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16  Best And Fun Things to Do in Gallatin, TN

Gallatin is a city in Sumner County, Tennessee, with a rich history and several recreational opportunities.

Gallatin, with an area of 84.56 square kilometres and a history reaching back to the 1800s, has a diverse range of attractions.

Aside from activities and history, there are a few fascinating businesses to visit.

You have a lot of options to choose from, whether you want to undertake outdoor activities or look for hidden gems. Do you want to know where the top spots to visit are?

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Best Things To Do In Gallatin 

Here are the 15 best things to do in Gallatin, Tennessee:

1. Visit Govan’s Salon & Coffee Cafe

Govan’s Salon & Coffee Cafe, located on North Water Avenue near Gallatin’s Historic Downtown Square, is one of the city’s most unique establishments.

Govan’s started as a salon, but in 2001, the proprietors decided to add a coffee shop to the mix.

Hair colour, manicures, and skincare are among the salon’s services for treating your hair or nails.

In the cafe, you may choose from a variety of coffees and teas, as well as a menu of freshly baked delicacies.

Treat yourself at Govan’s Salon & Coffee Cafe, whatever you do.

2. Browse Honey and Bee Goods at the Ramblin’ Bee

In Gallatin, there are a variety of shops to visit, including The Ramblin’ Bee.

The Ramblin’ Bee is a honey house in Gallatin that recently opened its doors on East Main Street in the city’s downtown core.

It offers a variety of honey and beekeeping-related items as well as classes.

Beeswax candles and infused honey are among the things available at this honey shop.

The Ramblin’ Bee is a great place to go if you’re interested in bees and honey.

3. Learn about Local Hauntings with the Gallatin Ghost Walk

Several events are available in Gallatin depending on the time of year.

The Gallatin Ghost Walk is one of the city’s events worth attending.

The Gallatin Ghost Walk is a historical tour that takes you on a journey through the city’s paranormal past.

The historical tour takes place on Fridays and Saturdays from October to November.

During the tour, you will learn about all of the city’s haunted locations and the mysteries that surround them, as well as having a costumed guide to assist you.

Because the tours are limited in number, you’ll need to make a reservation online if you want to learn about the city’s ghost stories.

4.  Chocolate Covered Strawberry Cafe

Visit The Chocolate Covered Strawberry Cafe if you’re looking for something delicious.

The eatery, which is located on Nashville Pike, serves a variety of light fare, including a chocolate-dipped strawberry with each meal.

Aside from meals and desserts, the cafe has a boutique section with women’s clothing and other home goods.

When visiting Gallatin’s delightful stores, the Chocolate Covered Strawberry Cafe is a great place to start.

5. Join the Square Fest

The Square Fest is one of the many festivals that take place in Gallatin.

The Square Fest is a springtime art and craft event with a variety of vendors, live entertainment, and a children’s area.

At this event, you may browse approximately 200 vendors and sample a variety of foods in addition to enjoying the arts and crafts.

The festival normally lasts a day, and everyone is welcome to attend.

The festival is held in the city’s downtown area, and it is open to the public in all weather conditions.

6. Sample Local Products at the Gallatin Farmers Market

The Gallatin Farmers Market is a great place to get local items.

This market is located on West Franklin Street, directly across from the Gallatin Fire Department. From May to October, the market is open on Saturdays.

You may find a variety of products at this market, including fresh vegetables and locally manufactured crafts, among other things.

This market has something for everyone, whether you want to eat freshly baked goodies or buy home decor.

7. Strike & Spare Family Fun Center in Hendersonville.

The family fun centre has a variety of entertainment options as well as a bar and grill where you may sample various appetizers, sweets, and beverages.

A laser tag arena and bumper vehicles are among the amenities available at this centre.

Strike & Spare Family Fun Center is the place to go if you want to have a good time with your family.

8. Create Ceramics at Woodland Gallery

If you want to do some art, the Woodland Gallery is a great place to go.

The gallery is located in Hendersonville, which is about a 20-minute drive from Gallatin.

Woodland Gallery has a wide variety of ceramic items, as well as landscape photography and pottery classes.

Whether you want to get a brief taste of the skill or enrol in one of the gallery’s seminars, there are many ways to enjoy painting at this studio.

