23 Best & Fun Things to Do in Binghamton (NY)


Binghamton is a very interesting place to be, if you want real fun and relaxation, then you’re reading the right article now. Below are 23 fun things to make your stay in Binghamton worthwhile.

1. Phelps Mansion Museum

Amongst the satisfactory activities in Binghamton, NY, for fun, is the Phelps Mansion Museum.


The Gilded Age in America lasted from 1870 to 1900. During this era, Court Street became called the “Mansion Row.” Sherman D. Phelps and their domestic buildings were constructed in 191 Court Street all through the Gilded era.

This dome has been preserved and is open for exhibition, tours, events, and academic packages as its miles the ultimate of its kind.


It’s a museum wealthy in history. It became previously referred to as the Monday Afternoon Clubhouse. Sherman D. Phelps turned into a successful businessman and the fifth mayor of Binghamton city. For people who love a frightening story, the mansion is stated to be haunted.


You ought to keep in mind traveling Phelps Mansion Museum

2. Ross Park Zoo

On the listing of factors to do in Binghamton, NY, is the Ross Park Zoo. This is one of the oldest zoos withinside the United States, and it became opened withinside the year 1875 and is the 5th oldest zoological group withinside the country. It’s any other vicinity in Binghamton wealthy in history.

The zoo’s land changed into donated with the aid of using Erastus Ross, a rich businessman who desired a network Park withinside the City.

For more than a hundred forty-five years, the zoo’s principal goals had been teaching the public, Conserving wildlife, and taming the network.

The Zoo is presently referred to as a pacesetter withinside the area in whatever regarding Wildlife Conservation.

The Ross Park Center and the Discovery Center of the Southern tier were operating hand in hand for over one hundred years in Binghamton.

3. The Discovery Center

The Discovery Center is thought of as the means of maximum because of the Discovery Center of the Southern Tier. This is any other wonderful region to go to in Binghamton, and it’s additionally one of the few Children’s museums withinside the City.

Actually, it’s far from Binghamton city’s most effective Hands-on Children’s Museum, and it’s positioned only as a car parking zone far from the Ross Park Zoo.

The middle has over 30 famous outside and inside the museum, with a land length of over 22,500 rectangular ft.

As a few human beings understand it, Play is a critical part of gaining knowledge of and exploration of the sector to assist kids find out themselves, the Discovery Center solemnly believes this.

They attempt their first-rate to ensure each adult and youngsters are nicely knowledgeable and engaged.

4. The Mirabito Stadium

The Mirabito Stadium has long passed through many names, like Binghamton Municipal Stadium and NYSEG Stadium. It’s any other super location to have fun in Binghamton. The stadium is positioned withinside the Northern segment of Binghamton, New York.

The Stadium is domestic to the Binghamton Mets, affiliated with the New York Mets.

In April 1992, the stadium opened, and it presently has a seating capacity of 6,012 people. In 2021, the call was modified from NYSEG to the Mirabito Stadium. The stadium is named after Mirabito Energy Products, a nearby enterprise in Binghamton.

5. George F. Johnson Recreational Park Carousel

Binghamton has six Carousels, George F. Johnson’s Recreational Park Carousel Is one of those, and also you ought to go to this Park Carousel. It’s fun.

The George F. Johnson Recreational Park Carousel has 60 Jumping horses, 4-abreast, chariots, and the unique 2-roll body Wurlitzer Military Band Organ with bells. It was installed withinside the year 1925.

This Recreational Park Carousel is housed withinside the George F. Johnson Recreational Park. The centers withinside the park are diverse, like a statue of George F. Johnson, Tennis Court, Ballfields Pools and Bathhouse Playground, Rod Serling Memorial Plaque, Reflective Pond, Bandshell Concerts, and lots of others.

6. Roberson Museum And Science

This is every other area to have fun in Binghamton, NY. This museum was first named the Roberson Museum and Science Center earlier than being modified to the Roberson Museum and Science Center. It’s a museum with much famous Art, History, ecology, innovation, and plenty of others.

The Roberson Museum and Science Center was constructed with 3 flooring packed with artwork exhibitions, history, science, a gilded age Mansion, and a dome Planetarium. It is a groovy location to go to for a laugh in Binghamton, NY.

7. Bundy Museum Of History And Arts

If you have been wondering, yeah, Binghamton is wealthy in Museums with amusing records. Harlow E. Bundy owns the Bundy Museum of History and Art, and it’s a two-and-a-half-tale building. It is likewise Registered withinside the U.S National Register of Historic Places.

The Bundy Museum of History and Art is full of amusing, artwork, and records you’ve by no means seen. Many a laugh artwork and records famous are to be had; you may additionally see the Rod Sterling Archive Room, Broadcaster’s Hall of Fame, a Vintage Barbershop,, and plenty more.

The laugh has no cease here, with the Photography gallery, Community darkroom, Photo laboratory, and Community Radio additionally to be had on the Museum

8. Apple Hill

You’re probably wondering about Apples!!!!! But it’s now no longer simply apples, and there are strawberries and plenty more. The Apple Hill Farm is another location to go to in Binghamton, NY.

