23 Best & Fun Things To Do In Ardmore (OK)


Ardmore, Oklahoma is brimming with fun and would pique the interest of any visitor at any time.

There are pretty good and fun things to do in Ardmore OK, and as a newcomer, it’s always a good idea to get familiar with the city before embarking on the quest to start exploring it.

Ardmore Oklahoma, located in Carter, United States, has a history dating back to the 1880s.

Due to its exceptional distinctiveness as a business, cultural, and tourism city, the city was founded in 1887 in the former Chickasaw Nation, Indian Territory.


In this article, you’ll learn that there are a plethora of fun things to do in Ardmore OK, some of which we’ll discuss in this post.


Things To Do In Ardmore

Let’s see some of the best things to do in Ardmore, Oklahoma.

1. Visit Ardmore Dragway

Have you ever questioned which of America’s dragstrips is the oldest? Then perhaps you haven’t come across Ardmore’s dragway yet.

Here’s something for you if you’re a fan of track events. Ardmore Dragway has been added to the list of top things to do in Ardmore.

Ardmore Dragway, which was originally built as the Ardmore Municipal Airport, was redesigned into a racetrack after the airport relocated.

This location is well-known for the scenic beauty it has to offer visitors.


So, you can either spend a week watching live drags or take a day off to fill your eyes with incredible drifts and flips from each player performing.

2. An Amazing Fun Time At The Urban Air Adventure Park

Of course, what an adult enjoys may not be appealing to a child, so one of Ardmore’s most distinguishing features is its breadth of interests.

The Ardmore Urban Air Adventure Park is a well-known Ardmore family day out with nearly too many sights!

There are numerous attractions here, and it is no surprise that it is on the list of top things to do in Ardmore.

The first thing you’ll notice is the traditional wall-to-wall trampolines, which allow kids to bounce off the walls! You don’t have to worry about springs with a continuous trampoline across the room.

The Warrior Obstacle Course follows, where kids can put their skills to the test by trying to compete with pals or simply practicing their freeride tricks.

There’s El Capitan, for example where they can climb walls, the Tubes Playground, where they race through an agility course, and the stability beams, where they think balance beam plus sword fighting.

Leave your kids to discover the many fun activities for you to enjoy!

3. Explore Lake Murray’s, State Park

Sitting by the seashore and appreciating the cool gentle breeze is one of the nicest things you’ll ever experience while staying in Ardmore Oklahoma, and how much more so when you have the space to participate in a variety of extracurricular facilities within the city.

Lake Murray has this and much more to offer visitors looking for fun things to do in Ardmore OK.

For visitors looking to relax and unwind, Lake Murray State Park offers to play golf, caravanning, picnic areas, horse racing, cycling, pony rides, scuba diving, paddle boating, skateboarding, and miniature golfing.

4. Go Shopping For Antiques At Ardmore’s Emporium Of Antiques

Do you have a dearth of jewelry or collectibles in your home? Then the Ardmore’s Emporium of antiques is for you.

Founded in 2010, the Ardmore Emporium and More stand out as the supplier of antiques, jewels, souvenirs, and antique merch in Southern Oklahoma.

This antique shop offers customers a variety of worth, kindness, and variety.

They have unique home décor and gifts for family and friends.

5. Shop For Food Produce At The Farmer’s Market

Nothing makes visitors happier than purchasing fresh, locally packaged food. This is because they not only taste good, but they also provide the necessary nutrients that you will ever find.

Ardmore’s Farmers Market is a market where customers can purchase fresh fruit and veg grown by Oklahoma farmers.

Ardmore Farmers Market Place on Broadway is a covered institution that conserves top-notch homegrown food sources for Oklahoma while assisting local farmers and ranchers in remaining in business.

6. Ardmore Must-See: Festival Of Lights

The Ardmore Festival of Lights is one of the largest holiday light displays in southern Oklahoma. It emphasizes our list of fun things to do in Ardmore.

Over 125 animated exhibits in a fascinating winter wonderland are featured in the thrilling Christmas lights.

The Ardmore Festival of Lights always delights visitors of all ages, and it is rapidly becoming one of the state’s most recognized holiday lights.

Entry is free; however, charitable contributions are deeply appreciated.

7. Have Fun At Good Time Lanes

In Ardmore, the Good Time Lanes Bowling Alley is a good place to have some family-friendly fun.

