23 Best & Fun Things to Do in Cleethorpes (Lincolnshire, England)


Cleethorpes is a coastal town in North East Lincolnshire, England, on the estuary of the Humber, with a population of approximately 40,000 in 2011.

It has been continuously colonized since the 6th century, with fishing as its primary industry before evolving into a tourist destination in the 19th century.

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Here’s a list of fun stuff you can try out in Cleethorpes (Lincolnshire, England)

1. Waltham Windmill


Waltham Windmill is a windmill located in Lincolnshire’s rural countryside, not far from Cleethorpes.


In the year 1666, a windmill was erected in this location. The surroundings have some historic architecture, with structures dating back to 1878.

Waltham Windmill was decommissioned in 1963 due to disrepair. It wasn’t fully repaired until 2013. Its caps are in good shape today, and the same can be said about its sail. The mill is occasionally used to grind flour.

2. Cleethorpes Boating Lake

The Cleethorpes Boating Lake is located on the resort’s southern edge. A tiny waterway connects the two lakes.

The Cleethorpes Boating Lake is primarily used for boating, but many people also fish here. You can rent a boat or row boat from the boathouse on the south end of the area if you don’t have one.

Also, the lit fountain in the center of the area is worth seeing.


You are free to explore the trail that runs alongside the water. A Lombardy-poplar, Corsican pine, copper beech, Monterey pine, fruit trees, and many more may be found along this walk, all of which provide a stunning natural perspective.

3. Cleethorpes Leisure Center

Cleethorpes Leisure Center is a family entertainment facility in the town of Cleethorpes. This facility has a pool with a wave machine, an aqua slide, and other amenities. Just beside it, there’s a baby look.

Spend some time relaxing in the Health Suite section, where you can use the Sauna, Jacuzzi, Steam room, or showers. This is a great way to unwind after a workout in the fitness suite, which is packed with equipment for a complete body workout.

You can also choose to participate in one of the many indoor sporting activities available on the squash court, which will provide a fun family activity to add to your list of things to do in Cleethorpes.

4. Grimsby

While you’re in the vicinity, visit Grimsby, which is noted for being a traditional fishing port.

Fishing is one of the town’s main economic activities, however, it’s worth noting that the fishing industry in this area isn’t what it used to be before the middle of the twentieth century.

This occurred due to the region’s Cold Wars with Iceland in the middle of the twentieth century.

The Dock Tower, which was completed in 1852 and is around 61 meters long, is a noteworthy monument worth seeing while you’re here.

5. Cleethorpes Coast Light Railway

One of the nicest things to do in Cleethorpes is to visit the Cleethorpes Coast Light Railway. This miniature railway can be found along Cleethorpes’ seafront.

The Cleethorpes Coast Light Railway is a small railway that has been operating for more than 70 years.

You have the option of riding a diesel or steam locomotive. There are roughly twelve of them, the oldest of which was erected in 1933.

Check out Lakeside Central’s main station. The Signal Box Inn, as well as a cafe and tavern, are located at this station.

This pub is relatively small, with only four customers at any given moment.

6. Cleethorpes Beach

Consider spending some of your holidays in Cleethorpes at the beach.

By the shore, you’ll discover gardens, promenades, amusements, and cafes where you can purchase an ice cream or a cup of coffee at Cleethorpes seafront.

You will notice the messy aspect of the beach when you are here. During low tides, you’ll also notice a lot of muck in the area.

How about getting your hands on a 4,000-year-old stump? These are the ruins of a forest that formerly stood here.

It’s worth noting that if you go to the beach during the summer vacation, the beach, particularly the pier area, will almost certainly be crowded.

7. Treasure Trail Cleethorpes

The Cleethorpes Mystery Treasure Trail is a great way to have fun while learning about the town.

The trail is based on a murder mystery. You’ll find riddles throughout the trail path that you can solve by looking for hidden clues in monuments, existing buildings, and other permanent structures in the area.

The Mystery Treasure Trail begins at the Tourist Information Center on Alexandra Road and travels in a circle through Sea View, as well as sites like High Street and St Peter’s Avenue.

Following this path will also lead you down to the pier.

The route is subject to vary each year, but those interested in following it can purchase a Trail guide when they arrive.

