23 Best & Fun Things to Do in Durant (OK)

Are you in search of the best and most fun things to do in Durant, OK?

Well, I am pleased to let you know that there is a wide range of thrilling activities you can engage yourself in while in Durant, Ok.

You will find Durant in Bryan county, and this city is known to be the capital city of Oklahoma(the Choctaw Nation) and is popularly called the “Magnolia Capital of Oklahoma.”

The census carried out in 2010 revealed that Durant had a population of about forty-two thousand, four hundred and sixteen (42,416).

I will like to state that with numerous infrastructures, and attractions in Durant, it is undoubtedly a city with several opportunities in terms of investment, employment, and lots more.

That being said, I will be listing and explaining about 23 fun things you can do as fun during the period you will be staying in Durant, OK.

23 Best & Fun Things to Do in Durant (OK)

1. Old Ice House Beer Garden

Old Ice House Beer Garden located in Durant’s historic downtown is the most suitable place to get great food and exquisite drinks.

Initially, it was built as an ice manufacturing plant after which it was renovated into a classic restaurant.

In Old Ice House Beer Garden, you will get served tasty food like delicious French bread pizza and their favorite dish, the Ham jam Sandwich.

Also, you will have a wide variety of local wine and craft beers at your disposal, as well as a very nice place to relax while enjoying a tasty meal and fantastic drinks.

Address:215 North 3rdAvenue, Durant, OK 74701.

2. Hometown Hideout

Sitting and sipping a drink in Hometown Hideout can be regarded as one of the fun things to do in Durant for a memorable experience.

This fun spot offers flavorful chilled drinks and a relaxing environment for you to relax while enjoying your drinks.

Also, the services of their amazing bartenders can’t be neglected, they are always cheerful and patient while attending to their customers.

Address: 1319 N 1st Ave, Durant, OK 74701, United States.

3. Choctaw Casino Resort

If you want to have extraordinary fun and entertainment, a visit to Choctaw Casino Resort will help you achieve this.

Featuring a good number of poker rooms, seven thousand, four hundred (7,400) slot machines, a Spa tower that features two hundred and eighty-six rooms, and about one hundred (100) table games, it is safe to describe the Resort as all-encompassing.

In addition to this, there are two outdoor swimming, the Oasis Pool area, an arcade game room with several kinds of games, sixteen (16) restaurants,  four (4) bars or lounges, and a cafe all in the hotel.

That being said, this hotel is one of the most exciting places in Durant, OK you can visit, and everything you need to have an amazing time can also be found therein.

Address:4216 South Highway 69/75, Durant, OK 74701.

4. Iron Horse Gallery & Gifts

Are you an art lover? If yes, visit Iron Horse Gallery & Gifts, an art gallery, and a gift shop to see fascinating items.

Surprisingly, every piece of artwork you will see there was made by a lady known as Janie, and they were all made out of passion.

She is one of the well-known creative artists known for her incredible arts and sculptures, which you can locate at the Choctaw Casino and headquarters with numerous spots spread across the state.

Some of her artworks include watercolor, acrylic, and oil sculptures, which serve as proof of how talented and skilled she is.

Address: 117 South 5th Avenue, Durant, OK 74701.

5. EC Escape Rooms

Playing escape games at Ec Escape rooms is one of the major fun things to do in Durant, OK, and interestingly, the game is also educating.

If you fall under the category of people who love to brainstorm and carry out tasks, then, this is the perfect game for you.

s a perfect game for those who love brain-tasking and challenging games because they are basically about how sensitive you are.

What happens is that you are expected to find clues keys and solve puzzles to ou to escape the room within a limited amount of time.

I recommend this game for couples, family, and friends because the game requires teamwork, so, playing with your loved ones can create a bonding time.

Address:3803 W Main St, Durant, OK 74701, United States

6. RibCrib BBQ

RibCrib BBQ is one of the best places to have a good meal whether breakfast, launch, or dinner in Durant, OK.

Some of the dishes they serve their guests include pulled pork, sandwiches, shredded brisket, ribs, and other wonderful dishes.

In addition to this, RibCrib BBQ serves the best and most tasty barbecues and even chilled drinks to compliment the meals.

You will find RibCrib BBQ open every day of the week from 11am-to 9 pm.

Address:311 Westside Dr, Durant, OK 74701, United States

7. Journey Well Spa

Journey Well Spa is best described as a unique spa featuring infrared sauna sessions, group events on natural healing, private yoga lessons, raw food preparation, cupping, and offering excellent services.