Apple Hill is a 300-acre hilltop full of apples, strawberries, blueberries, and exceptional fruit and vegetables. The Apple Hill has been around for over one hundred fifty years, and it’s a circle of relatives. You additionally get to experience it with the breathtaking view of the Hill.

The farm additionally organizes marketplace income that is operational spherical the year, with exclusive fruit and vegetables, like, Cider, Apples, a big choice of baked items made on Premises, Cheese, Jams, Syrup, and plenty of others to be had for sale. It’s every other vicinity really well worth traveling to in Binghamton, NY.

9. Cutler Botanical Garden

Cutler Botanical Garden is a middle for coaching horticulture and environmental issues. Of course, it’s placed in Binghamton, NY, so that is another area to visit.

Miss Frances Cutler mounted the Cutler Botanical Garden, and it opened to the general public in 1979.

Cutler Botanical Garden is one of the 360(greater or less) gardens withinside the United States distinctive as a show lawn of All America Selections.

The lawn is loose to the general public for self-guided excursions and is likewise open from nightfall until sunrise year-round. This is any other addition to your listing of amusing activities in Binghamton, NY.

10. Ross Park Carousel

Another Carousel? Yes, it is. The Ross Park Carousel is ready withinside the coronary heart of the Binghamton Zoo so that you will experience each sound from stray animals and additionally sound from an Original fifty-one Key Wurlitzer Military Band Organ. That’s exquisite cool.

George F. Johnson bought the Carousel in 1920. It became brought to the USA National Register of Historic Places withinside the year 1992, and it additionally has a land location of 3,642m².

The Carousel is located in a wooden, one-story, sixteen-sided, Pavilion. It has 60 leaping horses, 4 abreast,  chariots, and let’s now no longer neglect the fifty-one key Wurlitzer Military Band Organ.

11. The Broome County Public Library

Broome County Public Library is a library that opened withinside the year 1904, and it became first known as the Binghamton Public Library.

The library was made to function as a public library and as a network center, and it became a present from Andrew Carnegie.

The Broome County Public library is one of the South Central Regional Library. The library has a children’s library that breaks free of the principal one withinside the equal construction. Their team of workers is nice, very well mannered and experts at their Jobs.

As I stated earlier, the construction turned into a public library and a network center. The primary ground turned into a group of books of over 14,000 books. The 2d ground housed the library’s auditorium, the Binghamton museum of satisfactory arts (which has now been moved), and the Broome County Historical Society.

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12. Jonas M. Kilmer Mansion

 Another laugh region to go to in Binghamton is Jonas M. Kilmer Mansion, additionally called Temple Concord.

I stated in advance that Binghamton had a whole lot of mansions inside the nineteenth century; that is certainly considered one among them.

It is the handiest one ultimate of the Four Original mansions and is domestic to one of the remaining grand Parlors of Binghamton.

Different gables and turrets layout Jonas M. Kilmer Mansion, all surmounted with the aid of using a high-hipped roof clad in asbestos shingles.

13. KNOW Theater

Next on our listing is the KNOW Theatre in Binghamton, NY. The theater became based on the means of actors who had a not unusual goal: to offer theatrical performances of fine and substance.

The theater became based withinside the year 1993 and turned into made as a, now no longer for earnings infrastructure withinside the year 2006.

It is particular in exceptional ways, certainly considered one among that is that it’s the most effective theater in downtown Binghamton NY.

The KNOW Theatre, withinside the year 2006, rented an area withinside the former primary Firehouse of Binghamton, NY, now called the Binghamton City stage, Home of KNOW Theatre.

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14. Tri-Cities Opera

The Tri-Cities Opera, usually called TCO, became based via the means of Peyton Hibbitt and Carmen Savoca withinside the year 1949 in Binghamton, NY.

The Tri-Cities Opera has been the Cultural centerpiece of the Southern Tier for approximately sixty-seven years. It is understood for its relentless artist schooling program, and it is very prepared and centered as an education organization for upcoming artists.

The tri towns opera yearly tiers 4 full-scale operas consistent with season, typically from October to May. One of the exquisite artists studied and achieved at TCO consist of the famous Plácido Domingo and lots of different famous opera performers.

15. Greater Binghamton Sports Complex

The Greater Binghamton Sports Complex is an air-supported dome in an enclosed area, measuring over 125,00 rectangular feet.

It isn’t always best the most important air-supported dome withinside the United States, however, it’s also the most important indoor sports activities dome withinside the US, and it’s proper in Binghamton, NY. The shape was created to house its great football field.

The Greater Binghamton sports activities incorporate offices, a restaurant, a cafeteria, a celebration room, a using range, and lots of different thrilling facilities.

16. Lost Dog Cafe And Lounge

The Lost Dog Café changed its base in October 1994 with the aid of Marie McKenna and Elizabeth Hughes. It used an Old Garage on Main Street whilst it started.

The Café turned into named after Elizabeth Chihuahua canine Clarice, and it became a wayward canine who had gotten misplaced at numerous events at some point in her go-to Binghamton.

