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23 Best And Fun Things To Do In San Juan Capistrano (Ca)

The city is only a short drive from Orange County and Los Angeles and has many exciting places to visit. The city is full of historical beauty that will impress you and make you proud of its various, unique attractions.

Attractions in San Juan Capistrano to view include Mission San Juan Capistrano, Mission Basilica San Juan Capistrano, and Los Rios Historic District. There are also excellent restaurants to satisfy your cooking cravings. Let’s look at the top things you can do in San Juan Capistrano.

Things to do in San Juan Capistrano

1. Visit Mission San Juan Capistrano

The church, which still stands today and is regarded as the “birthplace of Orange County,” is where Saint Serra once celebrated Mass.

Visitors are welcome to showcase this historical attraction to many cultures, including their wealthy European, Spanish, Mexican, and Native American heritage.

Visitors can spend their time relaxing in peaceful gardens, learning directly and incorporating Native American techniques in weaving their baskets, or even attending one of their many events or celebrations.

 2. Visit the Farm or Farmers Market

California has this concern about good food, and to make good food, you need high-quality ingredients. So visiting a local farm or farmers’ market is the best way to taste these ingredients. In addition, they offer a program of exciting events, from farm visits to dedicated dinners or feasts and more.

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3. Play a round or two golf courses at San Juan Hill Golf Club

They have event venues that provide a good balance of post-tournament experiences. You would also like to meet with their experienced staff, who would be happy to help you hold your next service club meeting, company event, or golf tournament.

4. Participate in local festivals

One best way to learn about and get acquainted with culture and community history is by participating in local festivals. San Juan Capistrano is not lacking in anything, so guests have a growing opportunity to connect with local people and have fun.  It’s usually beautiful.

5. Cottage Gallery and Nest

While strolling around a historic region, you can’t miss the fantastic Cottage Gallery. Located in a brightly lit fireplace built in 1890, the Cottage Gallery has art galleries created by Orange County artists, including pottery, paintings, and sculptures. This place is not just a shopping mall, it is also a place to find inspiration. 

6. Rios Street.

Closer than Nest, a good stop if you are looking for the best birthday gift or special occasion. It is one of the best places you can go to get gift items for your loved ones. 

7. Ortega’s Capistrano Trading Post

You will find a wide range of California and Mission San Juan Capistrano collections and a beautiful collection of Native American jewelry.

The Trading Post also has a large selection of San Juan Capistrano monuments, artwork, religious goods, art from the California Mission Collectibles, and local San Juan Capistrano artists. Opening hours Monday through Friday: 11:00 am – 5:00 pm, and Saturday and Sunday: 11:00 am – 5:30 pm

8. We Olive & Wine Bar

We Olive was born out of a love of olive oil found locally. Delicious, healthy, a little extra pure! After realizing the growing demand for this product, the first We Olive store opened due to love and knowledge.

It has created a place where chefs, local farmers, and experienced travelers learn and buy their favorite California-made olive oil.

9.  Eat well at Sundried Tomato American Bistros & Catering.

The restaurant is located in the city history of San Juan Capistrano. It has a fascinating early Spanish climate, thanks to the ancient adobe of Valenzuela that dropped jaws back in the 1800s.

The restaurant is an enjoyable and exciting place to eat. However, if you want to celebrate Happy Hour all week, it is a class and offers an incomparable weekend branch covered with empty mimosas.

10. Enjoy the Italian fun at Ciao Pasta.

The restaurant offers a pleasant meal suitable for a friendly dinner with family and friends or a romantic night out. With new transitions here, you will find everything from delicious handmade pasta to many local dishes. Popular options from their menu include homemade pizza with homemade porridge and more.

11. Have fun at the Cedar Creek Inn

Found in San Juan, Capistrano is a popular restaurant that offers American antique items in a home-style area called Cedar Creek Inn.

If you are hungry for solid food and various beers to choose from, this restaurant is the best place to visit. They have excellent menus for lunch and dinner, filled with favorites such as central ribs, lemon rosemary chicken, fried pot, swordfish paired with chipotle raspberry sauce, and lamb rack.

12. Satisfy your desires at L’Hirondelle Restaurant

The restaurant opened in 1982, having won many awards, including “People’s Choice: Best Entree.” Have a delicious lunch or dinner or pause with their favorite Sunday Brunch.

