23 Best and Fun Things to Do at Manassas (VA)

Although a small town, Manassas, VA, accommodates more than 41,000 people and has many entertainment and attractions, especially historical ones.

The temperate climate highlights the city year-round with a diverse population of more than 21% Hispanic and about 16% African American.

Two Bull Run battles were fought in Manassas, VA, so there are world history landmarks to see. However, certain attractions may be temporarily closed or require booking. You do not want to miss out on this great city.

Fun Things To Do In Manassa

1, Hylton Performing Art Center

The Hylton Performing Arts Center is another unique attraction in Manassas, suitable for art lovers. The center, which covers an area of ​​85,000 square feet [85,000 sq m], is an opera house capable of accommodating more than 1,000 guests.

The center has a Merchant Hall and the Gregory Family Theater, a large theater. Both halls have large open spaces where seats are arranged according to performance requirements.

The Hylton Performing Arts Center includes dance literature, realistic comedy, children’s summer camp, family series, art exhibitions, and exhibitions using bright and dark lights. Enjoying working at the center is one of the best things you can do in Manassas, Virginia.

2. Ko Distilling

Bill Karlson and John O’Mara are the owners of KO Distilling, a famous whiskey and gin producer in Manassas, served its first indestructible whiskey in 2015, and in 2016, it served its first aged whiskey. To this day, their old whiskey is like an old-fashioned whiskey.

They have four whiskeys and three gins that local guests can taste. In addition, KO Distilling offers its guests a tour of its facilities. At the end of the tour, it offers guests the option to enjoy one of three flavors: a classic flavor, a whiskey or cocktail flavor, and a unique flavor.

3. Manassas Station

This place is historically significant, and a visit to this ancient building is among the highlights of Manassas, Virginia. Manassas bought the line and renovated the station building in the 1990s.

However, the renovated station is about 32 feet [32 m] more protracted than the original building. In addition, this attractive station is the Virginia Railway Express’s central station. Visitors to the station can check out the James & Marion Payne Memorial Train Gallery and the Tourist Information Center.

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4. Signal Hill Park

The Signal hill military force of the Civil War-era Confederate offers ample open space with various activities so that visitors can have a complete experience.

This Place has lots of facilities such as a fishing pond, netball court, professional softball field, stadium, tennis courts, 27,000 square meters of Signal Bay water park, soccer fields, and a long walkway.

There is also a stadium with picnic tables, a charcoal burner, and toilets, ideal for picnics, the public can host events such as weddings and birthdays in the Park. This attraction is a must-see and offers some fun things you can do in Manassas, Virginia.

5. Liberia House History Park

The Liberia House Historic Site, formerly occupied by William Weir and his partner, Harriet Bladen Mitchell Weir, was built in 1825 by many underground workers.

The side roof is adorned with molded bricks with a saw tooth design. Liberia House uses a single floor, a central corridor building. The site is open to public trips and events.

6. Central Park Aquatic Center

It is an indoor water park with a study pool and a competition pool. In addition, the Aquatic Center offers several classes and programs such as swimming lessons, professional swimming, security guard certificates, after-school care, fitness for water, and much more.

The center has a seating area near the competition pool and a pool viewing room for spectators watching. In addition, pools and private rooms can be rented out to teams and used for competitions and parties.

7. Mayfield Civil War Fort

Mayfield Civil War Fort, another attraction in Manassas, the Home family initially lived in this historic area, but they had to leave their home and flee to save their lives when the Confederates arrived to protect the railway lines.

Under the direction of the Confederate administration, enslaved soldiers and soldiers built a ring of 12 fortifications surrounding the railway line. Visitors can view the Hope mansion foundation markers and relics of protection. A visit to this historic site is one of the most exciting things you can do in Manassas. 

8. Sprinkle Down The Waterpark

If you can visit in the summer and want to cool off, this fantastic outdoor water park, the largest in North Virginia, is perfect for you. The Park is used by the Prince William County Parks and Recreation Department.

The attractions include a working pool, recreational pool, eight waterfalls up to 70 feet long, hot twister slides, cannonball, and Lily Pad Walk. It also has a lazy river (770 feet high whirlpool that can contain two-person indoor tubes) and a children’s play area.

9. Cannon Branch Tower

Cannon Branch Fort, another historic site in Manassas, Virginia, is a rectangular fortress west of Manassas, thought to have been built by the organization’s troops.

Native Americans originally lived on the hill above the Cannon Branch for many years before European colonization. Collecting fruit, nuts, and roots, among other foods and hunting, was an essential task that early hunters did.

10. Heritage Brewing Co

The first brewery in Manassas was established in 2013 and supplied about 12 beers. They started with two experienced brewers who aspired to brew sweet-smelling beers.

The brewery remained small and dedicated despite its growing popularity. It has always partnered with The Unquiet Professional, which has been giving back to the military community where the founders gave their lives in the first place.

Okra’s cajun creole You can not miss what you can eat in Manassas is not a joke. One of the best places to eat is Okra Cajun-Creole, a famous restaurant in Manassas for two decades. In addition, customers can eat on the balcony during the summer and enjoy live music on Battle Street.

