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12 Best Things To Do In Grass Valley

When people talk about things to do in California, they usually refer to the activities available in larger cities such as Los Angeles or San Diego.

However, California is a large state with many beautiful and interesting places that don’t get as much recognition as the large cities.

Northern California is just as gorgeous as the state’s southern region, and there are interesting and entertaining things to do around every edge!

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Grass Valley is a small town in Northern California that began as a mining community. It is located in the heart of a cluster of Gold Rush towns and retains the charm and character of its past on every street.

The historic hotel puts you in the heart of town and is perfectly situated to enjoy everything Grass Valley has to offer.

There are numerous quaint little shops and restaurants to explore in Grass Valley, as well as beautiful hikes and scenic views to enjoy. We’ll start at the Holbrooke Hotel and then take a stroll around town!

In this article, I’ll be listing interesting things to do in this beautiful city.

Things To Do in Grass Valley, CA

1. Spend The Night At The Historic Holbrooke Hotel.

The Holbrooke Hotel, the best hotel in the area, is rich in tradition. It has witnessed it all from the Gold Rush to the 1855 fire that destroyed much of Grass Valley, as well as the time when Ulysses S. Grant stayed there.

Tourists to the quaint little town will appreciate the luxurious rooms and full-service bar. Best of all, the ancient vibe will put you right in the mood to appreciate the town’s history. Each night, return to your hotel for Mexican-style dining and a pleasant saloon-style atmosphere.

2. Take A Tour Of The North Star Powerhouse Mining Museum.

The North Star Powerhouse Mining Museum hailed as one of Nevada County’s gems, is the best opportunity to learn about the Gold Rush and take a stroll in a historical mine.

There are only a few locations in the United States where you can see a real mine as it was when it was still in operation, and this is one of them!

3. Make Some Four-Legged Friends At The Animal Place.

If you’re travelling with children or want to learn more about the history of farming in Grass Valley, a visit to The Animal Place is a great way to spend an afternoon! You can take a tour that demonstrates how the farm’s animals are cared for.

This is a great place to socialise with animals you might not otherwise have the opportunity to interact with. Cows can be petted, turkeys can be fed, goats can be fed, and a bunny can be cuddled.!

5. Shop For Antiques And Gifts.

If you like antiques, Grass Valley is a great place to find nice stuff to add to your compendium!

Mill Street Vintage and Antiques is a small shop that has a lot to offer! This shop, like most in Grass Valley, is family-owned, and the owners are always on hand to greet you!

If you don’t find what you’re looking for here, go down the road to Grass Valley Antique Emporium.

Visit Cosmic Shark Clothing to support two enterprising women who make custom clothing or Grass Valley Gifts for souvenirs and smart tourism gifts for your family and friends back home.

6. Shop For A Beautiful Jewelry At Crystal Empire Gems /Stucki Jewelers.

Crystal Empire Gems is a delightful jewellery store with a wide range of custom pieces available at various price points. This family-owned shop also works with unusual gems and minerals, making it a fun place to stop in and look around even if you don’t intend to buy anything.

If you’re in the mood for some retail therapy, this shop is a great place to find a one-of-a-kind piece created by a local artist!

Stucki Jewelers and Engravers is another excellent jewellery store. It has been in business since 1904 and is still family-owned today! This fine jewellery store offers stunning pieces as well as a dose of local history and colour, and they also provide free cleanings when you visit.

7. Open A Bottle Of Italian Wine At The Lucchesi Vineyards Tasting Room

Surprisingly, Grass Valley is home to a plethora of vineyards and wine shops, making it an ideal destination for wine tasting.

The Lucchesi Vineyards Tasting Room is one of the best places to sample fine Italian wines.

It deserves a spot on your travel plans because of the outstanding wines produced there.

8. Grab Something Sweet At Corvus Bakery.

This delightful little bakery serves delectable apple pie, delectable cookies, and even delectable paninis. Get a coffee or a tea and sit in the Bakery’s comfy and enchanting interior and watch the world go by. The best part is that there are vegan and gluten-free options on the menu!

The owner is frequently present in the shop, and the servers are frequently locals who have worked there for many years. Nothing beats being able to ask a server what else I should do while in town and obtaining an enthusiastic response full of great details! They might even recommend a fun spot to grab a cocktail or a beer before dinner.

9. Sip A Local Beer At Grass Valley Brewing Company.

This family-run brewery is a great place to sample delicious beers made in-house. They also stock other local beers. The ambience is warm and welcoming, and the owners are frequently seen waiting at tables. You can even stay for dinner if you get comfortable!

If you want to take a nightcap or a midday cocktail tour of the area, stop by Lucchesi Vineyards Tasting Room for some local wine tasting, or mosey on over to Sierra Starr Winery.

10. Visit Fable Coffee

Grass Valley has a plethora of restaurants and coffee shops! This means that coffee-lovers can have their pick of exceptional, local coffee shops could choose from for their morning coffee.

Fable Coffee roasts their coffee and has a lovely coffee bar where you can sit and enjoy a cup of joe! Carolines Coffee Roasters has a long history in the community and began as a small coffee shopping trolley.

11. Visit Grass Valley In The Winter — You May See Snow!

Because of its elevation, Grass Valley can get snow in the winter, which is unusual in California!

Whether there is snow or not, the entire town gets into the Christmas spirit during the holiday season, and it is one of the favourite times of year to visit the small town. Grass Valley celebrates Cornish Christmas in November and December.

On specific days of the week, the shops M

 brings their merchandise out onto the street and offers apple juice, treats, and a nice conversation with those passing by.

Purchase some homemade cider or roasted nuts from one of the many people dressed in lovely Victorian attire.

If you’re ready to hit the slopes, you’re not far from ice skating, ice climbing, or breathtaking views covered in fluffy snow.

That’s the inside scoop on the best things to do in Grass Valley from someone who frequents the area. This is one of the most beautiful and amazing places to visit in California.!

12. The Firehouse No1 Museum 

The Firehouse No. 1 Museum is your one-stop shop for all things historical! The museums are run by a dedicated team of volunteers who are familiar with both Grass Valley and the museums.

Another advantage of visiting the museum in the summer, in my opinion, is that you can get out of the sun while expanding your knowledge! You’ll also see a lot of literal gems.


There is no wrong way to begin your visit to Grass Valley, and there are so many things to do and see that you may not be able to see everything on this list. You will not be disappointed no matter what you choose to enjoy or try.

Grass Valley is one of my favourite places on the planet, and I’m confident that anyone who visits will feel the same way!

Spend your day shopping and touring wineries and breweries.

Grass Valley, California Travel Guide

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