22 Best & Fun Things to Do in Wenatchee (WA)

This is an agricultural-based city located on the eastern foothills of The cascade Mountains on the Columbia River in north-central Washington.

This city is surrounded by orchards and it is known as the Apple Capital of the World. It also has amazing arts and culture.

The best time to visit is the last week of April and the first week of May, when you will have the opportunity to attend  the Washington State 

Apple Blossom hosted by Wenatchee

There are quite a several adventurous activities to engage in when you visit Wenatchee, like Mountain biking, boating, skiing, rock climbing as well as garden walking 

1. Washington State Apple Festival

Due to the fertile soils, sufficient sunshine, and many irrigation sources, the city of Wenatchee is a perfect place to grow apples.

The city was nicknamed the Apple Capital of the World due to the abundance of produce. 

The celebration occurs in May, it is a 19-day event that features classic car shows, live theater-produced music, and a festive parade.

This festival has been going on for more than 100 years, it makes the city come alive as family, friends, and well wishes come out in mass to celebrate this memorable event.

2. Hike Apple Capital Loop Trail

This is a 22-mile-long urban loop trail also known as the Apple Capital Recreation Loop Trail. The trail begins from the north and goes across the river to the city center.

This trail runs across four Wenatchee riverfront parks, they are Walla point park which has swimming lags on and sports fields. There is also the Wenatchee Riverfront park, the Wenatchee Confluence State Park, and the Horan Nature Area wetlands.

There are countless things you will discover as you go along this trail, it is connected to different waterfronts which boast amazing and unique views.

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3. Rock Climb at the Frenchmen Coulee

This unique place offers some of the best rock climbing in Washington, it is located sixty minutes southwest of Wenatchee.

The climbing mecca which is also known as Vantage has more than 700 named routes suitable for beginners and professionals. Unfortunately, many routes that are beginner-friendly are locked, whereas the tougher routes require traditional climbing gear.

This place attracts climbers all through the colder months due to its high desert location and plenty of sunshine. This place is accessible by all, you can be a part of this adventure. It is something worth doing.

4. Ohme Gardens

This is one of the top attractions in Wenatchee. This garden was created by Herman Ohme and his wife who strived in love for more than 41 years.

This garden features native stones for paths and borders, transplanted small evergreens from the Cascade Mountain, small deep pools situated among huge natural rock formations, as well as lovely flowers. 

The garden has a private luxurious oasis but it was sold by their son to Washington State for public use and pleasure when the couple died.

5. Ski At Mission Ridge

If you want to try new adventures, you can try Skiing at the Mission bridge, it is a top fun thing to do.

From late November to early April this local Mountain provides a snow-filled season, covering more than 2000 acres.

You don’t have to bother about the crowd here, as they feature 5,000 skiers per hour. Also, you don’t have to worry about the weather because the mountain provides warmth in many ways.

Also, you would love to have the hot food and warm relief offered by Hampton Lodge. You will also discover gear rentals, daycare, and available lessons at the mountain.

6. Pybus Public Market

This is an open-air farmers’ market that features restaurants, specialty shops, local farm goods, fresh produce, artisan foods, and many more.

It is claimed that the Pybus Public market is the best farmer’s market in the world, which is not far from the truth. It is a cool and lively market that has a massive selection of fruits, vegetables, seafood, meats, cheeses, beers and local wines, sweets, nuts and to crown it all amazing live music on stage every Friday evening.

The restaurants that are found here are open every day of the week.

7. Mountain Bike Saddle Rock

This is an iconic outdoor hilltop that offers mountain bike adventure, this is the perfect place for hiking and biking.

This place gives the perfect views of Wenatchee Valley, as it is the peak of an amazing Mountain biking in the immediate region of Wenatchee.

When you visit, explore as much as you can, there are several local bike shops around that help visitors hit the trails.

8. Wenatchee Confluence State Park

This is a nature preserve and a public recreation area that occupies 197 acres of land space; it is situated on the north side of Wenatchee, Washington.

The lark is a perfect destination for camping, swimming, boating, and sports activities. It features a children’s playground, volleyball field, a boat lunch, basketball and tennis courts as well as an amazing swimming beach.

This is an awesome place to be, do add it to your to-do list as it makes for one of the top best things to do in Wenatchee.

9. Take Part In The Holiday Season in Leavenworth

This place is located in the West of Wenatchee, it is also known as the Bavarian Village.

The holiday season is unique, with half-million lights illuminating the ready inviting town. This place is always painted with holiday bliss during the winter.

If you want to experience the Leavenworth Lighting display, you have to plan your visit on one of the weekends in December which is when the Christmas Lighting Festivals are held.

This event attracts tourists and locals alike who come to experience real fun and happiness.

10. Okanogan Wenatchee National Forest

This is a preserve that occupies four million acres of land space located on the western slopes of the Cascade Range in Washington.

This preserve spreads across more than 180 miles between the Great Rocks Wilderness and the Canadian border. The wide range of landscapes makes the forest very vast.