There is a meal, beverages, and, most importantly, bowling! Good Time Lanes can accommodate groups of any size and provides single lanes as well as other amenities.

8. Play Games At The Gold Mountain Casino

If you’re looking for some entertaining games, one of the top activities to do in Ardmore OK is to visit Gold Mountain Casino, which has over 300 games for you to explore.

So, if one of your favorite hobbies is to win, make this location your upcoming stop when visiting Ardmore (OC).

9. Catch Great Movies At AMC Classic Ardmore 8

It’s time to perform! AMC CLASSIC is here to help you make movies memorable moments with your family members and friends. Come enjoy Coca-Cola Freestyle and delectable menu items such as biscuits bites, movie lasagna, and yearly reusable popcorn buckets, all at an affordable price.

It has a Cinema chain with 3D and deluxe display displays that show first-run movies, theatre creations, and sporting events.

The store is open from 12 p.m. to 12 a.m. on Sundays through Saturdays.

10. Ease Stress At Peace Yoga

Yoga’s primary goal is to promote cohesiveness in the mind, body, and environment.

There are advantages to practicing Peace Yoga, whether you are a beginner or an advanced practitioner.

Peace Yoga has been in Ardmore since 2015, and it offers a variety of courses that are suitable for your family and work routines.

They include, among other things, improved digestion, excellent muscle toning, increased bone density, mood moderation and stress reduction, and increased flexibility.

11. Tour Memorial Park

A fun thing to do in Ardmore is to go to Memorial Park. This park serves as both a commemoration and a landmark.

This park’s monuments honor the energy industry.

The park serves as a memorial to the veterans who gave their all to fight for the freedom that Ardmore and the rest of the country currently enjoy.

12. Southern Oklahoma Speedway

Southern Oklahoma Speedway is a family-friendly and family-oriented facility. In addition to privileges, children can select candy during interludes during a candy drop.

Saturday night hangout is a class act show for some of the fastest competitors in this area. Bring the whole family and let them cheer on their favorite drivers!

This makes what to do in Ardmore a fun time. Racing hours vary depending on the season, encouraging careful preparation.

13. Take Nice Adventures At The Brown 3B Ranch And Hay Maze

The Brown 3B Ranch Hay Maze is one of those tourist attractions that you can never get too familiar with, even if you visit it several times.

It is distinctive for the variety of designs it offers each year.

Surprisingly, the Brown 3B Ranch Hay Maze has a variety of activities suitable for both adults and children.

You’ll be given the exhilarating challenge of wrapping this newly developed hay in a set amount of time. 

The Brown 3B Ranch, Oklahoma’s largest Ranch, and Hay Maze offer gliders, incredible hayrides, a kiddie cow train, cornhole, kid’s wrangle, lookout tower, merry-go-round, assault course, and so much more for tourists looking for the best things to do.

14. Check The Clubhouse; City Of Ardmore

The Clubhouse is a new family entertainment center that provides quality entertainment for Ardmore tourists.

The Clubhouse features an amusement park, party accommodation, a Clubhouse Coffee shop, inside and outside dining areas, soft play, and mini-golf.

Eagles Landing challenge courses, go-karts, Flight Line Zip, Water Wars, and a temporary ice skating rink are among the other attractions.

It’s a good idea to unwind here, especially after a long day.

15. Explore The Pumpkin Patch At Woodbine Farms

The pumpkin patch at woodbine farm is a place where family and friends could come and avoid the hassle of the tech world we dwell in.

The Pumpkin Patch at Woodbine Farms offers a real outdoor experience. You are invited to come to witness one of the most interesting things to do in Ardmore.

This simple farm truly encourages families to spend time together. They are also a smoke-free establishment with the inclusion of e-cigs and vaping.

Get your friends to enjoy the best hotdog around, a hayride, and a hot chocolate while shaded by the big old oak trees.

16. Read Amazing Books At Ardmore’s Public Library

Have you ever wanted to go on a tour and not only have fun but also learn something new? The Ardmore Public Library is the perfect place for you.

The Ardmore Public Library has over 80,000 titles, books, magazines, newspapers, DVDs, and CDs for you to explore.

Book worms and book lovers will surely find this destination thrilling.

