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23 Best & Fun Things to Do in Black Mountain (NC)

You may have heard of Black Mountain, NC, and now you are wondering if there are fun things you can engage yourself with while in the city.

Although Black Mountain is classified as a small, old-fashioned town, it is still alluring and beautiful. 

There is a wide range of outdoor activities and adventurous amenities it offers to both locals and visitors including breweries and eateries, art galleries, handicraft stores, museums, and many more.

I would like to state that it is safe to refer to Black Mountain as an artist’s Mecca due to the various galleries you can find in the city which display the purest and most extraordinary types of Southern Appalachian crafts and arts. 

That being said, I will talk about the 23 best and most fun things you can do in  Black Mountain, NC.

23 Best & Fun Things to Do in Black Mountain (NC)

1. Biltmore Village

The essence of establishing the Biltmore Village by George Vanderbilt is to help in promoting an independent and growing community.

Since its inception in 1973, it has served as a host to the American handmade craft items as well as the Southern Highland Craft Gallery; there are presently several art galleries to find here, including the New Morning Gallery.

That being said, all the Craft Gallery does is display modern and traditional crafts of over 800 local artists that are part of the Southern Highland Craft Guild. 

Address: 10 Brook St, Asheville, NC 28803

2. Downtown Black Mountain

Downtown Black Mountain is yet another must-visit place in the city and it features various indigenous shops, breweries, art galleries,  as well as eateries thereby allowing visitors to experience a memorable shopping time.

Furthermore, this town has more than thirty restaurants and forty shops and is known as one of the most beautiful towns in America.

In the past, the town used to be a center for arts, little wonder why you will find several art galleries in the town that will give you deep insight into its history. 

Address: Black Mountain, NC, United States

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3. Bella Gallery

The Bella Gallery is another fun place where art lovers can go to feed their eyes on the Black mountain.

On getting there, you will see a wide selection of affordable art pieces created by both skilled and upcoming indigenous artists whose works are marked as excellent and meet the standard and quality set by Bella Gallery.

In addition to this, visitors can find quality jewelry, sculptures, pottery, paintings, wood, and Estate Jewelry, and the original artworks are of great quality, and only the best are displayed.

Address: 112 A Cherry St, Black Mountain, NC 28711

4. Trails in Black Mountain

Every hiker should endeavor to visit the trails in Black Mountain. 

Aside from hiking, some of the activities you can carry out there are fishing, walking, and camping in places like Lake Lure at Chimney Rock State Park, 30 minutes away from Black Mountain.

Address: Black Mountain, NC, United States

5. Creative Mountain Food Tours

Another interesting thing you can do in Black Mountain, especially as a  food lover, is to join the Creative Mountain Food Tours, this way you can tour most of the restaurants in the city.

You will have the opportunity to visit about five or six dessert shops and eateries for food tasting and beverages within 2.5-3 hours maximum.

During the tour, you will be permitted to discuss with your tour mates as well as the locals as you will be opportune to converse with indigenous restaurant owners, guides, and chefs. 

Address: W State St, Black Mountain, NC 28711,

6. Restaurants and Breweries

If you are looking forward to satisfying your cravings, you should pay a visit to the Restaurants and Breweries and you won’t regret it.

Although Black Mountain is a small town, nevertheless, you will find all the important amenities you need including restaurants and breweries.

It houses over 35 restaurants and three breweries including the Lookout Brewery and Pisgah Brewery.

Address: Black Mountain, United States

7. Black Mountain Golf Course

As a golfer, a visit to Black Mountain Golf Course shouldn’t be missing from your list of fun things to do in Black Mountain, NC.

Located at the astonishing Black Mountain Range base in Western North Carolina, the Mountain Golf Course was constructed in 1929.

Furthermore, you will find its golf course settled in the middle of the historic Black Mountain having a distance of seventeen miles east of Asheville.

Address: 575 Black Mountain Dr, Kelowna, BC V1P 1P7, Kanada

8. Seven Sisters Gallery

Every Art lover ought to visit Seven Sisters Gallery before leaving Black Mountain, NC.

