gives twisty unmarried-tune, rapid climbs, and brief sections; it’s also domestic to the WORS Firecracker race.

At Lowes Creek County Park, you may find out types of trails appropriate for each degree of rider, even in case you are a newbie or advanced. The guides function approximately five miles of the double-song pass with a ski gadget and extra than thirteen miles of the hard unmarried slender song.

You’re certain to revel in your experience on the Lowes Creek County Park because the music trails take you to all 4 components of the park; you’ll wind through pine tree forests, pass creek beds, and additionally cruise alongside ridgelines.

14. Chippewa Valley Museum

Another award-prevailing appeal this is really well worth including for your listing of factors to do in Eau Claire, WI.

Explore the Chippewa Valley Museum as you may find out thrilling matters and feature a laugh as well. The Chippewa Valley Museum rests under towering pines in Eau Claire’s lovely Carson Park, a 134-acre peninsula nestled inside horseshoe-formed Half Moon Lake.

The Chippewa Valley Museum is devoted to connecting humans to the town and galvanizing interest with the aid of collecting, sharing, and keeping the region’s ancient and cultural resources. Chippewa Valley Museum gives faculty excursions and organization excursions because it brings college students head to head with cultures, artifacts, and thoughts important to the Chippewa Valley, which dates lower back to the 1650s.

15. The Brewing Projekt

The Brewing Projekt is devoted to generating terrific beers. Enjoy a while together along with your pals as you go to the Brewing Projekt to have a drink or with them.

The Brewing Projekt began in 2013, and its project is to create the quality beer every person will love. The brewing taproom is amusing for households and pals seeking out unique, fresh, and thrilling beers.

The Brewing Projekt’s taproom is family-pleasant and dog-pleasant. Try tasting their beer from the 20-line faucet tower, and you could additionally revel in gambling a sport of Kubb from the kubb pitch.

Some of the liquids and beers you’ll discover in Brewing Projekt are in extraordinary collections and variants, consisting of the Dare Mighty matters IPA & Variants, Resist Milk-Shake IPA & Variants, Puff tart & puff tart xl, and others.

16. Mount Simon Park

Mount Simon Park is an extremely good area to discover to experience hiking, rock-climbing, rock scrambling, Cliff-leaping into the Chippewa River, fishing, snowshoeing, geocaching, and lots of others.

Mount Simon Park functions white pines, hardwoods, and different herbal things, such as squirrels and unique forms of birds.

Mount Simon Park includes modern baseball fields with correct facilities so one can make you experience the park. The baseball vicinity has a snug and great seating capacity of approximately two hundred persons.

17. Lazy Monk Brewing

Lazy Monk Brewing capabilities a European craft brewer that specializes in conventional Bohemian and German beers. Lazy Monk Brewing is likewise outstanding at generating IPAs, Stouts, and Ales.

Lazy Monk Brewing exists out of a choice to serve nearby humans appropriate excellent beers. They focus on brewing Czech and German beers.

Lazy Monk Brewing additionally serves British and American seasonal beers in addition to specific limited-version excursion beers. Some of the most well-known beers of the brewery are the Bohemian Dark Lager and the Bohemian Pilsner.

The beers made in Lazy Monk Brewing are have-crafted using the best neighborhood and imported ingredients. Lazy Monk Brewing has a family-pleasant beer and a lager lawn overlooking the Chippewa River located in downtown Eau Claire.

18. Fun at Carson Park

Carson Park is an ancient park located in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. It rests on a 134-acre (54.2 ha) peninsula created on an oxbow lake, Half Moon Lake, that turned into a part of the previous route of the Chippewa River.

The park includes football, baseball, and softball venues, and the Chippewa Valley Museum.

Donated in 1914 to Eau Claire via way of means of the heirs to lumber baron William Carson, and additionally named in his honor, Carson Park has become open to the general public the subsequent year.

The park includes museums: the Paul Bunyan Logging Camp Museum, which opened in 1934, and the Chippewa Valley Museum in 1974.

19. Downtown Farmers Market

Downtown Farmers Market is an amazing area to shop for neighborhood gadgets and meals and additionally consume clean produce. You’re positive to experience first-rate purchasing as you go to the Downtown Farmers Market.

The marketplace is located in Phoenix Park in downtown Eau Claire; the Farmers Market fosters a connection among its own circle of relatives, farms, and the community.

You will now no longer be most effective in purchasing clean, regionally produced products, however, you may additionally get the possibility to talk without delay with the person that grows, raises, or creates the foods.

It is likewise a great spot for your own circle of relatives and buddies to fulfill because the marketplace has neighborhood musicians playing varieties of songs you’ll love.

20. Phoenix Park

Phoenix Park is located in the heart of downtown Eau Claire, and the park is the hub for all matters in Eau Claire. Phoenix Park stands proper alongside the banks of the Chippewa River.

Phoenix Park is a first-rate and thrilling region to go to while you need to soak yourself in a number of pleasant herbal attractions and revel in unique kinds of matters.

Phoenix Park additionally serves because of the Chippewa River State Trail; it presents a foot labyrinth, a herbal amphitheater, and it hosts concert events and different activities.

Take a walk through the park together along with your pals or your own circle of relatives to revel in the scenic perspectives of nature, take a journey to the park each Saturday at some stage in the hotter months for the Eau Claire Farmers Market. You will revel in looking at the twinkly bushes all through the icy months.

21. Children’s Museum of Eau Claire

The Children’s Museum of Eau Claire is an interesting middle for children and adults that evokes creativity, imagination, discovery, and the affection of getting to know.

The Children’s Museum of Eau Claire is a favorite vacation spot for households in Chippewa Valley.

It affords non-conventional gaining knowledge of possibilities to assist kids to see, touch, research, and develop their manner through crucial developmental milestones like hands-on well-known shows and “edu-training” programs.

The Children’s Museum of Eau Claire gives 5 thrilling reveals designed to help youngsters deliver ten years of vintage and adults research via hands-on play and others.

22. Infinity Beverages Winery & Distillery

Infinity Beverages Winery and Distillery opened in 2010 as its miles devoted to growing a great array of super-tasting spirits and wines. Innovation is what they’re targeted at, and with their relentless “liquid innovation,” they are able to produce superb wines and spirits.

Visit the Infinity Beverages Winery and Distillery together with your pals to discover and revel in their candy wines and spirits; the merchandise is unique.

23. Chippewa River Trail

One of the fine activities in Eau Claire, WI is exploring the  Chippewa River Trail,  it’s really well worth including in our checklist.

Chippewa River State Trail functions as a 26-mile urban-rural rail path located in western Wisconsin, which follows the direction of the Chippewa River.

The Chippewa River Trail runs from the confluence of the Chippewa with the Eau Claire River, at Phoenix Park in downtown Eau Claire, assembling the Red Cedar State Trail near Red Cedar, to the city of Durand.

The river path is likewise linked with many greater minor routes in the metropolis of Eau Claire, which include a strolling direction through Putnam Park at the ways west region of the park; you’ll additionally discover get admission to the Farmer’s Market in Phoenix Park, which opens on Saturday mornings.

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