23 Best & Fun Things to Do in Basildon (Essex, England).

Basildon, a small city located east of London, was just a small village before the second world war in the 1960s. In recent times, the narrative has changed and this is due to the emergence of Basildon after a group of small villages were merged to become a new town.

Although the town might look small, that does not stop it from striving and booming just like every other city. This town is full of fun and exciting places to give the best of a vacation, and there are quite a several things to do in Basildon during a visit.

The people of Basildon are hospitable and welcoming, you will find it easy settling down as you set your map ready to explore. Places like the Brooks and St Martins Church are beautiful places you can visit, they are the perfect examples of mid-century architecture in the area.

Perhaps you are still confused considering the many options available, follow through as we explore the best fun things to do in Basildon.

Best Fun Things To Do In Basildon

1. Basildon Mother And Child Statue

This one beautiful sight you will love to see, this is a statue of a mother and child that symbolizes the New Towns’ growth, which was commissioned in 1959.

You will find this statue at the Basildon’s Town square and it is accessible by all. Come along with your camera because this beautiful statue will amaze you. 

2. Hadleigh Castle

This castle was known to be the favorite residence of King Edward iii during his reign in the 14th century.

This Castle was strengthened from time to time to fortify it against the invasion of the French during the way.

Though all that remains of this castle are its ruins, yet still, the castle is preserved as a historic house by the English Heritage.

When you visit, there are interesting things to look out for, of which the drum towers which were used as a watch post in the 18th century are part of them. Make sure you leave no stone unturned as you embark on this historical journey.

3. Norsey Wood

This is another exciting thing to do, make out time to visit this nature reserve. Norsey wood is a reserve that has been for over five hundred years and has a massive land space of over one hundred and seventy-five acres.

This reserve is not like any other reserve, the Norsey wood is properly managed and the trees are well-trimmed, which gives the environment an awesome look.

When you visit, take out time to explore the trenches that were dug by soldiers during the first world war and another interesting area to make your exploration memorable.

4. What Tyler Country Park

This park has all it takes to give you and your family the fun you desire. There are lots of fun activities in the park, like the miniature railway which is an adventure playground. 

Another interesting thing is the 17th century thatched cottages that can be found at the center of the park, make sure you have fun.

5. Town gate Theater

This is an entertainment arena of 550 seating capacity, which is located on St Martins Square. 

If you want to experience entertainment in its real form visit the Town gate theatre. In this theatre, you will get to watch musical performances, a dance company, a tribute band, and many other interesting performances.

Apart from the fun, you can learn new things, the theatre also hosts regular workshops where the public is being exposed to a certain area of production such as voice training and acting. This promises to be so much fun, make proper use of this time.

6. Bernards Farm Gardens

This is a garden that sits on 50 acres of land space, in this garden will find reedbeds, woods and meadows, ponds, and other natural beauty waiting for exploration.

Visiting this garden you get an opportunity to explore the sculptures and your kids can play in a miniature railway. It is an exciting adventure for everybody, no one should be left behind.

7. St Martins Church

This is one of the mid-Century architectural masterpieces, it is a great view you will love to have in its pictures.

Its glass and steel frame will leave you in awe, it is known to be the tallest bell tower construction in the world.

8. Partyman World Of Play

If you are looking for a place you can take your kids that is entertaining and educating at the same time, Partyman’s world of play is the ideal destination.

This is an indoor soft play center with lots of amenities for kids. They also have an educational center for kids where they can play the roles of firefighters, vets, and other shopkeepers.

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9. Langdon Hills Country Park

This is beautiful scenery, it sits on 461 acres of land space, featuring some exciting things like the Portland garden, lakes, Meadows, and other beautiful attractions.

During your visit, you can have a glimpse of wildlife and in the summer you can find birds here. Make your visit worth the time by exploring everything there is to see.

10. Imperial Birds of Prey Academy

When you visit this center you have the opportunity of seeing beautiful birds and learning more about them from their keepers.

You can also book a special tour, in which you spend half a day admiring these beautiful birds. You are free to take pictures if you wish, regardless of your choice you will still have fun.

11. Tilbury Fort

Built in the 16th century, this fort was used fully by the military from the beginning to the end of the second world war.

As you explore, you will still find some remains indicating military presence, things as the 17th-century water gauge, and the subterranean tunnels used at the beginning of the 20th century.

Visiting the fort is exciting and educational at the same time as you get to learn what happened in the years past.

12. Eastgate Shopping Center

You may want to do some shopping when you get to Basildon, the Eastgate shopping center is the place to go.

The Eastgate shopping center was established in 1985 and ever since it has blossomed into one of the largest shopping centers in Europe.

13. Canvey Island

For fun and exciting activities, visit Canvey Island. This island is one of the finest you can find in the area, the island is located southeast of Basildon.

There are things you will find on this Island among which are an amusement arcade, Leisure Island, and a water splash park for kids.

14. RSPB At Wat Tyler

This is a network of water channels situated on the marshes of Essex, this water channel is usually visited by birds.

It’s an opportunity for you at the visitor’s Center to watch live nests and also lots of breeding and migratory birds that spend their time in the marshals all through the year on the CCTV, it promises to be so much fun.

15. BarleyLands

This is a farm park where domestic animals are kept and cared for.

The park has a fun timetable where can carry out various activities for fun, you can find activities like bottle feeding lambs, sheep races, and a tractor ride.

The park has a place where different animals are kept such as snakes, Alive Reptile land, and also Pythons. Feel free to explore the park and have fun.

16. Novendor Manor

You can visit the Novendor Manor for fun and excitement.  This place covers a land space of over 7 acres and its construction dates back to the 16th century.

The No vendor Manor is known for its tour production; its reputation grew with the production of Sunderland, Oz, and Wonka movies. It is surely a fun thing to do.

17. Noak Bridge Nature Reserve

This should be one of the things that should be on your to-do list. This reserve consists of different habitat 

The natural environment makes it a nice place to pay a visit.

18. Cats Cradle Pussiwillow III Clock

This is a beautiful clock located on the first floor of the Eastgate shopping center.

This clock becomes animated every quarterly hour. This is an absolute wonder to see, make time to visit this wonderful scenery.

19. Plotland Museum

This is a museum of historical importance.

This museum tells you all about the first and second World Wars.

20. Basildon Sporting village Climbing Wall

This is an indoor sporting complex where you can find various sports facilities such as swimming facilities, climbing and so many other activities.

There are other activities like birthday parties, and an on-site cafe hosted here. They are open from Monday to Friday from 12:00 to 22:000 and Saturday and Sunday from 10 am to 6 pm.

21. Foxes Farm Produce

This is a farm that specializes in the growing of pumpkins and planting Christmas trees.

The most exciting part of this tour is that they allow customers to pick pumpkins by themselves, this allows you to pick the best pumpkins.

22. Festival Wakeboard and Aqua Park

This is an exciting activity, you have the opportunity to explore the new aqua park.

It is always fun when people try the skills on the water, with the new facilities even novices can turn into professionals.

23. Battleridge Antique Center:

This comprises five main buildings, this is the first provincial center in the United Kingdom.

Feel free to explore all the buildings, you will gain experience as you do.

There are exciting and interesting things you can do in Basildon, Essex ranging from visiting parks, Museum exploration, wildlife, and many others. You can go on a family vacation, love trip, or even for casual relaxation, all in the beautiful town of Basildon.

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