Furthermore, the Seven Sisters Gallery originally kicked off operations in 1981 and since then they have succeeded in building an enviable reputation thereby putting them on the map as a preferred destination for lovers of craft and fine arts.

That being said, the gallery occupies 3000 Square feet and houses the artworks of over 250 artists ranging from sculpture, handmade pottery, woodwork, and glass to the rest.

Address: 117 Cherry St, Black Mountain, NC 28711, USA

9. Folk Art Center

Are you an art lover and vintage art pieces? Then, a visit to the Folk Art Center should be one of the best things to do in Black Mountain.

The art center features woven artifacts, and locally-produced furniture, two floors of beautiful glassware, a craft library, an auditorium, the Allanstand Craft shop, the country’s most ancient continually managed craft shop, and three galleries as well as the Eastern National Bookstore and Information Center.

It is safe to refer to the Folk Art Center as a home to a wide range of craftworks produced by indigenous people of the Southern Highland Handicraft Guild in an area that spans the Blue Ridge Parkway.

Address: 382 Blue Ridge Pkwy, Asheville, NC 28805,

10. Visit the Art abounds

Since it kicked off operation in 2000, the Art Abounds provides visitors with classic events, festivals, theatrical performances, art exhibits, and various programs for individuals in writing, visual arts, music, dance, and many more.

Some of the fun activities carried out in this facility include summer banks, talk shows, and workshops. 

Furthermore, the Black Mountain Center for the Arts hosts an annual Art Auction in early spring, and it also conducts a yearly Art in Bloom, a 3-day art show.

Address: 225 W State St, Black Mountain, NC 28711-3408

11. Lake Tomahawk

 Lake Tomahawk, 0.4 miles from Black Mountain is one of the stunning places to visit in Black Mountain, NC, as it has an enormous reservoir that accommodates geese and ducks during migration season.

This is a place where you can visit to watch birds hovering in the sky and don’t forget to take a truckload of pictures because the background is ideal for taking beautiful photos.

Some of the fun activities you can engage in as visitors are picnicking, boating on the lovely water but not in a motorized boat, and going fishing in the area, however, it is only for people who have a North Carolina fishing license. 

Address: 401 Laurel Cir Dr #3061, Black Mountain, NC 28711,

12. Red House Studios and Art Gallery.

Are you a lover of the arts? If yes, I bet you will have a fulfilling time spending your day at the Red House Studios and Art Gallery located in Black Mountain, NC. 

It is this place that houses the well-known Swannanoa Valley Fine Arts League and is situated near the Monte Vista hotel. 

The essence of establishing this art gallery is to create a home for artists both from this region and other regions and Red House Studios and Art Gallery features three galleries, studios,  a classroom, and a gift shop.

Address: 310 W State St, Black Mountain, NC 28711,

13. White Horse Black Mountain

It’s not surprising that a visit to the White Horse Black Mountain made it to my list of things to do in Black Mountain, NC.

Previously, this plan was a Chevrolet dealership before the White Horse Black Mountain was changed into a music and art center. 

Furthermore, the place is widely known to have a large forum for poetry, hosting concerts, theatre, and storytelling, and smoking is not permitted in the White Horse Black Mountain.

Address: 105 Montreat Rd, Black Mountain, NC 28711,

 14. Sourwood Festival

Participating actively in the Sourwood festival is another fun thing you can do in Black Mountain, NC. 

In addition to this, it is a family and street-like festival that includes face painting, carnival rides, crafts and art, music performances, bouncy rides, and honey and bee demonstrations. 

During this festival that takes place in different places on the street, you will see approximately 200 vendors, and you can treat your stomach to a delicious meal while enjoying the sounds of live music performances.

Address: 201 E State St, Black Mountain, NC 28711, USA

15. Town Square

Paying a visit to the Town Square in Black Mountain is yet another fun  thing to do in the city

This place is seen in stunning gardens having numerous benches in different areas of the Town square where people can enjoy the beautiful outdoors.

Additionally, the Town Square features a splash fountain area for sculptures, children, and ablutions. 

You can also find boutiques, ice cream shops, restaurants, cafes, old-fashioned shops, and many more.