In addition to this, the spa offers massage therapies, microdermabrasion, SCITON-BBL laser-based facials, and facials that make you feel good about your body.

While they make use of natural organic skincare products suitable for everybody according to their skin needs, they endeavor to create awareness about the importance of sound health and fitness.

Address: 123 W Main St, Durant, OK 74701, United States

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8. Holiday Inn Express & Suites Durant, an IHG Hotel

The need to lodge during your stay in Durant, OK may arise, I recommend  Holiday Inn Express & Suites Durant to be your best option.

This is because they take care of your every need, and their rooms are pleasingly furnished with a television, air conditioner, small fridge, microwave, wardrobe, and every other thing you need.

Also, they serve tasty meals and ensure that their visitors are comfortable and safe.

Furthermore, this incredible hotel has an enormous parking space, 24/7 laundry facilities, a clean environment as well as outstanding customer service.

Address:613 University Pl, Durant, OK 74701, United States

9. U-We Gifts

Located n the historic downtown of Durant in Oklahoma, U-We Gifts is a unique gift store and craft studio where you can find beautiful items such as customized cutting boards, pocket knives, flasks, and several other gift items.

Also, in U-We Gifts, they have special diffusing oils, outstanding home decor, wax, nightdresses, pajamas, room sprays, and so much more.

You can find this place open from Tuesday to Friday from 11 am to 6 pm, and Saturday from 11 am to 3 am.

Address:209 N 2nd Ave, Durant, OK 74701, United States

10. Holiday Inn Express & Suites Durant, an IHG Hotel

The need to lodge during your stay in Durant, OK may arise, I recommend  Holiday Inn Express & Suites Durant to be your best option.

This is because they take care of your every need, and their rooms are pleasingly furnished with a television, air conditioner, small fridge, microwave, wardrobe, and every other thing you need.

Also, they serve tasty meals and ensure that their visitors are comfortable and safe.

Furthermore, this incredible hotel has an enormous parking space, 24/7 laundry facilities, a clean environment as well as outstanding customer service.

Address:613 University Pl, Durant, OK 74701, United States

11. Durant Rodeo

You will agree with me that it’s fun watching professionals fight animals like horses and cows.

Since the establishment of the Durant Riding Club in 1941, a large number of people from far and wide come to watch because it has gained recognition in the city.

If you have dreams of becoming a modern cowboy, here is an opportunity for you to learn.

Please note that the riding event starts in June, and you will be opportune to watch professionals battle with animals.

Address: 1901 South 9th Avenue, Durant OK.

12. Elements Art Center

All art fanatics in Durant, OK should head to Elements Art Center because I am sure that it will be a memorable experience for you.

It is a locally-owned art center whose gates are open to the general public irrespective of their skill level.

Here, you will be prompted to bring all your creativity to the table because art is majorly all about having a creative and productive mind, and your passion also has to come to play.

Address: 305 West Main Durant, OK 74701.

13. Fort Washita

If you are a history enthusiast, you can’t afford to leave Durant, OK without visiting the Fort Washita museum which serves as a home to numerous American history.

In this museum, you will see historical artifacts and facts used during the civil war.

Also, you can as well listen to age-old stories and other essential information you have most likely not heard of.

Address: 3348 Highway 199, Durant, OK 74701.

14. Southeastern Oklahoma State University

Spending a day at the Southeastern Oklahoma State University’s Theater is counted as one of the best things to do in Durant.

The university has several theaters where various well-known plays, social dramas, and literature characters are produced.

Furthermore, the Southeastern Oklahoma State University theater features live performances that will get you thrilled while watching.

Address: 425 West University Boulevard, Durant, OK 74701.

15. Carl Albert Memorial Park

Carl Albert Memorial Park is undoubtedly one of the fun things to do in Durant because you will find a wide range of fun activities as well attractive amenities in the park.

The park occupies sixteen(16) acres of land featuring different outdoor facilities and activities including a fantastic playground, three lighted tennis courts, a swimming pool, and a skate park.

Worthy of mention are the paved trails through giant trees, a spot for grilling, and a large grassy space most suitable for picnics and relaxation.

That being said, Carl Albert Memorial Park is filled with fun, so feel free to come along with your family and friends so as to have a wonderful picnic together.

Address: 1301 Gail Farrell Drive, Durant, OK 74701.