This place is perfect for relaxation as well as exploration, as it features hundreds of miles of trails through the forest. You can engage in climbing, cross country, snowmobiling, and downhill skiing in the winter.

The forest is a good spot for fishing, hunting, horseback riding, mountain biking, off-road driving as well as relaxing.

11. Eat Local Dishes At South

This is a well-known public market located in Wenatchee, it is a colorful bright Latin restaurant that offers a conducive atmosphere and amazing dishes from Argentina, Mexico, Brazil, Jamaica, Cuba, and other countries in the region.

Their dishes are prepared from scratch, using locally sourced ingredients from farms. You can’t afford to miss these nicely prepared dishes.

To add to the dishes, they make five homemade salsas fresh every day and use cage-free eggs. You are sure to find your favorite as you go through the menu.

12. Wenatchee Valley Museum

This is a museum and cultural center that displays the local and regional history, and Native American heritage of the city.

The Museum features objects and artifacts from history. You will discover objects such as the huge propeller from the plane that took the first trans-Pacific flight, Native American trade history, 11,000 years old Clovis points discovered in 1987 in East Wenatchee, a tree fruit with a 1920-era apple packing line and so many other things that will interest you.

This museum was established in 1939 by the Columbia Archeological Society and it occupies two buildings.

Do well to explore the building to gain more knowledge about the past life of the city

13. Support The Home Team

If you want some exciting sports thrills, make out time to show your support to one of the local teams.

There is a junior hockey club and an arena football league, whose stands are filled.

The British Columbia Hockey League season is held from September to February, so you can go and watch beautiful games.

Wenatchee Applesox games occur at Thomas Sr Stadium all through the summer on the Wenatchee Valley College campus.

14. Peshastin Pinnacle State Park

This is a 34-acre public recreation area, located three miles from Cashmere in Chelan County, Washington.

This park features spires and sandstone slabs in a desert, having amazing orchard views, Enchantment Range and Range, and Wenatchee.

You can enjoy the beautiful views of birds, rock climbing, wildlife observation,  hiking, and many other things.

Come with your camera as you would love to capture beautiful scenes.

15. Stutzman Ranch

This is a fourth-generation fruit orchard that offers seasonal fruit and vegetable picking events; this has been in existence since 1907 when it started operation.

Fruit picking in Wenatchee is a fantastic adventure, as you have the opportunity to pick apples, tea grapes, Rainier cherries, Asian pears, and other amazing fruits.

Though the dates for pick-up differ, the season is usually from June to September, and they are open from 9 am to 6 pm.

16. Stemilt Creek winery

This winery was founded in 2003 and planted its first vineyard in 2001 in the foothills.

They offer high-quality wine with intensive and distinctive flavors.

When it comes to medium and full-sized red wine they offer the best, and they also have a great collection of delicious white wines and roses

When you visit you can be sure of getting the best quality in the collection of wines at your disposal.

17. Wild Huckleberry

This is a combination of a restaurant and boutique that operates in a classic home built-in 1917.

This is an old building that is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. It is a popular place for breakfast or homemade lunch.

They have a vast collection menu which includes burgers, salads, chicken fried steak, eggs, and some other interesting meals.

You can stop by the boutique downstairs to get gifts, jewelry, clothing, baby items, and so many other items.

18. Lincoln Rock State Park

This is a Park that occupies 86 acres and spans across the best cliff formation known as the Lincoln Rock.

This park is the perfect destination for boating, fishing, picnicking, swimming, camping, hiking, as well as sports activities.

This is a scenic scene, you would love the views of the environment. Do make sure you come with your camera to capture beautiful scenes.

19. Taqueria El Rinconsito

This is a counter-serve Washington State chain that serves original Mexican specialties.

The restaurant is a comfortable place to have delicious Mexican dishes and the menu includes tacos, options, quesadilla, gorditas, mulitas, and several others.

Breakfast is served here from 7 am to 11 am.

20. Squilchuck State Park

This is a 249-acre park located eight miles south of Wenatchee, one of the best places to go and have a nice time.

The Park is a popular destination for cross country, skiing, hiking, snowshoeing, group camping, wildlife observation as well as bird watching.

The park has amazing trails that give the best view of the environment.

21. Bob’s Classic Restaurant and Distillery

This is a classic restaurant opened in 2005 in East Wenatchee, it is one of the most sought-after restaurants, watering holes, and sports bars.

The restaurant has a comprehensive menu that covers a massive list of beers on draft and in bottles, about any kind of food, and a unique selection of wines and spirits.

This is the perfect place for you if you want to have dinner in Wenatchee.

22. Jones of Washington

This is a family-owned winery that grows their vineyard, you will have a nice time at the winery when you visit.

They have a wine tasting room where you have the opportunity of tasting a great collection of wines.

The city of Wenatchee has lots of exciting things to offer, ranging from parks to museums, to casinos and several other exciting places.

The city is open to all to come and explore, it is a wonderful place to be. It gives an exciting feeling and experience that you will not forget in a hurry.

Make plans today to visit this amazing city and explore the many wonders that are there.

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