21 Best & Fun Things to Do in Pacifica (CA)


Looking for a cool, quiet, yet fun-filled city to go rewind and spend a vacation? 

Then the beautiful city of Pacifica should be an option you should be open to. 

Pacifica is a beautiful city on the south coast of the Pacific between the Pacific Ocean and Half Moon Bay.

This city is filled with hills, valleys, mountains, and an array of beautiful beaches that you will love! 


There are a lot of fun activities and things you could do in Pacifica, that’ll ensure you have a swell time.


 If you love going to the beach, the ocean, or surfing then you’re in for a treat as Pacifica’s beaches are one of its major sights and attractions. 

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What better way to relax and rewind than laying at a beach and breathing in the fresh cool breeze from the ocean?

Therefore, I am going to help you see more reasons why you would want to spend time in Pacifica.

 Further, I’ll give you an overview of activities you want to try if you’re already planning a trip to Pacifica or you are there already.


To make this simple, I have compiled a total of 21 different fun activities you want to partake in while in Pacifica. 

21 Fun Activities That You Should Partake of In Pacifica. 

Now, we are going to see the best, and most interesting things to do while on a visit to Pacifica. 

1. Pacifica Spindrift Performers

The Pacifica Spindrift Players are the result of the merger of two great and famous teams with disparate histories. 

The Pacifica Players, founded in 1959, merged with the Spindrift Playhouse, founded in 1965.

The main goal of both groups was to put on an outstanding theatre show  

for the satisfaction of the entire community.

You can now visit Pacifica Spindrift Players to get a taste of some of the many live productions, which range from diverse contemporary performances to musicals and revived plays.

2. Pier Municipal de Pacifica

The Pacifica Municipal Pier, located on Sharp Park Beach, is one of the best fishing piers in California.

This pier stretches over 1,140 feet into the Pacific Ocean.

Throughout the year, anglers from all over the country flock to the Bay Area pier to catch several good fish.

It’s a good thing there’s no need for a fishing license or an admission fee to fish at the pier.

3. State Beach of Pacifica

The Pacifica State Beach is a very short downtown Pacifica, close to the San Pedro Valley. 

Linda Mar Beach is the most well-known name for it.

This crescent-shaped beach attracts more than a million visitors each year, this should tell you how lovely this beach is. 

 Since there are milder waves found here, this location is popular among beginner surfers, and it’ll be suitable for you if you have no experience in surfing. 

Aside from surfing, one can enjoy other things like sunbathing, swimming, beach yoga, or any of the other water sports available here.

There is also Taco Bell on the beach where you can go if you get hungry. This is one of the most beautiful Taco Bell locations in the world.

 4. Frontierland Park

Frontierland Park is a large open space located in Pacifica’s hills and is a well-known destination for people to enjoy a pleasant day.

There are many amenities available here, such as designated picnic areas for family and friends to gather and a playground for the kids.

The picnic areas are accented with counter prep space, barbecue grills, horseshoes, and a variety of other amenities.

Younger visitors enjoy the play structure because it has separate areas for small children up to the age of five and for children aged six and up.

 5. Tour of Sam’s Castle

Sam’s Castle is a well-known landmark in Pacifica. This castle, which was built in 1908, has served as a brothel, a party venue, a blind pig, and a Coast Guard outpost.

You will see an unusual display of decor and furnishings accumulated over the last fifty years. 

Sam Mazza, who was known for throwing wild parties in this palace, used them.

The tour of this castle lasts approximately one hour and thirty minutes.

During the tour, you will be taken to its rooms and given time to absorb interesting facts.

6. Rockaway Beach/centre. 

Rockaway Beach is widely regarded as one of the most beautiful beaches in the San Francisco Bay Area, and it is popular with both locals and tourists.

Unlike some other beaches, Rockaway’s waterfront is lined with restaurants and shops.

Swimming, fishing, surfing, sunbathing, and even taking a walk along the beach are common activities to engage in while at the beach.

 There is a paved path along the beach for joggers, wheelers, and walkers to enjoy.

