22 Best & Fun Things To Do In Vicksburg (MS)


Are you looking for the best and most enjoyable things to do in Vicksburg, Mississippi?

Vicksburg was founded in 1811 and incorporated on January 29, 1825, and it has since grown into a major commercial, agricultural, and river traffic hub.

Vicksburg is a lovely town in the state of Mississippi in the United States. Vicksburg is well recognized for its role in the Civil War, which made it an important part of American history.

Vicksburg’s economic, historical, and residential development have all been heavily influenced by the Mississippi River. Vicksburg’s history, economy, and residential growth have all been influenced by the Mississippi River.


 Sit tights let’s take you through the greatest activities in Vicksburg, Mississippi below.


Things To Do In Vicksburg

1. Biedenharn Coca-Cola Museum

The Biedenharn Coca-Cola Museum is a fascinating museum that should be on your list of things to do in Vicksburg, Mississippi.

Coca-first Cola’s bottling centre was established in this location. The structure has been converted into a museum with original, antithetic Coca-Cola bottles on exhibit.

This exhibit delves into the production, bottling, and equipment utilized to make the first Coca-Cola.

The Biedenharn family’s history is also on display at the museum. Before you leave, make sure to look at the Coca-Cola mementoes.

2. Pemberton Headquarters

Willis-Cowan House, commonly known as Pemberton’s Headquarters, was erected in 1836.


In 1976, the home was designated as a National Historic Landmark. As a result, it was added to the National Register of Historic Places in the United States.

Visitors can appreciate the house’s splendour after visiting Vicksburg National Military Park (of which it is a part).

The house is elevated above the street and stands majestically as a two-story structure. The house was built first by William Bobb.

3. Old Courthouse

The Old Courthouse hosted the first two trials of the key Dred Scott case, which took place in 1847 and 1850. You’d enjoy learning more about the 19th-century justice system by touring the historic structure and visiting the refurbished courtrooms.

The Old Courthouse is also known as “St. Louis’ Old Courthouse,” and it is part of the National Park Service’s National Underground Railroad Network To Freedom. 

As a property linked with legal challenges to slavery, the courthouse has a relationship to the story of the Underground Railroad and slavery.

In addition to being a courthouse, the courthouse served as a public forum. Many freedom suits were filed in the Old Courthouse, and Dred Scott’s conclusion that slaves were property with no right to sue ushered in the Civil War.

The Old Courthouse was built in St. Louis, Missouri, as a combination of federal and state courthouses, and was designed by the company of Leveille and Morton.

Visit the Historical Courthouse to see Vicksburg memorabilia, relics, antiques, paintings, old maps, and more.

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4. Murals At Vicksburg’s Riverfront

The murals along with Vicksburg’s riverside pay homage to the city’s rich past. These murals were produced by Robert Dafford, a well-known American artist.

On April 12, 2002, the Vicksburg Riverfront Murals were unveiled for the first time.

Murals like these can be seen all over the South, as well as along the Mississippi River. They are a must-see for anybody visiting Vicksburg. These paintings depict the city’s past and current.

It depicts Vicksburg’s importance in American commerce and culture.

5. Margaret’s Grocery and Market

Margaret’s Grocery & Market, the promised land, is a proud tribute to real love and steadfast promises. Even though only the remnants of the old edifice remain, it is well worth your time.

Margaret’s husband was killed in a horrible event that occurred in a supermarket. Margaret married Preacher Dennis, who gave the area its symbolic appearance, five years later.

According to folklore, he promised Margaret that if she married him, he would build a new “castle” for their love. After their marriage, the pastor continued to work on the structure, while Margaret reopened the businesses.

This structure is a folk art monument, with stunning mosaics and pastel colours.

It’s also a symbol of Preacher and Margaret’s love and dedication. Margaret’s Grocery and Market continues to astound visitors and tourists. It also represents the eternal love and commitment that existed between its creators.

6. Catfish Row Children’s Art Park

Catfish Row Children’s Art Park is a fantastic area for kids to have a good time and participate in exciting and engaging outdoor activities.

A playful area, a garden, a splash fountain, eye-catching artworks, unusual exhibitions, and murals can all be found in the colourful Catfish Row Children’Art Park.

The mini-masterpieces that decorate the park’s wall are the exquisite works of local schoolchildren, and they are displayed on the park’s wall.

The Catfish Row Children’s Art Park is more than just a fun place to play. It also pays homage to the Mississippi River and the previous trade that occurred along the famous waterway.

7. Yesterday’s Children

Include a visit to the Yesterday’s Children museum on your list of things to do in Vicksburg with kids.