9.  Bledsoe Creek State Park

When it comes to outdoor activities in Gallatin, you must visit Bledsoe Creek, State Park.

There are plenty of facilities for people to explore along Zieglers Fort Road, which has been a Tennessee State Park since 1973.

This park has miles of hiking paths and approximately 60 campsites, among other amenities. Fishing and kayaking are two popular activities.

There are plenty of things to do around the park, and if that isn’t enough, there are also events to attend.

You may learn more about the park’s other attractions by visiting the visitor centre.

10. Learn about History in the Sumner County Museum

Visit the Sumner County Museum for a more general overview of the area’s history.

The Sumner County Museum was conceived in the 1970s by John Garrott and established at Trousdale Place on Main Street.

The Sumner County Museum became a museum in 1975, and over the years, different objects have found their way into the museum’s exhibits.

Old fossils, blacksmithing equipment, and even vintage vehicles are among the exhibits on display at this museum.

This museum has three floors, each with distinct items from different periods.

The museum organizes a variety of events throughout the year in addition to its varied exhibits.

11. Watch a Show or Film at the Palace Theater

The Palace Theater offers a unique blend of performing arts and history.

The Palace Theater was built in 1913 and operated as a silent movie theatre until 1977 when it closed in 1987.

The theatre was purchased in the 1990s and renovated; by the 2000s, the theatre had reopened its doors.

The theatre is now a historic monument in the North Water Avenue neighbourhood, and it hosts films, live plays, concerts, and performances on its stage.

A 30’ft screen and a two-story rehearsal and backstage room are just a few of the amenities available in the theatre.

The Palace Theater is a prominent choice for local entertainment among the many options available in Gallatin.

12. Play Sports and Frisbee at Triple Creek Park

Triple Creek Park is a great place to take the family for some outdoor fun.

There are numerous activities in Triple Creek, which include sports grounds, a dog park, and a picnic area.

The Frisbee Disc Golf 18-hole Course is one of the park’s most unique features.

The 185-acre park hosts local festivities and contests in addition to other facilities. You must go to Touchdown Drive to find this park.

13. Cycle and Paddle at Lock 4 Park

Check out the facilities at Lock 4 Park if you enjoy cycling or other outdoor hobbies.

Lock 4 Park has multiple mountain bike routes and is located on Lock 4 Road. The park, which is located close to a lake, offers a variety of fishing opportunities.

The park also features picnic spaces in addition to fishing and mountain biking activities. While Lock 4 Park may appear to be just another park, it is one of the best spots to go cycling.

14. Explore the Architecture of Historic Rose Mont

Historic Rose Mont is only one of Gallatin’s numerous historical attractions. Historic Rose Mont is a historic building located on South Water Street that dates back to 1842.

Before becoming a historic home museum in 1993, the Greek Revival-style mansion was a thoroughbred stud farm. It is open to the public as a museum and a location for events.

The home includes a Palladian design in addition to a Greek Revival style. Historic Rose Mont is a great place to visit if you enjoy learning about architecture.

15. Take a Tour of the Historic Stonewall

The Historic Stonewall is one of Gallatin’s many historic structures. It’s a 5,600-square-foot historic home that’s been standing since 1831.

The Historic Stonewall was the home of John Garrott, the founder of the Sumner County Museum, before becoming a multi-use event venue on East Main Street.

The Historic Stonewall now provides guided tours. You can contact the museum staff for additional information or book the location.

16. Spend a Break at Nat Caldwell Park

Visit Nat Caldwell Park on Nashville Pike if you want to take a break from the city.

Nat Caldwell Park is not as well-known as other parks in the city, but it does offer its share of interesting elements as a waterfront park.

This park includes a picnic area with a barbecue as well as fishing and kayaking areas.

Nat Caldwell Park is the spot to go if you’re looking for more relaxed places to explore in Gallatin.

To Sum Up

I know you’re excited to try out these fun places listed above 

Visit Gallatin to enjoy the outdoors while learning about history.

Gallatin, being a city with a history dating back to the 1800s and earlier, has no shortage of historical tales to tell.

There are also various spots throughout the city where you can try out new activities and shop for fun. So next time you’re planning that vacation, keep this city in mind. Enjoy your trip.

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