7. Milagra Ridge

The Milagra Ridge is an open area covering over 275 acres of land which is the portion of the Golden Gate National Recreation Park. 

The Milagra park is open to the public for hiking and exploration. 

While hiking or exploring this space, you may come across some special species like California red-legged frog, the San Bruno elfin butterfly, and the San Francisco garter snake.

8. Sea Bowl

Sea Bowl has been a part of Pacifica’s history for more than 50 years and is now regarded as one of the best centres in the Bay Area.

If you want to spend some time bowling with friends or family, this is a great addition to your list of things to do in Pacifica.

The Sea Bowl is nestled on a cliff overlooking the Pacific and was formerly known as the Pacific Coast lanes.

This bowling alley has 32 lanes, a shoe rental, and a restaurant/bar.

However, If bowling isn’t your thing, there’s also a billiards and arcade room where you can play games.

9. Park Sanchez Adobe

Sanchez Adobe Park is a 5.46-acre park that was established in 1947. The Sanchez Adobe Historical Site is located here.

This park has some of the best Mexican-era architecture in the area and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places as a California Historical Landmark.

You will also see artefacts from various eras and periods used to furnish and decorate this restored adobe area.

When you enter the adobe and its surroundings, you are bound to see a variety of flora and fauna, such as Bigleaf Maple trees and Cypress, hummingbirds, and sparrows.

Apart from  Mondays and Fridays, the park is open every day and it is located at 1000 Linda Mar Boulevard, Pacifica, CA 94044.

10. Table Wine 

Here’s a place with a very simple concept: deliver various delicious categories of wines from around the world at a reasonable price.

In the store, you’ll see a lot of ‘Table wines,’ which are wines from various countries around the world, and most of them come with a bonus. 

These wines have been tasted and chosen for their exceptional quality and value.

Table Wine also provides a reserve wine service for special occasions, unrivalledeers that you won’t find in a typical retailer, and special food items imported from France, Germany, Italy, and other countries.

Table Wine should be enjoyed every day of the week, not just on special occasions. So, take the first step toward discovering the world of table wines.

11. Silicon Segway’s

While in Pacifica, take advantage of Silicon Segway’s exceptional “World of Segway” experience

They offer fantastic Segway Personal Transporter (PT) excursions, rentals, and care.

 Authorized Personal Transporter sales and fixtures are also available. Check out the i2 SE and x2 SE equipment at their shop as well.

Enjoy great guided tours with their knowledgeable and experienced staff; it’s always a good time!

They continue to educate and train those who are interested. You can join them on their safe and enjoyable ride through various terrains and unique choice areas.

12. Sharp Park Golf Course

 Sharp Park Golf Course was designed by Alister MacKenzie, a well-known architect, and opened in 1932.

 He also designed Augusta National, Cypress Point, and several other well-known golf courses around the world.

This historic green course is known as one of “America’s 50 Greatest Municipal Courses,” and it is located 10 miles south of San Francisco.

As a beach course, you are encircled by breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean and surrounding mountains.

The Spanish hacienda clubhouse is one of the unique structures on this course. It is still standing today, so you can explore it after your game.

If you enjoy golf, this is one of the best things to do in Pacifica; the course is open every day of the week.

13. Mori Point 

Mori point exploration is one of the best things to do in Pacifica, CA.

Mori Point is located on the Pacific Ocean’s shores and is part of the Golden National Recreation Area.

 This is a 110-acre natural paradise teeming with beautiful trees and wildlife.

The Mori Point is the main attraction of this site, which is blessed by nature as a whole. 

It is a prominent bluff that protrudes into the Pacific Ocean.

Visitors are encouraged to walk to the top of Mori Point to enjoy the breathtaking views of the peninsula coastline.

 14. Sweeney Ridge Pathway

The Sweeney Ridge Trail is a hilly area that is only an hour’s drive from San Francisco.

 This trail is located next to Thornton State Beach and is ideal for hiking.

