23 Best & Fun Things To Do In Anderson (SC).


Anderson is a city in South Carolina, United States, with a population of approximately 30,686 people.

Regardless, the city is known for its amazingly enjoyable features, such as the most intriguing culture and breathtaking sights that no one can thwart.


The Blue Ridge Mountains are only an hour away, and the South Carolina coast is about four hours away.

The city is also rich in agriculture, with many areas offering a rich history of farm and agricultural life for tourists to experience.

Best Fun Things To do In Anderson SC For A Fun Vacation

1. Explore Rocky River, Nature Park


Rocky River Nature Park is a 400-acre park in Anderson’s city containing the biggest swamp in the Upstate.


It has amazing natural features such as mangrove swamps, open water for watersports and kayaking, various strolling, cycling, and equine trails, and a discovery center/environmental education center.

2. Palmetto Distillery

Palmetto Distillery, which should be on your list of places to visit in Anderson SC, was the first distillery in South Carolina to produce legal moonshine and award-winning whiskey.

This local micro-distillery is possessed by heirs of local moonshiners who use phenomenal recipe ideas dating back over 100 years to carry on their ancestral legacy.

With a slew of handmade moonshine and crafts whiskey produced in a copper still, the distillery offers free tastings of its five moonshine and whiskey flavors to tourists.

3. Grady’s Great Outdoors

Grady’s Great Outdoors offers good products and outstanding customer service to outdoor enthusiasts in a family-friendly environment, as well as inspiring visitors to experience the beautiful scenery.

Kayaks, grills, firearms, and shooting supplies are among the products available to visitors for a perfect outdoor experience.

Their staff is competent, amiable, and eager to help in any way they can.

This should be on your bucket list when planning a trip to Anderson (Sc).

4. Anderson Sports & Entertainment Center

If you’re a sports fan, this is the place for you.

This fascinating center spans approximately 64 acres of land and boasts incredible athletic facilities for tourists to explore.

Three sports fields, seven softball/baseball fields, acres of asphalt foot trails, eight tennis courts, picnic tables, a hiking trail, and a discing course are among the amenities available at this center.

When not reserved for tournaments or other booked events, the Sports Center tennis courts are open to the general public.

Visit this center while in Anderson SC for an unforgettable sporting experience.

5. Anderson County Museum

The Anderson County Museum is one of the nicest places in Anderson and should be on your list.

This historical museum highlights South Carolina’s unique history as well as the people of Anderson County in a broad sense.

This magnificent museum hosts a range of over 20,000 artifacts from the nearby region.

Aside from the significant artifact, other features include a Study and Reading room with approximately 2,000 historical photos and 1,600 quantities, all of which are available to any tourist.

There is currently an impressive appearance called “Keep the Home Fires Burning,” which depicts men and women who once battled in an American dispute.

6. Carolina Bauernhaus Ales

A notable Beer company in Anderson, South Carolina that brews and serves ales with local flavors motivated by Belgian tradition.

Three local homebrewers founded the brewery to promote ales that flawlessly commemorate and connect to South Carolina’s rich farming history.

Anderson always has newly brewed ales on hand to serve to visitors.

Carolina Bauernhaus does not create many different ales, but the ales line-up changes every season to keep visitors guessing, and each ale is a limited release.

7. Sadlers Creek State Park

Sadlers Creek Park is a 395-acre State Park with a variety of exciting activities such as water activities, bird watching, caravanning, and picnicking.

Reservations are also available for two picnic shelters and a Lakeside gazebo, which can accommodate an entire family or bunch of mates.

The two hiking or biking trails in this park, Pine Grove Trail (a half-mile trail) and the Loop Bike Trail are notable features (a normal 6-mile trail for biking).

The park is open to visitors who want to swim or explore the waters via the two boat ramps available for fishing or sailing goals.

8. William A. Floyd Amphitheater

William A. Floyd Amphitheater, known as one of the largest concert facilities in South Carolina, is a landscaped grass seating concert facility used for massive shows and festivals, with a capacity of over 12,000 people.

This vast concert venue has served as the venue for prevalent shows and festivals featuring the majority of the biggest stars in R&B, southern rock, hip-hop, country music, and other genres.