16. Lost Street Brewing Co.

Lost Street Brewing Co. is one of the highly ranked family-owned breweries in Durant, and it’s just the perfect spot for family hangouts.

You will be offered savory craft beers and wine with an exceptional quality that gives you maximum satisfaction for your money.

Additionally, they offer free popcorn and other outstanding local items for sale.

You can find Lost Street Brewing Company open on Wednesday and Thursday from 3 pm to 9 pm, Friday from 3 pm to 10 pm, Saturday from 12 pm to 10 pm, and Sunday from 12 pm to 6 pm.

Address: 109 W Lost St, Durant, OK 74701, United States

17. Three Valley Museum

It is safe to say that Three Valley Museum is one of the most educational centers in Durant, interestingly, it is open for both adults and children.

Three Valley Museum houses a wide range of historical artifacts which illustrates the accurate history of Bryan county.

You will find Three Valley Museum open on Tuesday to Friday from 1 pm- 5 pm, and closed on Saturday, Sunday and Monday.

Address:401 West Main, Durant, OK 74701.

18. Bubba’s Brewhouse

Here is one of the best brewery houses located in Durant, and it’s made up of numerous fun things to assist you to enjoy your time.

They also serve incredible craft beers that are unique and flavorful, while getting you entertained with  DJs, live music performances, and karaoke.

Also, if you are a lover of volleyball, Bubba’s Brewhouse has a sand volleyball court for volleyball games to engage you in an exciting fun friendly competition.

It has the perfect atmosphere for fun family reunions and they serve tasty burgers as well as other food to complete the tasty beer. 

Address:9125 US-70, Durant, OK 74701, United States

19. Body Business Day Spa

Don’t you think your body deserves a treat as well during your vacation in Durant, OK?

If you want something like that for yourself, do visit the Body Business Day Spa as they have well-trained and professional therapists who offer body treatment according to individual needs.

Also, you can get the best body massages alongside aromatherapy, which helps you to relax and feel great.

Address: 211 West Main Street, Durant, OK 74701.

20. The Country Framer

This place is the favorite destination for tourists in search of something outstanding and special as well as a lot of creativity.

The Country Framer displays wonderful pottery works, unique pens, beautiful glass art pieces, and various other artworks. 

This shop is a place to be if you want to see the creativity of the people of Durant.

That being said, you can visit The Country Framer to get amazing art pieces and stunning souvenirs to serve as a gift to yourself, friends, and for remembrance.

If you go to Country Framer on Monday to Friday from 10 am to 4 pm and Saturday from 10 am to 2 pm, you will find it open.

21. Magnolia Cafe

Magnolia Cafe is well-known across Durant as a result of the tasty dishes they always serve that meet up to expectations.

It is a family-owned cafe, which serves incredible foods suitable for breakfasts and lunch.

In addition to this, they offer takeaway or home delivery as well.

Magnolia Cafe makes fantastic fried chicken, coconut cream pie, burgers, omelets, sandwiches, tasty bacon, French toast, sausage, and pancakes in a pleasant environment.

It is safe to describe this place as the perfect cafe for an outdoor homemade dish, especially for your family.

Address: 901 N 1st Ave, Durant, OK 74701, United States

22. Panaderia Villegas

If you want to treat your taste bud to great Mexican cuisine, Panaderia Villegas is the best place to go.

Here, you will be presented with fantastic Mexican dishes ranging from chorizo, fajitas, Tacos, rice & beans, barbacoa, and pastor to delicious huevos at a reasonable price.

Worthy of note is their environments, including restrooms which are always neat, and the members of staff are respectable and patient.

Address: 510 S 9th Ave, Durant, OK 74701, United States

23. The Modern Tot

If you want to shop for your kids and have fun while at it, then, the Modern Tot is the best place to go.

In this place, you will find stylish and smart outfits for kids being sold at an affordable rate.

You may even exceed your budget or get confused as to which one to pick and not to.

This means that the Modern Tot has more than enough to take care of your children’s wardrobe.

Don’t bother about the durability of clothes, they don’t just sell flashy wear but clothes that are of high quality and will last for a long time.

You will find Modern Tot open from Tuesday to Saturday from 10 am to 6 pm.

Address:105 South 2nd Avenue, Durant, OK.

In conclusion, Durant, OK is an incredible city with lots of attractive spots where you can participate in fun activities.

Which of the aforementioned places are you willing to explore?

Let me know your experience and I wish you safe travels.

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