22 Best & Fun Things To Do In Cary (NC)

Cary is the second-largest town and one of the fastest-growing cities in Wake County, United States.

Spending a week or weekend in Cary is so exciting and engaging because you’ll have the best and most fun time during the vacation.

Cary hosts exciting annual special events you’ll have fun attending such as the Ritmo Latino Music, Art & Dance Festival, the Cary Diwali Festival of Light, and the Lazy Daze Arts and Crafts Festival.

You’ll also love exploring the Hemlock Bluffs Nature Preserve trails and watching a baseball game at the USA Baseball National Training Complex.

This guide contains the 22 best and most fun things you can do in Cary to make your vacation the best you’ve ever had.

Best And Fun Things To Do In Cary

1. Spend A Day At Lake Crabtree County Park

The lake in question is located close to the Raleigh Durham International Airport, Lake Crabtree County Park it’s a beautiful place in Cary.

The environment is popular to do different exciting events.

The park includes a co-ed fleet racing event center called The Triangle Tango Regatta. 

They also host sports competitions for veterans of the armed forces with disabilities. 

The event has been hosted for over three days and it’s amazing to behold.

The park was customized and built in a way to allow the disabled people to gain access freely and with ease into the park with their wheelchairs.

The park also has a popular feature activity at the lake called community sailing. It also involves the usual hiking and biking trails also found close to the lake.

The park also has two different kinds of playgrounds which consist of different age groups, an observation tower, and a boat dock.

There are lots more to be amazed at including the bathrooms.

Opening and closing hours are from 8 am to 7:30 pm and we open every day of the week.

2. Watch Soccer Games At WakeMed Soccer Park

The WakeMed soccer Park was opened in 2002 to serve as the home of WUSA’s Carolina Courage soccer team but now is the home of the USL’s North Carolina FC.

The stadium is a 10,000-seat capacity where spectators and hosts, host different kinds of occasions throughout the year, and matches for the North Carolina State Wolfpack men’s and women’s teams, the ACC Soccer Championships, and the NCAA College Cup championships are being hosted in the stadium.

The stadium has two practice fields that are lighted and designed in the same manner as FIFA international regulations.

The stadium also has four separate fields that are still used for different venues for various other occasions.

This includes the high school conference championships.

Four other fields are used as venues for various other events, including the high schools’ conference championships.

Visiting the stadium is a fun thing to do in Cary, NC, for sports lovers.

3. Watch Baseball At USA Baseball National Training Complex

The National Training complex was built with over $10 million, the training complex was built to improve and help the training and nurture of baseball talents.

Lovers of baseball, the ones with the talent and the ones training towards it, this is for you all.

Lots of people are huge fans of the national game, it’s also advisable to visit the training complex for more knowledge on how enthusiasts and newbies are untrained to play and display their talents.

There are different sets of people that come to train here such as The National Collegiate roster, the women’s national team, and lots more.

The training complex is a modern one and updated to standard for more comfort while training and it consists of four scale fields, giant scoreboards, and a comfortable stadium seating arrangement.

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4. Explore Hemlock Bluffs Nature Preserve

The Hemlock Bluffs Nature Preserve is an amazing and beautiful place to behold.

It consists of 140-acres of a 140-acre beautiful nature preserve that is worth visiting.

The preserve is currently watched over by the town of Cary and the North Carolina State system located in wake county around the state’s Research Triangle Area.

The preserve was built to protect a considerable amount of the Eastern hemlock trees and amazing plants, especially the ones not seen in the North Carolina Appalachian mountains region to the west.

Over three miles of trails with mulch are the environment where amazing bird watching occurs.

5. Go Kayaking at Apex Community Park

The apex community park is a park where lots of fun and amazing events are experienced which involves sea tours and a small fishing pier where you meet the anglers that come to fish for local species.

The well-laid jogging trails are also available to take a walk on.

Sports lovers can take hardened soccer pitches for a game or more fun event.

There are different sports which can be played, this includes tennis and baseball.

The Apex Community Park is customer-friendly, with different kinds of slides and swings which are found in the kids’ play area. 

The apex community park is built for comfortability and full-time relaxation moments.

6. Visit Fred G. Bond Metro Park

The best thing to do in Cary, NC, when you come to visit is to have a fun time by visiting one of their amazing parks which is Fred G. Bond Metro Park.

The bond lake is found in the central part of this region. There you will see a public boathouse, the home of different kinds of boats.