Yesterday’s Children is a well-known toy museum with a focus on dolls. Tourists and visitors frequently prefer to visit a doll museum rather than a museum.

This museum has a large collection of dolls from many nations, categories, and eras. Some of the dolls date back to 1843. It is a true treat for both doll collectors and children.

This museum has been featured in several notable publications. It’s well worth a look.

8. Levee Street Marketplace

Are you looking for a fun and exciting market to shop in Vicksburg, Mississippi? You’d enjoy a visit to Levee Street MarketPlace.

Unique antiques, jewellery, art, snacks and drinks, vintage, collegiate, restored products, apparel boutiques, souvenirs, homemade treasures, and much more can be found at the Levee Street MarketPlace.

9. Old Depot Museum

Vicksburg’s history may be viewed in 3-D at the Old Depot Museum.

You’ll find railroad artefacts, Herb Mott’s original paintings, railroad line models, and a diorama representing the Siege of Vicksburg among the many interesting items on display.

During the Siege, there are also videos and images of citizens adopting tracks.

Finally, a collection of Civil War model gunboats is on display. This combination of entertainment and information has proven to be a success.

10. Vicksburg Battlefield Museum

The Vicksburg Battlefield Museum is one of the top things to do in Vicksburg.

The Vicksburg Battlefield Museum has the world’s largest collection of Civil War model gunboats, an 820 foot Siege diorama, and 30 original paintings centred on the Inland Water War.

You can view “Vanishing Glory,” a 30-minute documentary about the area’s history.

11. Attic Gallery

This unique gallery is a self-contained establishment that is thought to be one of Mississippi’s oldest.

If you enjoy modern fine art, southern folk arts, glass, jewellery, and handmade pottery, the Attic Gallery is a terrific place to start.

“Outsider art” is another speciality of the gallery. On October 2, 2021, Attic Gallery celebrated its 50th anniversary. This is a milestone that not every independent gallery will be able to see.

This is one of the best things to do in Vicksburg for art enthusiasts; put it on your list of sites to see.

12. Explore Vicksburg National Military Park

The military park has been classified as a National Military Park of the United States of America. It’s also on the National Register of Historic Places.

The Vicksburg Campaign and the Battle of Vicksburg in the American Civil War are both commemorated in this park.

The park was transferred to the National Park Service by the War Department in 1993. It has continued to do so since then.

The Vicksburg National Cemetery is also included in this military park. There are 1325 historical markers and monuments on the property, as well as 20 miles of earthworks, historic trenches, and a 12.5-mile walking circuit.

In addition, the park contains 144 emplacement cannons, two antebellum mansions, the Grant’s Canal site, and the rebuilt USS Cairo.

It’s not an exaggeration to claim that Vicksburg National Military Park may serve as a one-stop-shop for knowledge on this topic.

13. Vicksburg Riverfront Murals

The Vicksburg Riverfront Murals are a collection of stunning murals painted on floodwalls along the Mississippi River in Vicksburg.

The Vicksburg Riverfront Murals show the city’s historical importance as well as its projected future position in the region’s culture, business, religion, history, and technology.

In April 2002, the City of Vicksburg unveiled its first riverfront painting, on Levee Street, by renowned artist Robert Dafford.

The artist’s 32 life-like visual paintings depict different stages of Vicksburg’s history. It highlights three vital arteries that feed Vicksburg’s diversity: the railroad, the river, and the highway, which is a nice touch.

The Grove Hill mural is also featured in the mural. In 2012, a 55-foot mural was scheduled to be painted on the Grove Street flood wall, directly across from the Levee Street paintings.

These murals add to the warmth and beauty of the downtown Vicksburg area, and there are plenty of parking places available, as well as nearby eateries.

14. Home Tours

If you don’t view the historic mansions in Vicksburg, your trip will be incomplete. Victorian Italianate to Greek apertures abound throughout Vicksburg.

As you trace the history of these properties, you will discover more about the lives and living conditions of the ages.

Because there are more than 13 homes to see, it’s simple to categorize this trip. One of the most enjoyable things to do in Vicksburg is to explore all of the residences.

15. McRaven House

Andrew Glass founded McRaven House in 1797 in Walnut Hills, Mississippi, which is now Vicksburg.

Mr Glass would rob persons passing through McRaven on the Natchez Trace and then hide out in McRaven. The start of McRaven’s haunting began with his untimely death.

In Mississippi, the house is said to be haunted.

Another narrative is about Sheriff Stephen Howard, who in 1836 erected a home in McRaven for himself and his wife.

After the birth of their kid, he lost his young wife, Mary Elizabeth, and her ghost haunts the house, playing pranks on guests. Other people used to reside in the house, and their things and items are still there, untouched.