Visiting here is a fun adventure to have in Pacifica, and it answers the question of what to do in Pacifica CA to spend some time outside.

Visitors can climb to the ridge’s 1,200-foot peak for spectacular views of the busy Pacific Ocean, coastal scrub, grasslands, and the bay.

15. The Devil’s Slide Trail

The Devil’s Slide Trail is a section of the decommissioned Highway 1. It’s a long path, 1.3 miles long, that takes you through some dangerous heights above the Pacific Ocean.

This trail is accessible to bicyclists, horseback riders, and hikers, who can stop at various points along the trails and at overlook points to take in the extraordinary beauty of the waters and underlying rocks.

There are amenities available along the trail. 

There are numerous benches for rest or observation, as well as interpretive signs describing the area’s history, geography, and flora.

Other conveniences such as restrooms, pet waste stations, bike racks, and drinking fountains can still be found on the paved trail.

16. Parkin San Pedro Valley

Among the many wonderful places to visit in Pacifica, San Pedro Valley Park should not be overlooked.

 This park has seven different trails, each varying in length, as well as other nice amenities.

The Hazelnut Trail is the longest, stretching 3.5 miles through the park. 

Another option is the Montara Mountain Trail, which is 2.1 miles long and has numerous vantage points from which to gaze out into the Pacific Ocean.

Don’t miss out on the Brooks Creek Trials, a mile-long trail that leads to the stunning 175-foot-tall Brooks Falls

17. University of Surfing

Since 2004, the University of Surfing, located on the beautiful South Linda Mar Beach, has been granting people the privilege of having the best experience of surfing in the San Francisco Bay Area.

They are a licensed company with a large number of experienced surfers who can teach you the fundamentals of surfing the right tide while taking you out on it.

To ensure a memorable experience on the water, you will be provided with a wetsuit, booties, and a soft surfboard.

You have the option of taking private lessons, semi-private lessons, or group lessons.

18. Garden of Orchids

Shelldance Orchid Gardens is a world-class bromeliad nursery and one of the unique Pacifica attractions.

Herb Hager established these gardens in 1949 by converting an artichoke field into state-of-the-art greenhouses with great skill and vision.

You will see globally-renowned owned hybrid orchids, many of which are named after local landmarks such as Pedro Point, the Pacific Ocean, and the. Pacifica.

Visit this ethereal location, explore the area, and work your way through this and the plants. In addition, there will be a display of local artwork in the gardens.

19.  iLoveKickboxing

iLoveKickboxing is a Pacifica Beauty & Spa, Health & Wellness centre.

 They use the same workout method as professional fighters, so you get toned and lean.

These sessions aim to improve your love life, help you lose weight, and improve your fitness.

They have a good philosophy for getting results, which is made easier and faster by their amazing and passionate located at instructors.707 Hickey Blvd, Pacifica, CA 94044-1214

20. Comics from the coast

Coastside Comics is a comic book store with lined shelves full of imported titles, graphic novels, and collectible toys.

If you have a child who is a big fan of comic books, or if you are one and still want to collect comic books of your favourite superheroes, you should go here.

You’ll be astounded by the vast number of books from different years that have been saved here.

21. Sanchez Center for the Arts

The Pacifica Arts and Heritage Council established the Sanchez Art Center in 1976 to boost the community, assist it with shows, and even support all forms of art.

This centre had been operating in various locations before settling on its current location in 1997.

The centre is stunningly decorated, with a fantastic handcrafted stage and a fantastic sound system. 

They are all used to hosting various performances throughout the year.

For art lovers, this is one of the best things to do in Pacifica.


So far we have considered 21 different interesting activities that you should partake in during your visit to Pacifica. 

There are many benefits of visiting Pacifica. From its interesting culture to the fun entertainment they offer, and their beaches and surfing lessons, Pacifica has an activity for everyone.

This is the reason why it is sought by many tourists. 

So, considering all these, you too would no doubt want to have this experience. 

Therefore, prepare yourself and your finances and sure back to enjoy an exquisite time in Pacifica. 


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