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17. Tucker Tower Nature Center

The nature center, which overlooks Lake Murray, offers nature programs, local objects, and tasks overseen by the state park zoologist.

It is well worth a visit because you will see beautiful sights in and around the tower, as well as learn about the history associated with this location.

You’d be wise to stop by the next time you’re on an outdoor activities boat trip at the lake.

18. Ardmore Convention Center

The Ardmore Convention Center is the ideal location for your next special event or corporate meeting. And it should be on your list of things to do in Ardmore.

This convention center is well-known for hosting corporate events, cocktail parties, symposiums, wedding ceremonies, trade fairs, and family gatherings.

Video Conferencing skills, a portable stage, a designed cater kitchen, dressing rooms, an above-grade/grade loading dock, a concession area, meeting planning assistance, and an on-site hotel are all available.

The structure was designed to be adaptable to any type of gathering, from small groups to large business conferences. It can also host banquets for groups ranging from 25 to 1,500 people.

So, let’s get this party started!

19. Worship At Crystalrock Cathedral

CrystalRock Cathedral is an Assemblies of God church in Ardmore’s northwest quadrant. Make sure to include this church on your list of top Ardmore attractions.

CrystalRock Cathedral embraces people from diverse cultures and stories and sees them united by the gospel of Christ.

The church’s religious views are based on the Bible, with an emphasis on Jesus Christ.

The Cathedral, which was built in 1985, is an architectural marvel that both tourists and Ardmore residents admire. So, whether you are a Christian or not, you can see the architecture.

You are welcome to attend God’s people in worship on Sunday by 9:45 a.m. It would be a wonderful experience!

20. Ardmore Regional Park

Meeting new, lively, and happy people is a great way to improve your socialization, and we have a great place for you to do so in Ardmore.

The park features a large green space for ball fields, various hiking and biking pathways, a skate park, dog parks, an outdoor dining shelter, and a children’s fishing pond.

Because of the variety of fun activities available at Ardmore Regional Park, there is something for everyone in the family.

You can also go to Ardmore Regional Park by yourself if you have some free time.

There is a lot of vegetation here, so if you enjoy nature, don’t be reluctant to pay a visit.

21. Ardmore City Lake

If you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city, consider visiting Ardmore City Lake.

This is an ideal location for someone who is reserved because the ambiance is serene and soothing.

There is a lake nearby where you can go fishing. This City Lake is also a great place to practice yoga.

Though there isn’t much to do here, if you’re looking for a place to have some fun, this is the place to go.

Visiting this destination is free, which is great because what could be better than having a memorable fun experience for free?

This location’s breathtaking views will astound you.

22. Goddard Center For The Visual And Performing Arts:

Do you want to enhance your creative ability or do you want to dine in a beautiful setting?

Goddard Center For The Visual And Performing Arts is a performing arts center that includes a lengthy art gallery with displays, a theatre, event hubs, and classes.

There are several things to do in this spot, including viewing various paintings on the walls and attending some intriguing live shows in the theatre.

The arrangement of the halls and the decoration of the viewing rooms will leave you dumbstruck because they are genuinely stunning.

You can bring your cameras to record the beauty of the location while also watching the stage act.

You must, however, pay a fair entrance fee.

You will be pleased if you add this destination to your bucket list.

23. Have A Meal At Classic Interurban Grill

Eating good and healthy food is one of the best aspects of living a healthier life, so check out Classic Interurban Grill in Ardmore if you want to live a healthy lifestyle.

Classic Interurban Grill is a sports bar and fast-food chain serving pub grub and American fare.

You will be able to enjoy a delicious meal at a very reasonable price in this lovely setting.

When it comes to serving their clients, they are quick. Their servers are courteous and responsive when making reservations, and they are also friendly, so you can feel free and comfortable around them.

If you happen to be in Ardmore and want to eat some tasty food, Classic Interurban Grill is a good place to go.


Ardmore has proven to be a worthwhile destination.

During your visit, you will be wowed by the numerous great dining options, educational and historical museums, beautiful Arts galleries, scenic topography, and more.

So, start planning your next holiday in Ardmore. This piece can assist you in navigating this interesting adventure. Remember to include your family and loved ones as well!

Make sure to visit some of the places on our list, but don’t feel restricted by our suggestions.

Have a safe journey!


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