The William A. Floyd Amphitheater contains numerous incredible amenities for fans’ relaxation, including a convenient shop and washrooms, a bubbling stream, a finely carved pond, and much more.

9. The Club at Brookstone

The Club at Brookstone is one of the top golf courses in South Carolina that is open to the public and is one of the best places to visit in Anderson SC for golf lovers.

The golf course has 18 holes in a Tom Jackson-designed setup, providing visitors with a pretty challenging, pleasurable, and thrilling golfing encounter.

This golf course also has a chipping green, a driving range, a large golf putting green, and a practice bunker made of real elevated sand.

10. Anderson Jockey Lot And Farmers Market

The founders, D. C. Bryson and Richard McClellion were motivated to open the market after visiting a flea market in Mexico, which gave them the vision to develop something equivalent but with plenty of car parks and hygienic restrooms.

Since its inception, the Jockey Lot has grown dramatically, with a daily average attendance of 30,000 to 60,000 people.

The enormous market has a variety of items by hundreds of dealers who are almost certain to have whatever you are looking for.

This market also has snack bars and restaurants where you can relish a variety of foods ranging from short orders to full-course meals.

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11. South Carolina Plantation Tours

The plantation, which is currently managed as a house museum, brings to life a perfect replica of 1800s plantation life for the benefit of its visitors.

Anderson County is home to some of America’s plantation history, with over 1,500 plantations spread across the state of South Carolina.

The plantations are open for both formal and informal tours by intrigued tourists who want to learn about the area’s history.

12. Split Creek Farm

Split Creek Farm is a Grade A goat dairy and cheese refining plant known for its artisan goat cheeses and goat milk fudge that have won national awards.

All of the milk used in the farm’s products is produced by the farm’s registered goat herd. The farm is open to the public regularly. Visit the farm animals and have a good time.

Visitors can also take tours of the farm, where they will learn about the area’s farming history as well as what it takes to run a dairy farm.

Visitors are also permitted to view the farm’s 350-strong herds as well as the work of local artists displayed in the farm’s shop.

Furthermore, the farm hosts educational events on a seasonal basis where they reveal to visitors how their items are manufactured through live demonstrations.

If you’re interested in agriculture, add this farm to your list of things to do in Anderson, SC.

13. A Visit To  Remnants Antiques

Remnants Antiques Gifts & Consignment is a fantastic eclectic mall brimming with possibilities.

This one-of-a-kind mall is approximately 6000 square feet in size, with 45+ vendors selling antique furniture, art, gift items, and furnishings.

Remnants Antiques was founded with the primary purpose of improving financial support to Shalom House Ministries Inc., a non-profit ministry for women battling alcohol and drug addiction.

Shopping in this well-organized mall is spectacular because it offers one-of-a-kind home furnishings, books, equipment, and housewares at very reasonable prices.

14. Explore Historic Belton Train Depot

Built in 1910, the Historic Belton Train Depot served over 60 trains and trolleys before being decommissioned in the 1960s.

The depot had been stagnant for many years before being renovated and rededicated in 2007.

Since its restoration, it has been home to two notable museums: The South Carolina Tennis Hall of Fame and The Ruth Drake Museum.

Take a trip to this historical depot to see an old train track and to see what history packages the available museums have to offer.

15.  CocoBon Chocolatier

Visiting the CocoBon Chocolatier, a shop that offers locally made old-fashioned confections and chocolates, is one of the other things to do in Anderson SC with kids.

The owner was inspired to open the shop after the closure of his favorite chocolatier, who later assumed that the tradition should be preserved.

The chocolate at the shop is made with organic ingredients, making each recipe extraordinary and one-of-a-kind.

The cocoon Chocolatier shop is designed in an admirable vintage style that complements the employees’ uniforms.

Vintage and vintage-inspired candies such as Adams Candies, Ferrara Candy, and NECCO are among the other items sold in the shop. The shop also sells homemade popcorn, candy floss, chocolate bars, and gummy bears.

16. Denver Downs Farm

Denver Downs Farm is a historic farm that was founded in 1869 and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places in Anderson, South Carolina.

Occupying approximately 400 acres of land, the farm progressed from cotton to dairy and is now a notable agritourism destination.

