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23 Best & Fun Thing To Do In Michigan City (IN)


Michigan City, Indiana, is a beautiful city that sits on the shores of the mesmerizing Lake Michigan. It’s among the most enjoyable locations for any nature lover.

It offers a variety of activities tailored specifically for you. Connoisseurs of wine and beer will fall in love with the city.


Lake Michigan is a great place to go fishing if you want to go fishing. There are numerous trails to put one’s biking skills to the test

Follow through as this article will discuss 23 things you can do when you visit Michigan City

Fun Things To Do In Michigan City 


The finest things to do in Michigan City, Indiana are as follows:


1. Visit Sevick Gardens Farmers Market 

Sevick Gardens Farmers Market is a great place to get a bite to eat or buy goods.

You’ll find food, beverages, and necessities to make your vacation more enjoyable.

They have offered the neighborhood fresh and canned specialized goods fit for all seasons from their location on W 8th Street.

You’ll also discover lovely flowers, maple syrup, homemade jams, honey, relishes, and other herbs, which you may put into baskets and display on your porch.

Purchasing products from farmers’ markets like Sevick Gardens Farmers Market is a wonderful way to support local agriculture.

2. Good News Vintage House 

Good News Vintage, located on Franklin Street, caters to vintage enthusiasts and collectors of unusual finds.

This vintage space jewel has a treasure trove of genuinely fascinating stuff in practically unending supply at the perfect price.

There’s always something new to look forward to at Good News Vintage, even if you can’t find something to suit your present interests.

This is where you’ll find original, wonderful mid-century art, clothes, products, and anything vintage.

In a trendsetting, ever-changing way, new items are regularly found and introduced into the space.

With such a large assortment of vintage furnishings and accessories, it’s difficult not to find something you’d like to take home when you visit this lovely hidden gem.

3. The Old Lighthouse Museum

Since 1858, the Old Michigan City Light, which is located in Michigan City’s port, has served as a source of pride and protection for the people of Indiana.

This disused lighthouse cost $8,000 to construct.

An out-of-date light made of brick and stone was installed on the lake’s edge before this tower was built.

It was replaced by this tower, which is today a major tourist attraction inside the city’s park system.

The lighthouse was built in tandem with its cousin, the East Light, to illuminate Lake Michigan’s entrance.

4. Go Fishing

Fishing is a popular pastime in this area, and if you enjoy it, Michigan City should feel like a fishing paradise to you.

The greatest times to go fishing here are in the fall, spring, and summer.

Going on a chartered fishing excursion, on the other hand, is the only way to improve your experience.

While you’re out there, look for salmon and trout. Numerous firms offer the greatest fishing trip plans.

Make a reservation for one of these and make the most of your time in Michigan City.

5. Central Avenue Beach

One of the nicest spots to visit in Michigan City is Central Avenue Beach. The finest seasons to visit are summer and spring.

Beautiful migratory species, such as bank swallows, establish their homes here.

There are several dune slopes behind the beach that you are not permitted to climb.

6. Lighthouse Place Premium Outlets

Would you want to do some high-end shopping for a reasonable price?

Lighthouse Place Premium Outlet is one of Michigan City’s greatest shopping attractions.

It not only contains multiple thrift shops where you can get some of the nicest clothing, but it also has several branded retailers.

Calvin Klein, Michael Kors, Nike, Adidas, and a slew of other notable retailers have set up business within this shopping center.

7. The Heron Rookery Trail 

The Heron Rookery Trail is a great spot to put your biking talents to the test.

Professional mountain bikers appreciate how smooth the trail is and how beautiful the views are.

In this region, you can even go running. You’ll be in for a big treat if you visit in March. The sight of great blue herons flocking to this location is breathtaking.

During this time, the entire landscape is also covered in wildflowers. The Little Calumet River, which runs through the area, is one of the most tranquil spots to fish.

You can also sit on the banks and relive some of history’s most memorable moments.

8. Shady Creek Winery

Shady Creek Winery is one of the places in Michigan City where you will feel at ease. Tourists have remarked on how welcoming the atmosphere is.

In addition, there is a restaurant that provides snacks that pair well with the wine. The pizzas are also worth sampling.

“Cozy” is one adjective that comes to mind while describing the winery. During the winter, you can even warm up by the fireplace with a bottle of wine in hand.

All of their wines have received accolades and are considered to be among the top blends in the world.

9. Lubeznik Center For The Arts

Lubeznik Center for the Arts, located on the shores of Lake Michigan, is one of Michigan City’s most popular art destinations.

The officials at the art center are all about the local talent.

It does not, however, exclusively show works from the local area; it also has a large collection of international works.

The center contains four galleries where the most magnificent works of art are shown.

The walls are adorned with works by lesser-known artists who are worth finding.

10. Blue Chip Casino Hotel Spa

Looking for one of the best locations to stay while still being entertained?

Blue Chip Casino is ready to assist you.

This is the finest alternative for you if you want to have the perfect vacation in Michigan City.

There is a casino on the premises, and it will be one of the highlights of your stay.

After a long day of sightseeing, you’re probably exhausted. Relax and rejuvenate at the hotel’s spa.

It has a fine dining restaurant, a sports bar, and a deli as well as other dining options.

11. Michigan City Public Library

The Michigan City Public Library isn’t your ordinary library. It is regarded as one of the best public libraries in the state.

The library covers 35,000 square feet and is likely to be the largest public library you will ever see.

Helmut Jahn, a brilliant architect known around the world for some of his remarkable works, was the mastermind behind its one-of-a-kind architecture.

The library gives guests access to thousands of audiobooks and DVDs in addition to books.

