21 Best &; Fun Things to Do in Kidderminster (Worcestershire, England)


Kidderminster is an ancient town located by the seven Valley just 20 miles south of Birmingham.

In ancient times the people of Kidderminster took up weaving as an occupation but in the 18th century, it was told that they took up a different occupation which was the art of carpet making. 

Ever since this has been their way of life.

You may want to say the town of Kidderminster is small considering its population, but that does not stop it from being one of the best places to visit.


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There are lots of things you can do for fun and there are exciting and interesting places you can go to and spend some time.

You can as well go on a family trip, there are lovely places in Kidderminster where families can go and have the best of fun.

Are you bordering your head thinking of what you can do for fun when you get to Kidderminster? worry less because we got you covered. 

Let’s Explore The Best and Fun Things To Do In Kidderminster (Worcestershire, England).

  1. Museum of Carpet: Have you ever seen a museum that looks like a carpet mill? If you haven’t then get ready to be shocked. The Museum of Carpet is a center of heritage, art, and industry, which has four galleries that celebrate the history of carpet design, the evolution of carpet manufacture, and the heritage of those who worked in the local industry, I must say it is an interesting scene to see.

You can also watch the hand and power loom demonstration by experienced weavers, the hand demonstrations take place between 10 am to 1 pm. The museum is always vibrant and active, it is surely an ideal place to have fun.

  1. Harrington Hall: This place was built in 1850 by Mary Pakington, it was riddled that this was a hiding place for persecuted Catholic clergy.

In the whole of England, there is no house with the most hiding place like Harrington Hall. This is the more reason why you should add this place to your to-do list, the discovery you will make while on a visit will amaze you.

  1. West Midland Safari Park: This park is the first of its kind in the UK, it was opened in1983 and it has a massive 200 acres located on the west side of the town. 

In West Midland Park you will find the African Big Five game animals and they are Cape Buffalo, Elephant, Leopard, Lion, and Rhinoceros. The park today features animals of all kinds, which makes it a place to visit.

  1. Severn Valley Railway: This is an old railway line that was constructed in the 1860s and was in business up to 1970 when work began to preserve the line for future generations.

When you visit this rail station you have the opportunity of riding on this train, it promises to be fun.

  1. Bewdley Museum: This museum tells the eventful history of the seven Valley towns of Bewdley. With the help of skilled residents, you get to learn Bewdley’s traditional crafts.

Going to the Bewley museum gives you a lot of experience in traditional crafts.

  1. Wyre Forest National Nature Reserve: The forest covers more than 6,500 acres, it is a colony of the UK’s largest pearl-bordered fritillary butterflies. Be ready for long walks or a tree-top adventure at the Go Ape high ropes course.

If you love adventure this might be the right place to go, it promises so much fun.

  1. Stonehouse Cottage Garden: This garden is a beautiful place you can go for relaxation and family outings. Though it occupies one acre but looks specious because of the hedge dividing its rooms, all these put together give the garden an unexplainable feeling.

They are open for business, you can visit between Wednesday and Saturday, May to September.

  1. Pioneer Center: This is a perfect place for outdoor activities, conferences, and holidays. This center welcomes 20,000 guests every year, it is a perfect place for young people to explore and have fun.
  1. Kidderminster Railway Museum: One of the places you must visit when you come to Kidderminster. Though the museum is not large, it contains interesting railway artifacts gathered from across the country. 

Some of the things you find on display at the museum are gas lamps, posters, signaling equipment which is one of the biggest sets in the country, a telephone exchange, a platform ticket machine, and the interior of an ancient booking office that existed in Alvechurch.

  1. Briton Park: If you are looking for a place where you and your kids will go, Briton park is the right place. Its conducive and calm environment makes it one of the fun things to do in Kidderminster. It has a fitting green space not far away from the train station. 

The park is taken care of like a community asset and it runs every day from the end of April through September.

  1. The Falconry Center: This is an animal attraction, where you can find so many exotic bird species like the Asian Brown Wood Owl, the Bald Eagle, American Kestrel as well as native birds like Vultures, Owls, Falcons, Eagles, Kites, and buzzards.

You are free to visit the birds anytime and you are also free to take pictures.

  1. Bodenham Arboretum: This park is situated just outside the town, it sits on over 130 acres of land on the shore of the lake. The area grows over 3000 species of shrubs and trees, which gives the environment a unique look.

When you come with your kids they will also have something exciting to do, they can pay a visit to the animal farm where they are different animals. There are lots of interesting things to do on the farm.

  1. Drakelow Tunnels: Make out time to explore UK’s largest underground military space open to the public, if you are planning a trip to the UK, put it on your to-do list.

This underground tunnel was built during the second world war when it was developed as a Rover Shadow factory, which manufactured engines for the Bristol Aeroplane company. It promises to be so much fun as you learn more about this large military underground space.

  1. Kidderminster Street Market: If you are looking for a place to get good stuff either out of necessity or will, the Kidderminster Street market has all you need. You can purchase fancy goods, houseware materials, and food items from the stalls. The stallholders are welcoming and accommodating.

Aside from shopping, you can also take a walk through the market. The atmosphere is warm and exciting, at the end of the day you will have a wonderful experience.

  1. Hartlebury Castle: From the 13th century to 2007 this castle used to be the base for the Bishops of Worcester. Rising here gives you more knowledge about Kidderminster.

After the Bishops moved out the restricted places became open to the general public among which was the refined long gallery. Such an amazing sight you would love to see.

  1. Moorlands farm coarse Fisheries: Situated on 10 acres of land, it has 200 pegs and 10 pools of various sizes. Am sure you will want to add it to the places you will visit in Kidderminster.

The most interesting part of the fisheries is the fishing competitions being hosted there. You can join in the competition at their 10 standard pools that are of the same depth, so every competitor has an equal opportunity. Consider giving it a try because it promises to give you the best fun you can have.

  1. Ten Sei Kan Aikido Club: If you want to try something new and exciting then Kidderminster Aikido Club is the right place. It is a martial art club that is designed for all capabilities and ages. 

The benefits of this training can be for a long time and among these benefits are confidence and fitness. Martial art shapes your mind and instills discipline in an individual.

  1. Little Owl Farm: I am sure you will love to visit this place because it is an exciting place to be.

The farm has in it a half-mile track that partially leads you through woodlands while you see sheep, cattle goats, padlocks, and many others. This farm is not far away from Kidderminster town, which means it is easily accessible.

  1. Military Wireless Museum: This museum was established to preserve historical military radios like spy equipment, R1155, WS 18, WS 19, and its likes. This museum has facilities used for historical research and restoration of historical equipment.

Regularly they organize physical exhibitions which are of great benefit, you can come with your family because there is a whole lot to learn.

  1. Stanleys Farm Shop: Situated on 2 acres of farmland, the farm shop is the best place for you to shop for your groceries, fresh meat, fresh bread, and fresh tomato produce. This 25 acres of farmland is dedicated to picking its vegetables.
  1. Worcester County Museum: Your visit to Kidderminster would not be complete if you don’t pay a visit to the Worcester Museum. This is where you can find things relating to the town’s history, here you will gain knowledge and it promises to be exciting.

There are various exploration activities you can find in Kidderminster and these activities are fun-filled as well as exciting.

There are places for family visits and also places you can explore alone, find time today so that you experience real fun and excitement.


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