Over time, sponsors enjoy a blend of mimosa or their signature Spicy Bloody Mary with crowd favorites like Beef Bourguignon, Salmon and Egg Scramble, Chicken Curry Salad, or Kobe burgers stuffed with caramelized onions.

13. Ramos House Cafe

Do you need to visit the old days to get back the feeling of the old days? It will leave you with the experience of wanting more. Here, the wine is stored in the basement, herbs are planted in the garden, ice cream is extracted by hand, and the owners live in the house.

You will not be able to guess where you are as the menu changes daily based on what has just been found, but you can always rely on the guarantee that we will have fun.

14. Culinary Skills at Farm School

Los Rios Farm School is a rich historical site. The building has a 1903 circa board and a bedroom where classrooms are held and a brick balcony, kitchen garden, green spaces, fruit trees, a nature garden, and a few common living areas.

You will be happy to see the life of the plants covered with roses as you travel to a unique place while enjoying cooking classes with family, friends, or someone special.

15.  ZOOMARS Petting Zoo

Entering the zoo gives you access to Petting Pens and visits to Bunny Patch, Playground, Guinea Pig Gully, and Corn Box.

The zoo has existed for more than three decades and is widely known as a family-friendly place where visitors can spend their day. You will see friendly animals such as rabbits, sheep, emus, cows, pigs, goats, and lovely llamas.

16. Capistrano, CA.

The church is a national sanctuary and a wonderful place to explore. You will look at the beautiful paintings on the interior wall, and they will be taken by the artist Dr. Neuerberg for 18 months to complete.

17. See nature at Ronald W. Caspers Wilderness Park.

Throughout the year, community members can visit as they get ready to explore the unique local flora and fauna, such as the coastal oak and the California cucumber.

Many events and programs are being held here, including “Critter Talks” with local environmentalists and a nature tour guided by conservationists. You can spend many hours hiking trails in streams full of flowing streams and wildflowers.

18. See the O’Neill Museum

 visitors can learn about history, listen to fascinating stories, and learn about the museum, an exciting fack.  It is the headquarters of the San Juan Capistrano Historical Society, and you will see a few documents, photographs, records, and much more while you are there.

19. Check O’Neill Museum

The building has some heartbreaking stories attached as Garcia was later assassinated; The future owner died years later from a stroke, though many people have claimed to have seen his ‘ghost’ on his favorite balcony. Now, visitors can learn about history, listen to fascinating stories, and dig into the museum.

20. Los Rios Historic District

Located across the Capistrano Depot and separated by a railway line, Los Rios Historic District is the oldest in California. You will encounter buildings, many of which are private dwellings, although some have been converted into businesses and are open to the public. Walking in Los Rios alone can allow you to experience the quiet, tranquil life that only you can hear there.

21.  Have fun at Los Rios Park

Los Rios Park is a beautiful playground for young children and is one of the most attractive places in the Los Rios Historic region. The park is located in vibrant history and is surrounded by exceptional homes and a local train station. The wood of the park and the sound of the bell can make children run like they are in the Old West.

22. Enjoy Capistrano Depot

It is a fantastic art gallery and a beautiful immersion site, with pieces of history elsewhere. You can take the train to visit a neighbor (kids usually like this) or check out Trevors at the Tracks, a restaurant located in the middle of the depot that offers excellent services and food in the historic area.

While you’re at it, don’t miss out on seeing the beautiful Capistrano Depot, as it is one of San Juan Capistrano’s highlights and highlights.

23. Montanez Adobe

Montanez Adobe was built about 1794. It is one of 40 adobe sites constructed to cater to the Native American Mission neophytes near Capistrano Mission.

It was once the home of the first carpenter, Tomas Gutierrez, his wife, a midwife in the village, and a spiritual leader, Dona Polonia Montanez. Montanez Adobe houses a few art galleries, a beautiful garden, and a small church building, which is something you should visit if you are in San Juan Capistrano.


San Juan Capistrano is the most exciting place to visit in California, as you are in a state of ecstasy. These Parks, fine restaurants, museums and architecture, fascinating museums, galleries, local markets, zoos, and more are promising. Start planning your visit to San Juan Capistrano. Feel free to pin this guide.

Have a wonderful trip!

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