The park is on 310 acres of land which makes it one of the biggest municipal parks in Cary.

The Fred G. Bond Metro Park is also a famous place for fishing and sailing. You can also find a community center in the park. 

Also, the park is perfect for walkers and runners, it also has cycling trails just like the Athletic Green.

7. Tour Yates Mill County Park

Yates Mill is a famous and well-known attraction center, which is in a central area.

Yates Mill Park has a museum that acknowledges the traditional art of craftsmanship which makes information available on the foundation of the profession.

There is a lake in the park that is beside the hiking trails in the park which have beautiful and amazing views of wildlife.

The park is also known as a guard for different kinds of wide animals and birds.

8. Visit Koka Booth Amphitheatre

The Koka Booth Amphitheatre is located in Cary And it’s known for its amazing theatre of displaying arts and coming here should be included in your list.

The amphitheater is located in Cary’s charming Regency Park and it’s handled by the spectator Management Group.

The Koka Booth Amphitheatre was named after the previous town’s Mayor Koka Booth thereafter the Amphitheatre was constructed in the year 2000 on the northern shores of an amazing Symphony Lake and it’s easy to access through Regency Parkway and US Routes 1/64.

The music festivals and concerts are normally performed in the amphitheater annually; it also includes The North Carolina Symphony concerts.

The Seating capacity of the Koka Booth Amphitheatre is up to 7,000 which includes lawn seating and reservations for seats in the amphitheater Crescent Deck.

9. Visit Cary Theatre

The Cary Theatre is a popular tourist attraction and historical landmark in Cary that you should visit during your stay.

This is an indoor cinema in Cary where you could watch various genres including your favorite movies.

You can watch different movies such as foreign films and indie films and you can attend line music shows hosted here.

10. Explore The Triangle Aquatic Center

The Triangle Aquatic Center is a non-profit facility and the biggest public aquatic facility in North Carolina.

Exploring this center, you’ll see the three swimming pools and you can also attend some scheduled swimming events held all through the year.

You can participate in public use for lap-swim, rehabilitation therapy classes,  fitness classes, and swimming lessons.

You can get delicious sandwiches, salads, subs, and breakfast food at the Poolside Grill in this center.

If you love swimming, this is one of the best things to do in Cary

11. Explore Arts At Cary Art Center

Cary Art Center helps you to learn about drama, painting, theater, and jewelry workshops while exploring a variety of different art forms.

You can watch different ballet performances and other theatrical performances in this 393 seating capacity.

You’ll see various studios where pottery, textile, and woodworking workshops are conducted and you can also attend to learn the art of jewelry or pottery making.

For art lovers, this is one of the best things to do during your stay in Cary.

12. Visit Village Art Circle

As an art lover, a visit to Village Art Circle should be on your checklist of the best things to do during your stay in Cary.

Village Art Circle is a beautiful local art gallery located in downtown Cary and a popular tourist attraction site.

You’ll see artworks of more than 40 member artists from the Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill region, and a studio where various artists exhibit their artworks.

You can attend weekly watercolor classes hosted by this gallery and focus on different topics and techniques.

13. Visit Page-Walker Arts & History Center

Page-Walker Arts and History Center is a historical landmark and popular tourist attraction art and history center in Cary.

You’ll see diverse kinds of artifacts, photos, and other documents describing the cultural history of this city displayed in this center.

As an art lover, you can attend art classes that hold in the center to learn about diverse forms of art. 

You can also watch events and performances in this center, showcasing various local and international artists.

A visit here should be on your checklist of fun things to do in Cary, especially if you love art.

14. Visit Sri Venkateshwara Temple

For an interesting vacation experience, you should visit the Sri Venkateshwara Temple during your stay in Cary. 

Visit this Hindu temple and see this marvelous architectural piece built by artisans mainly from South India.

You’ll get calmness and tranquility in this temple, and you can also pay your respects to the deities such as that Lord Shiva and Lord Balaji. 

You’ll get an interesting experience of belonging and peace at this temple and it should be on your checklist of the best things to do in Cary.

15. Pick Strawberries At Phillips Farms of Cary

Phillips Farms of Cary is one of the top farms in the Raleigh region that provides high-quality straw, hay corn, and strawberry harvests.

You can come with your children to pick strawberries during harvest time or buy baskets of strawberries that are fresh from the farm’s store.