11. Manassas National Battlefield Park

Manassas National Battlefield Park, which holds the most significant historical significance, covers an area of ​​5,000 hectares. The area is popular with locals and tourists alike, and currently, about 900,000 people are in this National Park annually. While in Battlefield Park, visit the Henry Hill Visitor Center. You will see the Civil War uniform and weapons at the visitor center.

12. Echoes, Manassa Museum Store

 This is one place you will love to visit. It is filled with so many arts and artifacts that you will love to see. You can take a tour around to see other pleasant things in this museum. A visit with your friends will not be a bad idea.

13. Siam classic

This is a Thai restaurant, and its Thai dishes are highly regarded and popular and enjoyed in Manassas. The restaurant offers vegetarian dishes, soups, appetizers, and delicious but low-fat and gluten-free noodles.

All food is made using the most natural ingredients. Try many Thai dishes or Thai-inspired dishes like Pad Woon Sen, Pad Kra Prao, Flaming Quail, and Gai Non-Rung. You will definitely also enjoy some of their Curry dishes, like curry puffs.

14. Ben Lomond Historic Park

Manassas has many historical sites, and the Ben Lomond Historic Site is one of them. The site, also known as Stone House, discusses Virginia’s pre-war history issues.  In the first and second battles of  Bull Run, Lomond Historic Site began to be used as a hospital for the injured and later as a hospital for the disabled..

15. Manassas Mall

It is a shopping center that opened in 1972. Lionheart Capital LLC owns this significant business. The company has more than 80 state-of-the-art grocery stores with exclusive entertainment and dining options for the whole family. Among the shops selling at the center are the famous Walmart and not as renowned as Eyebrow Designer 21. Frequently visited sites offer free Wi-Fi. In addition, there is a venue for public events, such as fundraisers and receipts.

16. Old Manassas Court

The historic site was the birthplace of the 1911 Peace Jubilee. On its premises, President Taft stood and inaugurated a ceremony to commemorate the First World War in Manassas.

The Jubilee of the Peace of 1911 marked the 50th anniversary of the First Manassas War. A monument dedicated to the 1911 Peace Jubilee stands at the Old Manassas Courthouse. Next to the cover and two anchors are two tube cannons and cannons of the Civil War.

17. Badwolf Production Company

This brewery uses high-quality natural ingredients and leaves the beer untreated. Badwolf Brewing is passionate about creating new beers and sour variations by trying different combinations. Their ingenuity ensures that customers always have a handcrafted beer they enjoy.

The bar also offers craft classes, textbooks, and trivia from time to time. In addition, guests can bring their food and taste their beer. You can even make friends at the bar while enjoying a beer.

18. Jukebox Restaurant

If you want to eat any hour of the day in 50s style, then Jukebox Diner in Manassas is the perfect place to go. The restaurant has red booths on a large diner counter with seats, making it look like real oldies.

Jukebox diner food is produced using only new and high-quality food products. They also offer a variety of Classic American diner meals and exotic items from Italian entrees, Middle East, Greek, and European dishes to make unique dishes such as falafel or chicken all piccata.

19. Freedom Museum

The Freedom Museum is an attractive site located at Manassas Regional Airport’s Main Terminal. The Freedom Museum displays the history, culture, and culture of Manassas, Virginia, especially in the 20th century.

The Museum has several exhibits, including paintings, art objects, and other monuments from Manassas and soldiers from World War I. In addition, the Museum, affiliated with the Smithsonian Center, is currently raising funds to build a permanent building outside the airport.

20. Creative Brush Studio

The beauty of Manassas makes it an ideal place for artists to stay and find inspiration. The owners of this fantastic gallery are Mary Reilley and Christine Raymond, their mother, and daughter.

They showcase different works of art and use the gallery as their studio. Visitors can view artists using various painting techniques to paint landscapes and fragments of history and be given the task of photographing other works of art.

21. Autobahn House Speed And Event

If you are a person who loves speed, then, the autobahn is the right place for you as it offers you the European style of indoor go-karting, which is one of the fun things you can do in Manassas. First, you start the race as soon as you walk in the door. Then, their skilled staff will guide you through all the process steps.

22. Bull Run Regional Park

Bull Regional park is found on the outskirts of Manassas and it is a good place to be with your friends and families. The 1,500-acre park is full of spectacular activities, from disc golf to historic hiking trails carved in the area before the arrival of the European Settlers.

There are plenty of picnic areas throughout the park for you to enjoy the taste before embarking on your next trip to the green space.

23. Historical Manassas 

Manassas is found in the center of the charming Manassas Historic District, filled with museums, galleries, and delectable places to eat.

Originally, Manassas was a crucial rail junction during the Civil War. However, a town sprouted up around the intersection after the war ended.



From our list, it is clear that Manassas has a lot to offer its guests. It includes historical features, lounges, fun sites, and unusual dishes in outstanding restaurants, a highly recommended tourist destination.

Start planning your trip to Manassas. Click on this guide as you head into a fun vacation in Manassas.

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