12. Dunes Summer Theatre 

Catch a show at the Dunes Summer Theatre on a summer evening if you want to have a good time like a local.

The theatre, which is located in Michiana Shores, is a local favorite.

All through the summertime, operas, and shows are performed. The children adore the plays. Even adults appreciate a little entertainment now and then.

Nora Tully MacAlvay, an art and culture instructor, had the wonderful idea of starting a summer theatre, and it has been tremendously successful ever since.

13. Friendship Botanic Gardens

Some of the nicest vegetation in the city may be found at Friendship Botanic Gardens.

The gardens are not directly in the city; to get to this tourist attraction, you must drive a little to the east.

The gardens are enormous, spanning over 106 kilometers. Trees and various shades of green can be found all around. The flora and fauna of the area are well-represented.

If you want to experience a sense of tranquillity and tranquillity, this is the place for you.

14. City At The Barker Mansion

Barker Mansion, located in the heart of Michigan City, is a history museum that relates all of the city’s notable stories.

But it wasn’t always a museum. Previously, it served as a manor for John H. Barker. The 38 rooms that were erected in 1905 can still be found.

The Barker Mansion, which is on the National Register of Historic Places, is a true work of art.

Beautifully collected works of art from throughout the world can be seen throughout the rooms.

15. Michigan City East Light

One of the most important structures in Michigan City is the East Light. In Michigan City, there are no additional working lighthouses.

It is now more of an Indiana monument that should not be overlooked. While standing in the harbor area, you may have a look at this fantastic attraction.

In the same area, there used to be another lighthouse, but it was nearly destroyed.

In 1858, the community decided to construct a new lighthouse that would be a carbon copy of the existing one.

Along with it, they built a new pier. While you’re out there, don’t forget to take some photos.

16. Washington Park Zoo

The Washington Zoo is a family-friendly attraction where you may spend hours admiring beautiful creatures.

It is a sanctuary rather than a zoo. The location of this zoo is its best feature.

The Washington Park Zoo, which is located on the shores of Lake Michigan, provides one of the best experiences in Michigan City. More than 90 animal species from all around the world call it home.

The zoo is set out in such a way that you must explore to find the animals. There are tunnels everywhere, and youngsters love them.

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17. See Trail Creek

Trail Creek, which was formerly a tributary of Lake Michigan, is now one of Michigan City’s most beautiful spots.

It stretches for over 7.3 kilometers before joining the vast lake. In the area, you may easily spend an afternoon. Wetlands make up the majority of the ecology surrounding the water body.

There are also a lot of animals in the area. Rare species, such as bald eagles, can easily be seen flying around.

The waters are dominated by trout and salmon. In this tributary, you can even go fishing. In reality, this is one of the top spots for salmon fishing.

18. Michigan City Campground 

Do you enjoy spending time in nature? Michigan City is surrounded by rich greenery, and camping is arguably the best way to appreciate it.

The Michigan City Campground is located just outside of town, near US Route 421, providing easy and quick access.

Simple cabins, nicely equipped cottages, plenty of campsites, and complete hook-ups for campers are all available at the campground.

You can bring your tent or RV, or you can show up unprepared and rent everything you need. There’s also a pool and a bar, so there’s something for everyone.

19. Xscape Quest 

If you enjoy escape room games, Xscape Quest, Michigan City’s first such establishment, is ready to welcome you to its premises. This interactive escape game is built around puzzle solving, collaboration, and teamwork. It’s great when shared with friends or family.

Xscape Quest in Michigan City only has 12 weekdays and 11-weekend day games, so book an appointment ahead of time. Get your team together, choose a game, and get to work!

20. Coaling Tower

A historic, long-abandoned coaling tower is spanning the former Michigan Central Railroad tracks in an impressive structure. This tower was used to fuel steam engines in its earlier days (the construction dates back to 1923).

But, like those engines, it has outlived its usefulness and currently exists in its place simply because it was ‘too enormous to demolish.’

The tower was the first of its sort, and its design is even protected by a patent.

Even though it is now substantially run down, it is still suitable for a unique photoshoot or a little bit of urbex exploration.

21. Skatepark in Michigan City

Yes, there is a skate park in Michigan City. Although it is not the largest in the country, the skatepark is well-kept and provides ramps and rails for both beginners and advanced skateboarders. The entrance is free, and there is also a large free parking lot nearby.

22. Pottawattomie Country Club 

If you enjoy golf, Michigan City boasts a superb country club that includes a guarded pool, dining restaurants, golf shops, and event rooms in addition to a gorgeous and perfectly maintained 18-hole golf course.

Pottawattomie Country Club was founded in 1909, and some could claim it still has an aristocratic flavor to it.

Only registered members are allowed to attend, however, they are allowed to bring their guests. 

You can also get a separate pool membership or a golf-only membership for a reasonable price. This is a great reason to visit Michigan City more often!

23. Mount Baldy 

Mount Baldy is arguably too little to be considered a mountain, but it is a large dune, making it an intriguing destination to visit.

Mount Baldy is also a wandering dune, which means it shifts or moves every year. The vast crowds that flock to this location amplify this effect by removing the grasses that help to sustain the dune naturally.

Mount Baldy, which towers above Central Beach, provides an excellent vantage point for viewing the lakeshore.


Michigan Community, Indiana, is a varied city on the south side of Lake Michigan that is a terrific destination to visit.

The variety of activities includes anything from pristine lakeside beaches ideal for swimming and water sports like fishing and boating to lush woodlands ideal for bicycling and hiking.

A nighttime stroll here is a very unforgettable experience, thanks to the diverse and energetic environment, as well as the tiny boutiques and cafés.

These are just a handful of the reasons why you should visit this wonderful city next!


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