You can attend haunted Halloween events such as corn mazes hosted on the farm with your loved ones.

Between December and January, you can get various varieties of Christmas trees such as Frasier Firs blue spruces, blue spruces, and white pines.

A visit to Phillip’s farm should be on your list of the best things to do in Cary.

16. Visit Bond Brothers Beer Company

Bond Brothers Beer Company is a group of North Carolina homebrewers under Cicerone Brewmaster Whit Baker.

Baker is located in a historical industrial-style taproom reaching up to 9,000 feet in downtown Cary.

You can get up to 14 different beers available such as traditional Stouts, IPAs, cream ales, innovative specials, and sour beers.

You’ll see some locally-made craft sodas and light bar snacks such as Two Brothers Jerky and Bakers Peanuts.

You can visit here with your loved ones, pets, and children bringing along your food or getting food from local food trucks.

17. Tour Chatham Hill Winery

You can go on a tour to Chatham Hill Winery to try out delicious wines in this renowned winery such as Chardonnay, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, and Viognier.

This is one of the first wineries in the Research Triangle and you’ll be amazed by its vast selection of wines.

You’ll love the sampling tastings and you’ll get information on each type of wine.

You’ll also love the winery’s outdoor setting and facilities where you can enjoy tabletop games.

This should be on your checklist of the best things to do during your stay in Cary.

18. Dine At Kababish Cafe

For a delicious dining experience, you should visit the Kababish Cafe during your vacation in Cary.

Kababish Cafe serves the most authentic, delicious traditional Indian and Pakistani infused with Western variations.

You should visit here with your loved ones for a dining experience with Pakistani and Indian dishes such as dal Makhani, saag Paneer, malai kofta, Kababish creamy burger, and lamb patties, samosas, papadam, and pakoras.

19. Eat Indian Dishes At Nazara Indian Bistro

Nazara Indian Bistro is a restaurant where you can get one of the best North, South, and Tandoor Indian dishes during your stay in Cary.

You can get different food options from their menus such as vegetarian, meat, Jain-friendly, gluten-free and vegan options.

You should try out tasty delicious dishes like haldiwala Murg, lemon-scented shrimp, Kerala-style chicken curry, scallops, lazzatdar, tikka malasada, and traditional Indian snacks such as Punjabi samosa, vegetable pakoras, and Indo-Chinese chili shrimp.

To taste delicious comfort foods like Sarson salad and badam panda, you’ll need to visit this bistro.

20. Try The Beer At Tribeca Tavern

Tribeca Tavern is a lively local tavern that serves the most delicious craft beers in Cary and trying these beers should be on your checklist of the best things to do in Cary.

From their menu, you can get various drinks such as local craft breweries, premium wines, liquors, and the tavern’s special cocktails.

You can eat various locally sourced dishes such as Carolina Fish and Chips, baby-back ribs, North Carolina bison meatloaf, and blackened Carolina fish tacos.

You’ll truly love their famous handcrafted burgers with Old Bay crab dip or crisp fried zucchini chips, which is one of the best burgers available within Cary.

21. Golf At Lochmere Golf Club

To enjoy quality golf time during your stay in Cary, you should add golfing at Lochmere Golf Club to your checklist of things to do in Cary.

Lochmere Golf Club is the only publicly-owned golf course in Cary with an 18-hole golf course and well-maintained lawn.

Since this golf club is in The Woodlands, the feature helps set up many challenging conditions along its entire golf course.

Apart from golfing, you can eat mouthwatering food and appetizing delicacies in their grill restaurant.

There is also a pro shop in the club for you to purchase different golfing gears and accessories.

22. Explore Raleigh

During your stay in Cary, you should take a day out to explore the nearby then, Raleigh.

This college town has at least five centers of higher education and museums you can visit during your exploration. 

You can visit educational attractions in this town like the North Carolina Museum of Modern Art,  the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences, the Nature Research Center, a 10,000-gallon aquarium, and the Marbles Kids Museum.

This amazing experience should be on your checklist of best things to do in Cary

Planning A Trip To Cary

Cary has the best and most fun exciting opportunities and activities. 

You’ll be actively engaged with the beautiful parks, lovely landscape, interesting museums, and plenty more during your stay in Cary.

And Cary has the lowest crime rates in America, so you’ll be safe and comfortable during your vacation in Cary.

Start planning your trip to Cary and consult this guide to create the best and most fun checklist during your stay in Cary.

Have a great day.

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