8. Jungle Zoo

Cleethorpes Boating Lake is close to Jungle Zoo. This zoo is an animal attraction that was created with the goal of bringing children together with friendly animals and allowing them to interact with them.

Kune Kune pigs, pygmy goats, meerkats, capuchin monkeys, and ring-tailed lemurs are among the creatures found in the Jungle Zoo.

A variety of species, including barn owls, macaws, and Amazon parrots, can also be found.

There is also a terrarium with reptile species such as softshell turtles, chameleons, a variety of frogs, and a Burmese python.

9. Cleethorpes Country Park

The Cleethorpes Country Park is a big area near the Cleethorpes Golf Club. This region used to be open farmland. However, in 1988, when a seven-acre lake was carved out of the center, things changed.

You are free to explore the paths on this farm, which spans 153 acres, any day of the week.

If you travel in the winter, you can take advantage of the gorgeous birds that flock to this area at that time of year (they are often visitors though).

One of these species is the Skylark, which can be easily identified by its characteristic red crest and can be found largely in the park’s grassland section.

10. Cleethorpes Pier

In the year 1873, Cleethorpes Pier initially opened its doors. It stood at a height of around 365 meters at the time of its launch.

Because there was such a large disparity between the low and high tides in the estuary, the height was chosen to compensate for it.

However, when the Germans attacked the rest of the world in World War II, the pier’s height was perceived as a weakness, and it was reduced by around 100 meters.

Part of the structure was destroyed by fire over time, leaving only the pavilion.

The pavilion has served as an amusement arcade, a nightclub, and an exhibition hall, among other things.

11. Remembrance Gate

The Remembrance Gate is the final item on our list of fantastic things to do in Cleethorpes. This monument was erected in honor of the Armed Forces for their valor in serving their country.

The Remembrance Gate is a remarkable structure that cannot be hidden. The arch is made of stainless steel and is supported by stone pillars. A crest on the arch depicts the Army’s crossed swords, the Royal Air Force’s eagle, and a Naval anchor in the center.

Stainless steel plaques adorn each pillar, with granite plaques adorning either side. The arch was illuminated with upcycled decorative lamps.

12. Blundell Park

This is a great destination for sports aficionados, particularly soccer fans. Even if you are not a soccer fan, you will enjoy the atmosphere and history.

Grimsby Town Football Club plays its home games at Blundell Park. In the year 1899, this stadium was completed and inaugurated.

Unfortunately, only one of the original stands is still standing in the stadium. This is reflected in the seating capacity of this venue, which is approximately 9,052.

Due to the club’s multiple relegations in previous years, the attendance capacity is relatively low. The capacity dropped from 27,000 to 12,000 as a result of more relegation woes, and after the expansion seating was removed as a result of more relegation woes, the capacity dropped to what it is now.

Despite this, the club has a successful history, having played top-flight clubs such as Manchester United and Wolverhampton Wanderers.

13. Saint Peter’s church

Saint Peter’s Church is one of the attractions to see in Cleethorpes. It is located on St Peter’s Avenue, which runs through the heart of the city. This colossal structure has a long and illustrious history in this town.

The history of Saint Peter’s church may be traced back to Reverend William Price Jones’ appointment. At the age of 29, he was appointed to Cleethorpes in 1850.

He showed incredible commitment to bringing this small Church of England community a new life despite the Methodist supremacy in the area as a young man with boundless energy and ambition. Its population has grown from 1,000 to almost 40,000 people.

14. Fishing Heritage Center

The Fishing Heritage Center, located in Grimsby near Cleethorpes, gives you a glimpse of Grimsby in the 1950s when it was still a modest fishing hamlet.

Original trawlers and fish traps can be found at the Center. The town uses a boat, a fishing line, various hooks, nets, and other fishing equipment.

Except for Mondays and holidays, the Heritage Center is open all year.

15. Dolphin Gardens

Dolphin Gardens is a nature lover’s paradise, and it’s located along Cleethorpes Beach, near the Central Promenade.

Dolphin Gardens is a seaside park that is also a Green Flag winner every year. This garden, which dates back to the 1860s, features carpet lawns and flower beds, as well as bushes, hedges, and rocks.

In the center of the garden, there is also an attractive waterfall, which is quite a sight to behold.