The Denver Downs Farm teaches visitors about the role of agriculture in our daily lives while also highlighting the family farm’s heritage.

Denver Down also has a Farmers Market, which launched in the summer to provide a sports arena for local farmers to display and promote their products to both residents and visitors.

17. Habitat  For Humanity Restores

Habitat for Humanity ReStores is a public home improvement thrift store and donation center.

The second-hand store sells furniture pieces, building supplies, and home furnishings that have been sponsored by businesses in the area and property owners.

The merch, both new and used, is gathered daily and sold at a fraction of the selling value.

The proceeds help Habitat for Humanity of Anderson County achieve its goal of fostering strength, stability, and self-sufficiency through the long-term impact of a decent, cheap home.

18.  Growler Haus

Growler Haus is a one-of-a-kind brewery that was founded and opened in 2012 to improve the brewery community and provide visitors with the best craft beers.

Growler Haus, a relaxing and comfortable environment filled with carefully selected expert brewers, offers a variety of locally brewed beers to its visitors.

The brewery has three segments that offer a wide variety of brews as well as a customer-friendly staff who are always happy to offer sample data and attend to you.

Growler Haus also promotes local talents and homebrewers by hosting a neighborhood brewing contest on numerous occasions.

19. KidVenture Playground

Visit the KidVenture playground, which was built for the children of Anderson County by a volunteer organization called “Community Partners At Play.”

The playground was designed and constructed with the help of a design engineer based on the ideas of local children during several community meetings.

Anderson County provided a suitable location for the playground at the Anderson Sports & Entertainment Center, and community volunteers worked together to set up the structure.

This fun-filled playground, which has an age limit of 12 years old, is open for children to enjoy daily.

This answers the question of what to do with kids in Anderson, SC, and provides the kids some great time at KidVenture Playground.

20. Amstar Cinema

A trip to the Amster cinema is one of the fun things to do in Anderson SC for theatre fans.

The cinema has theatres, 3D movies, and digital sound, in addition to first-run feature films.

Amstar cinema also has several modern amenities, such as Dolby sound, comfortable high-backed chairs, a game room, stadium seating, a concession area with food and drinks, and private party facilities.

This means that if you’re looking for something to do in Anderson, SC, visit the Armstar Cinema for a pleasure theatre experience.

21. Lake Hartwell

Lake Hartwell is a beautiful area known as one of the best fishing spots in South Carolina, and it is one of the notable attractions near Anderson SC.

Lake Hartwell State Park has some amazing features, such as a long hiking trail and a public boat ramp for visitors who want to discover the waters or go on a fishing trip.

In addition, Lake Hartwell State Park has an outdoor dining shelter and a play area for families to use, with a capacity of 75 people.

You are welcome to bring your pets with you as pets are not barred in the park.

In addition, Lake Hartwell State Park has a picnic shelter and a playground for families to enjoy.

22. Fire Department Museum

The Anderson City Fire Department Museum houses historical exhibits and equipment.

Among the museum’s legendary showcases are four ancient fire trucks dating from the 1880s to 1919.

The museum is connected to the fire brigade, and in rare instances, the staff is permitted to take tourists on an excursion of the numerous historical substantial displays.

When staff is available, the museum is open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. daily. However, it can also be opened by the initial consultation.

23. Belton Center for the Arts

The Belton Center for the Arts is a cultural arts center that was established in 1999.

The center’s mission is to involve the community in the art show, discovery, and professional training of the visual, performing, and creative arts.

Belton Center for the Arts encourages and recognizes art for all fields of study through various types of cultural observations in an open and inviting environment.

The center also promotes local artists by hosting a variety of exhibitions, and it helps aspiring artists of all levels and ages by offering a variety of educational programs and courses.

Belton Center for the Arts has a gallery designed for community use, as well as an exhibition space with space to display a variety of art.

If you’re an art lover do well to visit The Bolton, center for arts for an exhilarating art experience 


Anderson SC is a fantastic place to visit, with a plethora of exciting activities to keep visitors entertained.

There are also countless opportunities to get away from all of the daily stress and enjoy nature at the city’s many state parks and golf courses.

Begin planning your next vacation by using this article as an aid while creating your list of things to do in Anderson SC.


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