21 Best & Fun Things to Do in Huntingdon (Cambridgeshire, England).


Huntington is a small lovely town in England that has a lot of attractions and has always had them for a long time right from the 1100s. 

The town of Huntington is found in the place where the third-longest river in England and Ermine street meets. 

There is a lot you can do when you visit Huntington which includes exploring historic town trials and also paying a visit to the Huntingdon palace. 

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To help you prepare your finances and plan. Your trip, activities you could engage in throughout the trip, I have compiled about 21 different things and locations you could try out during your visit to Huntington.


21 fun and interesting things to do in Huntington

 1. Grafham Water Park

At Grafham Water Park you find the eight largest reservoirs in all of England.

Built in the year 1965, Grafham Water Park is located a few miles southwest of Huntingdon.

 With a size of about 2,000 acres, this reservoir is filled by the River Great Ouse.

It was not so long after this reservoir was built that wildlife began to visit this area. This led to turning the woodland on the western shore into a wildlife reserve.

Some of the animals you will find in this area during the winter include great crested grebes, tufted ducks, coots, and lots more.


2. The Houghton Mill

Houghton Mill is a historic mill on the River Great Ouse, east of Huntingdon. The National Trust owns the property.

This mill is said to have begun around the 10th century, but it was not built at that time. The mill building was constructed in the 1600s. It was later expanded by 200 years.

Previously known for its flour production, the Houghton Mill ceased production after being donated to the National Trust in the 1930s.

Until the end of the twentieth century, the mill was used as a youth hostel by the National Trust.

3. All Saints’ Church,

 Located on the northside of Market Square, it was built in the 16th century in the Perpendicular Gothic architectural style.

Crocketed pinnacles, statue niches, and broad window tracery are among the building’s features.

Sir George Gilbert Scott, a master restorer, was hired in the nineteenth century to rework its interior.

 The choir stalls and the oak roof of the nave were added during his restoration.

This building is old and grand and it’s surely a sight that many visitors enjoy.

4. Cromwell Museum

 The Cromwell Museum is housed in the same building where Cromwell “the Lord Protector” received his early education.

During this time, the structure housed the Hospital of St. John. The 12th century saw the construction of this medieval hospital.

The structure is designed in the well-known Romanesque style.

This museum contains a collection of artefacts obtained from the Protectorate in the United Kingdom, among other things. 

There are also some portraits of Cromwell and his family. Look for medals and coins as well whenever you visit. 

5. Riverside Park 

Riverside Park is a park in Huntingdon, close to the River Great Ouse. It’s a great place to go for hikes, bike rides, picnics, jogging, running, and other fun activities.

This location is used as a concert venue, particularly during the summer, and it hosts the Huntingdon Riverside Gala, which draws people from the surrounding area to participate in one or more fun activities.

If you don’t want to do any of that, you can simply sit back and watch the narrowboats float by on the River.

6. Huntington Town Trail

Huntingdon Town Trail is a historic trail that winds its way through Huntingdon. 

This trail contains some of the city’s most beautiful sights, so bring your camera along to capture memories.

The Huntingdon Town Trail begins at Market Square, which is close to the regal Georgian Town Hall, which was built in 1745, as well as the Falcon Inn.

The Falcon Inn is Huntington’s oldest inn, dating back to the 16th century. During the Civil War, Cromwell is said to have stayed at this inn.

7. Johnsons of Old Hurst

Johnson’s of old Hurst in Huntingdon is a well-stocked farm shop. This shop has a bakery, butcher, and counters with cheese, vegetables, eggs, and other food items. 

But that’s not all; Johnsons of Old Hurst also has a tearoom and a steakhouse.

There are also animals like goats, donkeys, ostriches, fish, parrots, sucks, and many other animals on the farm. The farm also has a crocodile that is fed scraps from the butcher shop

If you want a multipurpose store to get all your food, and farm produce then you should pay a visit to Johnson of old hurst.

8. Hinchingbrooke Country park

The  Hinchingbrooke Country Park is a 170-acre park located in Huntingdon.

Simply take a short walk around Alconbury Brook from the Huntingdon train station to reach this pastoral area in the countryside.

Lakes, mature oak wood, and open meadows are among the park’s features.

Though the park is still in its infancy, with most of its vegetation untouched, there are visible trails with hard-surface paths that wheelchairs and pushchairs can easily access.

9. The Manor

The Manor is one of the oldest houses in the United Kingdom, dating back to 1130. 

It has been continuously inhabited since its construction and continues to be so today.

The Manor is located just a few miles from the Great Ouse River.

Lucy M. Boston, a 20th-century children’s book writer, was one of the notable people who lived in this house. She rose to prominence after authoring the “Green Knowe” series.

10. Medieval Bridge in St Ives

St Ives Bridge is a bridge that spans the River Great Ouse and was built in the 15th century.

What distinguishes St Ives Bridge from others in the country is that it is one of the few bridges in the country that includes a chapel.

A key to this chapel can be obtained from the town hall or the Norris Museum.

This chapel is unique in that it has a crypt that is only two meters above the water level.

11. Buckden Towers 

Buckden Towers is a manor house in Buckden, near Huntingdon. The Bishops of Lincoln constructed this manor house.