 Address: Black Mountain, NC, United States

16. Robert Lake Park

Robert Lake is one of the outstanding play areas and is known as a perfect location for weekend getaways with family and friends.

In addition to this, the Robert Lake Park features several playground equipment, rocky streams of water and small pools, stepping stones, and boulders.

Furthermore, this beautiful Lake Park enables kids to learn how to hike the steep trails gently, and just as the name implies, it has a lake, canoes and boats, and various shops.

Address: 317 Texas Rd, Montreat, NC 28757

 17. Thomas Wolfe Memorial

Are you a history enthusiast? If yes,  a visit to the state history museum known as Thomas Wolfe Memorial will be a great addition to your list of fun things to do there.

It may interest you to know that the American author Thomas Wolfe grew up in this house during his early childhood, and the house became a National Historic Landmark as a result of its relationship with Wolfe 197.

Interestingly, the home to date maintains its original content, and for some time, the Museum has gone through renovations to ensure that it is still in good shape. 

Address: 52 N Market St, Asheville, NC 28801

18. Biltmore Estate

If you move 15 minutes from Black Mountain, you will see another fun place to visit known as the Biltmore Estate staring at you in the face.

Occupying 8,000 acres of land, the estate possesses enormous space for incredible gardens, a farmyard, a winery, a conservatory, and several attractions to explore.

Lastly, the buildings can be described as architectural masterpieces alongside the gorgeous artworks found on the property. 

Address: 1 Approach Rd, Asheville, NC 28803,

19. Swannanoa Valley Museum

Established in 1921, the Swannanoa Valley museum was built as a fire station design where you can find the comprehensive documentation of photographs, traveling exhibits, and ephemera.

In addition to this, it has a historic building as well as several hiking trails that visitors can use.

Finally, the museum conducts a yearly permanent exhibit on the second floor and then a temporary exhibition on the first floor of the building.

Address: 223 W State St, Black Mountain, NC 28711

20. Black Mountain Escape

A 15 minutes drive from Asheville will take you to Black Mountain Escape, and it is one of the most suitable places you can have fun with friends and family.

This game involves players cracking their heads using hints to solve different puzzles and mysteries to escape the room within a stipulated time frame.

I recommend this place for not just you but also your work colleagues as the game helps to promote teamwork and interaction. 

Address: 103 Black Mountain Ave Basement Level, Black Mountain, NC 28711,

21. Outdoor Recreation In BlackMountain.

One of the memorable experiences that you can relish in Black Mountain is a visit to the Outdoor recreation in Black Mountain.

Endeavor to be on the lookout for the famous Seven sister mountain range covering 3.5 miles and stop at the Graybeard Mountain when you visit there.

Also, you will see the thrilling Catawba Falls Trail, although a tasking trail, the trail is beautiful to see. 

Furthermore, as a visitor to Outdoor recreation, you can look at seasonal displays that show the rich heritage of this city. 

Address: Black Mountain, NC United States

22. Inn on Mill Creek

This is a place tailor-made for tourists who would love to discover the North Carolina Mountains.

 It is a well-known destination, and it is near Asheville, mountain biking, the Blue Ridge Parkway, hiking trails, indigenous-owned shops, galleries, state parks, microbreweries, and many more.

In addition to this, it is settled on the North Carolina Birding Trail thereby giving bird lovers the ample opportunity to have a view of birds of various species.

Address: 3895 Mill Creek Rd, Old Fort, NC 28762, USA

23. LaZoom Comedy Tour

If you want to laugh away all your sorrows, then join the LaZoom Comedy Tour bus which is yet another tour to look forward to when you visit the Black Mountain, NC.

Over the years, the Company is known for entertaining and teaching visitors using their funny tour guides and fascinating skits.

Expect to have a good laugh and ensure that you enjoy yourself as well.

Address: 76 Biltmore Ave, Asheville, NC 28801


Black Mountain is undoubtedly a fun city to spend your vacation in. 

Although it is small, it accommodates the most fun amenities just to ensure that you have a maximum fun time during your stay.

Well, which of the fun places in Black Mountain have you added to your itinerary?

Enjoy your holiday.

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