There are putting greens and a golf course here, in addition to the ornaments.

You’ll be able to enjoy wonderful distant vistas of areas like the Humber Estuary and Ross Castle, which is located at the southern end of the county.

16. Tetney Marshes

Tetney Marshes is near Thorpe Park Holiday and is located along the coast.

The Tetney Marshes, managed by the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB), is one of the Humber Estuary’s natural reserves.

This place is home to a large number of species, providing an unforgettable experience for bird enthusiasts.

The number of waders on Tetney Marshes peaks at about 30000 in September and October.

17. The Magical Castle Soft Play

Are you looking for something exciting to do with the kids in Cleethorpes? , then a trip to The Magical Castle Soft Play is ideal.

The Magical Castle Soft Play is right on the seafront in Cleethorpes. The extensive indoor play areas at this castle provide hours of entertainment for children of all ages.

A bouncy castle, hamster wheel, dizzy discs, a ball pool with a ball blower, slides and tunnels, a four-story play structure, and balance beams are just a few of the exciting features.

If your children are old enough and daring enough, they can experience the “Black Hole,” a tunnel slide.

The park is open every day of the year. Before your children may use the facilities, you will have to pay a little fee.

18. Greenwich Meridian Line

The majority of visitors travel to Cleethorpes to view this small town at 0° Longitude on the Prime Meridian. As it approaches the Humber Estuary, the Greenwich Meridian Line passes through this town.

As you continue the coastal walk, you’ll come across this line around the south end of the Boating Lake.

On the ground, a bronze marker depicts the Meridian Line. It’s just near the benches with views of the estuary.

Along the trail, there are signposts that indicate directions and distances to far destinations like the South Pole (which is about 9,919 miles away), New York (which is about 3,418 miles away), and close distances like London (which is about 3,418 miles away).

19. Weelsby Woods

Weelsby Woods was given to Grimsby by the Boston Deep Sea Fishing and Ice Company in the 1950s. Weelsby Woods is located on the border of Grimsby and Cleethorpes.

Weelsby Woods is a large park where previously stood a grand house.

Among the park’s highlights are manicured lawns, forests, and meadows.

The entrance to the Woods is also guarded by a pair of ornate stone lion statues. A local fishing merchant paid for these statues in 1876, but they weren’t handed to the community until 1915.

20. Cleethorpes Discovery Center

Are you seeking a place where you may learn about this town’s culture? Then this is the spot for you to go.

The Cleethorpes Discovery Center is located on the Cleethorpes Boating Lake’s shoreline. The Center is divided into two levels. The Exhibition Gallery is located on one of the levels, while the Community Gallery is located on the other.

You may visit contemporary exhibitions that tell a lot about the town’s history in these galleries. On show will be working by both local and foreign artists.

21. Lollipop Train

A journey on the Lollipop road train, which will take you to some of the top Cleethorpes attractions, is one of the best things to do in Cleethorpes.

No one has been left out of the fun thanks to walkways that are freely accessible by wheelchair and pushchair. Before the ride, the children are handed a lollipop.

Mr. Nejrup Borge owns the Lollipop land train.

You are welcome to bring your pets as long as they are kept on a short leash.

As you enjoy a relaxing trip on this train, you will be treated to some of the town’s most stunning sights, including the sea, the beach, and flower fields.

22. Armed Forces Day Parades

Armed Forces Day Parades are held in Cleethorpes on the town’s waterfront on the last weekend of June. The purpose of this event is to honor the Armed Forces in this region.

Fireworks, parades, commemoration ceremonies, live music provided by military bands, air displays, and many other entertaining events are among the highlights of the celebration.

If you’re going to be in town at this time of year, you might as well partake in the festivities.

23. Ross Castle

Ross Castle is a must-see in this town. Manchester, Sheffield, and Lincolnshire Railway constructed this castle in 1863.

The castle’s location on the highest point of a cliff was a notable feat during its construction.

Edward Ross designed it, and it features a pattern that resembles a Medieval ruin. The railway company’s Secretary was Edward Ross.

Some of the features of the edifice include a flagpole (on which the Blue Flag is flown), stonework that is a piece of art, and much more.

The greatest view of the Pier Gardens, beach, and pier is from this castle.


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