It was owned by the Claretians, a Roman Catholic order. Originally a wooden structure, it was rebuilt with bricks in the 1470s.

You are welcome to walk around the grounds and examine the site. Check out the orchard just outside the wall, as well as the open field where sheep graze. 

12. The George Hotel

The George Hotel is one of the city’s oldest hotels and thus a tourist attraction

This hotel was constructed in the 17th and 18th centuries, and it was where travellers rested at dawn before continuing their journey the next day.

George Hotel is located on Ermine Street on the Great North Road.

When Oliver Cromwell took over the hotel from his grandfather, he renovated it and made it one of the best in town and this has made it prominent even to date.

13. The Hamerton Zoo

Hamerton Zoo Park is a worthy addition to your list of things to do in Huntingdon, and your children will enjoy a visit there.

This park is home to over 100 different species of cats, birds, and primates. Some of these animals are endangered or rare.

Among the primates found here are various lemurs, some of which are collared and ring-tailed.

The white Bengal tigers, cheetahs, and Malayan Tigers are among the big cats found in the park.

Other mammals found here include Damara zebras, giant anteaters, Chilean pudu, and others.

14. The Norris Museum of Art

The Norris Museum is a free museum located close to Huntingdon that is open every day of the week.

This museum will teach you about the history of Huntingdon.

The Norris Museum was founded in 1933 when antiquarian Herbert Norris donated all of his collections to the public.

The museum has become more equipped and furnished as a result of a £1.5 million donation in 2017.

The Norris Museum of Art is located in Norristown, Pennsylvania.

The Norris Museum allows free access to anyone to enter the museum near Huntingdon which is open seven days a week.

15. The Castle Hill

Castle hill was the location of Great Huntingdon’s castle.

 Previously, William built the castle out of wood in 1068.

The castle’s main court was destroyed during a war in 1174; after the war, the castle remained the seat of power in Huntingdon until the 17th century.

What’s left of the castle today is just earthworks, so it’s used as a public park.

Check out this historical site, during your visit to Huntington.

16. Holt Island Nature Reserve 

Holt Island Nature Reserve is a nature reserve on the island of Holt.

A visit to the Holt Island Nature Reserve, which is located in St Ives and close to the River Great Ouse, is one of the fun things to do in Huntingdon.

Holt Island Nature Reserve is a reserve filled with natural beauty. It is a promising place to go if you want some peace.

You can go for a walk along the willows, which are used to make baskets.

This area is home to a variety of wildlife, including kingfishers, reed warblers, dunnocks, sedge warblers, and blackcaps.

Also, Flag iris, purple loosestrife, and many other plants can be found in the area.

17. Winwick Barn Alpacas

 Winwick Barn Alpacas is a farm in Huntingdon that nurtures Huacaya Alpacas. 

These Alpacas are nurtured to produce wool, in this farm, you can find up to 70 Alpacas. 

The Winwick Barn Alpacas is a personally owned farm, so you can fix a day to go on a  tour around this area from their website.

While touring, you will also be authorized to direct these animals around the large paddocks.

Also, you will get to understand a lot about them while you are here including the characteristics of the alpacas and the food they eat.

18. The Church of St. Mary

Another historic structure to look out for in Huntingdon is St Mary’s Church, also known as the Mother Church of Huntingdon.

The location of this building was once known to be the location of a medieval building; during this time, it was used as a meeting place for Huntingdon Priory of Austin Canons, which was founded by Eustace de Lovett.

According to history, it was also used as a parochial church during Henry II’s reign.

So, you could visit here and take a tour around the building while exploring the architectural designs of the building.

19. Hinchingbrooke Manor

Hinchingbrooke House was once the Cromwell family’s home, and it was rebuilt by Oliver Cromwell’s great grandfather.

The Earls of Sandwich also lived in this house. It was severely damaged by fire in 1830, and the building was later restored by Edward Blore. 

It was later restored in 1894 and 1960, but these restorations caused the building to lose most of its medieval features.

In addition to being used as a school, it is also well-known as a Halloween scare attraction known as the Horror at Hinchingbrooke House.

20. Rally Karting

Rally Karting is a karting company in Huntingdon that allows visitors to experience all of the fun that off-road karting has to offer.

During your visit, you will be able to drive one of their 400cc Liberator rally karts. 

This kart has zero-roll suspension, comfortable seats, and excellent tires.

If you have never driven a kart before, don’t worry because it is very simple to learn how to drive one.

 You have the safety harness to keep you safe as well in case you’re scared of falling off.

The karting company organized the fun activities here so that those under the age of 12 play with those of the same age for safety purposes.

21. The Huntington Central Park

If you are going to Huntingdon with your children, you should include a visit to Central Park, which is located in Peterborough, which is close to Huntingdon.

There are numerous fun activities for your children in Central Park.

The park’s features include a formal garden, an aviary, and a paved trail that is ideal for hiking.

There is also an adventure playground, a paddling pool, and a sandbox for your children to enjoy. You can also organize a picnic here.

So, going to Central Park should be part of your plans when visiting Huntington.


We have considered many historical sights that you would want to tour when you are visiting Huntington. 

As we have seen, Huntington holds a lot of fun activities and sights that you would want to see and explore while on your vacation.

Therefore, do not hesitate to plan your trip to this special city in England as you will definitely not regret it!


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