McRaven is now filled with museum-quality antiques, and the chamber depicts the manner of life of individuals who once lived there.

History tours, haunted tours, and Halloween tours are all available at McRaven House.

16. Ameristar Casino Hotel

The Ameristar Casino Hotel is a must-see sight in Vicksburg, MS.

This riverboat casino, which is owned and operated by Gaming and Leisure Properties and operated by Penn National Gaming, has a distinct reputation.

Ameristar has over 1400 slot machines, 30 table games, and 149 hotel rooms to keep its customers entertained.

It might also be used as a tourist attraction with entertainment and gaming. It was founded in 1994 and has been running smoothly since then.

17. USS Cairo Museum

This museum is well-known for being the final resting place for the USS Cairo, the world’s first ironclad battleship.

Cairo’s career was brief, but it had a huge impact. Although the ship was initially lost and abandoned, it was eventually discovered and rescued from the Yazoo River’s bottom in 1956.

Unfortunately, because of continual exposure to air, vandalism, and bird droppings, it has continued to deteriorate.

Personal belongings, naval supplies, weaponry, and ammunition were among the items salvaged from the ship. They’re all on display at the museum.

18. Jesse Brent Lower Mississippi River Museum And Interpretive Center

The Lower Mississippi Museum is the first and only museum of its sort in the United States, as it is the only museum in the country to maintain and house a completely restored, dry-docked riverboat.

Discover a stretch of the Mighty Mississippi River by visiting the outdoor scaled replica. The flood model allows visitors to see how a river might fluctuate according to a variety of reasons. Visitors can also learn the names of some of the places along the river near Vicksburg.

Discover how the Mississippi River has been used by numerous villages, river farming families, and the US Army Corps of Engineers as you learn about the river’s history.

You’d want to take a tour of the nearby riverboat while you plan your Mississippi river vacation.

19. Old Vicksburg Bridge

This historic bridge has been added to the National Register of Historic Places in the United States. Don’t be fooled by its age.

The bridge is still operational, allowing a railroad line to cross the Mississippi River and reach Delta, Louisiana.

It has a single service lane and is classified as an arch bridge. Motor vehicles were first allowed to cross the Old Vicksburg Bridge, but this function was later shifted to a bridge further downstream.

20. H.C. Porter Gallery

H.C. Porter Gallery is a one-of-a-kind exhibition space dedicated to Mississippi visual artist H.C. Porter. The H.C. Porter Gallery, in the heart of downtown Vicksburg’s historic district, also features modern works by visiting national artists.

The large gallery features limited editions of the award-winning artist’s original paintings and prints, which show ordinary life in Mississippi over the past two and a half decades.

Mixed media originals, photography, serigraphs, giclee, posters, fine art books, and a variety of other items are on show and for sale by this one-of-a-kind artist.

Discover wonderful paintings, pictures, and printed works in the lovely gallery.

21. Vicksburg National Cemetery

Within the park is the Vicksburg National Cemetery. There are 18,244 interments in all, with 12,954 of them unidentified.

The cemetery is 116 acres in size and serves as the last resting place for those who have dedicated their lives to serving their country.

22. Anchuca Mansion

The Victor Wilson Mansion, also known as Anchuca, is a historic Greek Revival house in Vicksburg, Mississippi. In the Choctaw language, the word means “pleasant home.” J.W. Mauldin, a local politician, erected Anchuca Mansion in the Federal style in 1840.

In 1840, local merchant Victor Wilson purchased the house, and he and his wife had a two-portico erected to the front of the estate to imitate Greek architecture.

Dining is available at the Anchuca Mansion. Explore the house to sample some seasonal southern fare, such as superb shrimp and grits and the city’s best filet mignon.

Speciality drinks, wine by the glass or bottle, and Mississippi craft beer are available at the full-service bar. Every Monday through Sunday from 9:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., visit the Anchuca Mansion, Vicksburg’s first columned mansion.

Discover rich interiors with exquisite antiques, unusual collections, and arts as it is affordable by following in the footsteps of many renowned Americans.

Friendly tour guides will also be available to tell you about the Anchuca Mansion and tell you everything you need to know.


Explore the enchanting and lovely city, which is rich in cultural diversity, films, artworks, crafts, well-known museums, noteworthy artists, one-of-a-kind theatres, performances, exhibitions, and art shows, among other things.

Vicksburg, Mississippi, is an excellent place to visit for performing arts such as good music, dancing, storytelling, delicious foods, great restaurants, parks, and other recreational activities.

Start planning your next vacation with your friends and family to the picturesque city of Vicksburg, Mississippi, right now!


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