Their primary project changed into creating a cushty environment in which humans may want to dangle out, consume and drink varieties.

The café moved to a miles large area in a vintage cigar manufacturing unit on water road in April 1997 due to their want for the area. The café became a complete restaurant, and they wanted an area for lots of things, which includes Band performances so they needed to move.

The café presently has a number of luxurious dishes and liquids and is open for devour-in, takeaway, and delivery. It’s surely really well worth a go, believe me, you’ll have lots of fun there.

17. Robot City Games And Arcades

Robot metropolis video games and arcade is any other area to have fun in Binghamton NY, the region has lots of video games, and you’ll sense the nostalgia while gambling on video games from the ’70s, 80s, 90s, and more.

The arcade is at the back of a large online game store that has video games and add-ons for any online game machine you could imagine. With the online game shops and lots of video games organized on shelves, you may discover nearly any sport you need.

Unlike different unfashionable arcades, there’s no hourly fee on the Robot town video games and arcades.

The arcade has been withinside the network for over 10 years and prides itself as the most important arcade in New York. They had completed one hundred twenty-five video games and 31 pinballs by the time this text was written.

18. Thirsty tavern

Thirsty’s tavern Is a southside organization that has been serving the desires of each thirsty and the hungry for over forty-five years with the greatest and most up-to-date Sandwiches, Burgers and Brews, and lots greater.

The tavern is a top-notch area to have a laugh as they regularly host events, they’re 15 wall-installed TV and plenty of extra thrilling matters in Thirsty’s Tavern.

You can consume in, take out or maybe order for meals to be delivered, and they have masses of sorts on their menu, beginning from not unusual places like Wings, Burgers to others like Pulled Pork and Texas-fashion Brisket.

19. Otsiningo Park

Otsiningo Park is a pleasant park in Binghamton, NY, that gives numerous hobby alternatives and is out there year-round. The park is a 1. eight kilometers of the fairly trafficked path that functions as a river.

It’s a super park you could take your youngsters and/or pets to have fun. You also can pass it along.

Otsiningo Park is an exquisite park for taking puppy walks. It’s packed with trails, playgrounds, picnic tables, and extraordinary perspectives and sights.

The park has resident ducks that the puppies would really like to chase for folks that take their puppies. It has network gardens and hosts Farmer’s markets seasonally.

20. Regal Binghamton

Regal Cinemas is a subsidiary of the Cineworld Group. They are considered one of the most important and maximum geographically varied theater circuits withinside the United States, which include 6,885 Screens in 514 Theaters in forty-two States ( one in all is the Regal Binghamton).

The Regal Binghamton has very comfortable seats, a top, and really low-priced snacks.

They provide facilities like Digital Projection, Game room, Listening Devices, cellular tickets, birthday celebration room, print at domestic tickets, and lots of others.

It’s a pleasant theater complex with more than one monitor offering newly-launched films, satisfactory seating, and a Concession stand. You may have a laugh at the Regal Cinemas.

21. Uncorked Creations

Uncorked Creations is an artwork faculty and portrait studio which gives a lesson in one-of-a-kind kinds of artwork like Acrylic Painting, Watercolor, DIY timber signs, Pottery and Ceramics, and lots more.

Uncorked Creations is a portray studio that brings people, artwork, and wine together. It opened in 2012 and is the primary unique paint and sip studio withinside the Broome County area.

Uncorked Creations gives instructions for now no longer handiest grown-ups but additionally for youngsters and teenagers. Since 2012 they’ve supplied visitors with a four-tale construction with numerous distinctive artwork lofts to enjoy, discover and create in.

Uncorked Creations is an amusing location to both study, portray or express yourself through artwork, and in addition, they have gifted courses that will assist you.

22. Amici Pizzeria

The Amici Pizzeria is a pleasing casual, laid-again Italian Pub supplying Italian fare, beer, wine, and more.

Amici Pizzeria opened in 2011 with the concept of making cushy surroundings for the customers. They presently have takeaways and dine-in carrier alternatives available.

The Amici Pizzeria presently consists of a 30-foot lengthy granite bar, a lovely again bar, three HD TV, and seating in the course of the bar.

They have sixteen beers on the faucet and 29 bottled beers, and they have one of the nice choices of beer you could locate withinside the area.

23. Broome County Forum Theater

The Broome County Forum Theater was constructed in 1919, and a few comprehend it via the means of both the Forum, the Capri Theater, and the Broome Center for the Performing Arts.

And it is positive for every other area in Binghamton, NY, to have a laugh.

The Broome County Forum Theater homes the biggest Seeking show in town. In 2008, the theater changed into indexed in the National Register of Historic Places.

It is the house of Performing theater for Broadway in Binghamton, the Binghamton Philharmonic, and the Tri-Cities Opera. The theater will seat 1,522 with a Pit Orchestra and 1,553 without a Pit Orchestra. The location of the theater is 3,642 m².

I wish you’d brought the Broome County Forum Theater in your listing of amusing activities in Binghamton, NY.


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